Who Is Audrey Murdick? Know All About Jeff Dunham’s Wife?

Audrey Murdick is an incredibly talented and stunning woman. She excels in various fields, working as a professional consultant for healthy living, a trainer in bodybuilding, and a nutritionist. Her dedication to her craft is evident, as she has undergone rigorous training and obtained certifications to ensure she provides top-notch services to her clients. Audrey is also known as the current wife of Jeff Dunham, the renowned American producer, stand-up comedian, and ventriloquist. Unlike some who take shortcuts, Audrey’s commitment to her profession is commendable, demonstrating her expertise and commitment to excellence.

Audrey Murdick Biography 

Audrey Murdick, born on August 29, 1980, in Norco, California, USA, is the daughter of Sally and Steve Murdick. Growing up, Audrey struggled with weight issues, but she refused to let that define her. Through dedication to various health and weight loss programs, she transformed her physique and embraced a healthier lifestyle. Her journey included a mix of exercise, dietary changes, and engaging in extreme sports like scuba diving and ice skating.

As Audrey pursued her passion for sports, diet, and wellness, she ventured into fitness and bodybuilding competitions, finding success in many. Her story of perseverance and achievement inspired women worldwide who shared her desire for fitness and shedding excess body fat.

Audrey’s desire to assist others on their health journeys led her to meet her husband, Jeff Dunham, and she found fulfillment in guiding her fans and clients toward their fitness goals.

Audrey Murdick Age

Audrey Murdick Age

Audrey Murdick, now 43 years old as of 2024, entered the world on August 29, 1980, in Norco, a vibrant city nestled in Riverside County, California, USA. This picturesque locale served as Audrey’s childhood home, where she grew up surrounded by her loving family.

Her father, Steve Murdick, dedicated over three decades of his life to Northrop Grumman, where he served as a Programmer Analyst before retiring. Meanwhile, Audrey’s mother, Sally Murdick, enriched young minds as an elementary school teacher proficient in English, Spanish, French, and German. Notably, both parents embodied an active lifestyle, actively engaging in sports and instilling the value of physical activity in Audrey from an early age.

Audrey Murdick Early life And Career

Audrey Murdick Early life And Career

Audrey Murdick, born on August 29, 1980, to Sally and Steve Murdick, faced weight challenges early in life, leading to excess weight gain and a chubby physique. Determined to change her situation, she embarked on a journey of self-improvement, exploring various weight loss and health strategies until finding what worked best for her.

Through dedication and perseverance, Audrey sculpted an athletic body, incorporating activities like exercise, ice skating, diving, and mindful eating into her routine. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle deepened over time, driving her to actively engage in sports and compete in bodybuilding contests.

Audrey’s unwavering commitment inspired countless women worldwide who shared her aspiration for a healthier lifestyle and shedding unwanted body fat. Motivated by her desire to assist others in their fitness journeys, she pursued a career focused on providing support and guidance in achieving physical wellness.

Amid her professional endeavors, Audrey crossed paths with the love of her life, adding another dimension of fulfillment to her journey.

Audrey Has Two Siblings

Audrey Murdick isn’t the sole child in her family; she shares her upbringing with her two older brothers, Tim and Nick Audrey. Being the youngest, Audrey has always cherished her relationship with her siblings, affectionately referring to them as “my two big brothers.”

Their closeness traces back to their early years, where the trio formed a strong bond. Audrey recalls fond memories of their childhood, where her brothers were not just protective but also loving companions. Their parents played a significant role in fostering this bond by ensuring that birthdays and holidays were celebrated with grandeur, creating cherished moments for the siblings.

Another annual tradition that further solidified their family ties was the June vacations orchestrated by their parents. Each year, the Murdick family embarked on adventures to different cities, exploring national parks, and immersing themselves in new experiences. From road trips to scenic destinations like national parks to ventures abroad in Mexico and Hawaii, these vacations became treasured moments that strengthened the family bond.

Through shared experiences and meaningful traditions, Audrey and her brothers developed a deep connection not only with each other but also with their parents, fostering a sense of closeness and unity that continues to endure.

Inspired By Her Parents: Audrey Murdick’s Journey Into Fitness And Bodybuilding

Inspired By Her Parents: Audrey Murdick's Journey Into Fitness And Bodybuilding

Audrey’s father, Steve Murdick, was quite the runner in his younger years, but as responsibilities mounted, he temporarily set aside this passion to provide for his family. Upon retirement, however, he reignited his love for running and even trained competitively. Steve accomplished an impressive array of races, including several 10k’s, half marathons, and an extraordinary six full marathons. Notably, he completed his very first marathon just two weeks after celebrating his 60th birthday.

Similarly, Audrey’s mother, Sally Murdick, embraced an active lifestyle. Though she slowed down her running pursuits while raising her children, she found renewed vigor after retiring. Sally’s journey took a unique turn as she challenged herself to earn a brown belt in karate and ventured into fitness competitions. With dedication and discipline, she prepared for her inaugural fitness contest at the age of 58, committing to a rigorous training regimen and diet plan.

Sally further expanded her expertise by obtaining certifications in massage therapy and fitness training. Her athletic endeavors included completing several half marathons and a full marathon. Audrey proudly acknowledges her parents’ influence, recognizing their passion for fitness and bodybuilding as the foundation of her own journey. She holds her parents in high regard and has openly expressed admiration for their accomplishments on numerous occasions.

Audrey Murdick Personal life

Audrey Murdick Personal life

Many fans often wonder about the love story between Jeff Dunham and Audrey. Well, it all began in 2009 when Jeff enlisted Audrey as his personal body trainer. Over time, their professional relationship blossomed into a deep romantic connection.

In December 2011, Jeff popped the question, and Audrey joyfully accepted. They sealed their love with marriage in October 2012. Three years later, on October 11, 2015, their family welcomed two precious additions: twin sons born in Los Angeles, named James and Jack. Interestingly, their arrival occurred just days before their parents’ third wedding anniversary.

Prior to Audrey, Jeff was married to Paige Brown, with whom he shares two beautiful daughters, Ashlyn and Kenna. Additionally, he embraced Paige’s daughter, Bree, from a previous relationship as his own. However, their marriage faced challenges, leading to a divorce filed in 2008 and finalized in 2010.

Their Wedding In 2012 Had 112 Guests

Audrey and Jeff sealed their love with a wedding ceremony on October 12, 2012, surrounded by 112 excited family members and friends. The guest list included notable figures like Kelly Asbury, an accomplished American animated film director, writer, voice actor, and illustrator.

Audrey’s marriage to Jeff catapulted her already existing popularity in the fitness world to new heights. While she was known for her work in fitness circles, tying the knot with Jeff brought her even more recognition, thanks to his worldwide fame.

Celebrating nearly a decade of marriage, Audrey and Jeff’s relationship seems to only grow stronger with time. Jeff often praises Audrey for her perfectionism, while Audrey admires Jeff’s adventurous spirit. On her blog, she lovingly describes him as “the butter to my bread… the bubbles to my bath… and the campfire to my marshmallow,” highlighting the harmonious balance and mutual admiration they share.

Audrey Murdick Kids 

Audrey Murdick Kids 

Audrey Murdick and Jeff Dunham’s union brought forth two precious additions to their family. Fans eagerly anticipated the arrival of their twins after Jeff announced the news via social media on May 14, 2015. The couple’s online followers were thrilled to share in their joyous journey.

On October 11, 2015, Audrey welcomed their twin boys into the world. Named James Jeffrey and Jack Steven, the boys have grown into charming and adorable young individuals, bringing boundless joy to their parents’ lives.

Audrey Murdick’s Transition to Becoming a Nutritionist 

As Audrey Murdick entered her thirties, she made a significant shift in her focus, transitioning from bodybuilding to exploring the realm of nutrition. In a candid blog post, she shared her journey of leaving behind the world of competitive fitness, with its strict dietary regimes heavy on animal protein and low in carbs.

Embracing the vegan lifestyle, Audrey found a newfound sense of vitality and healthiness. The switch to veganism resonated deeply with her, sparking a passion to share her discoveries with others and empower them to make healthier food choices. Her goal became clear: to guide individuals in preparing delicious vegan meals effortlessly, allowing them to experience the benefits she had found in plant-based eating.

Driven by this mission, Audrey embarked on a journey of culinary exploration, immersing herself in the world of food. She pursued formal education in nutrition, obtaining a plant-based nutrition certificate through eCornell, an online platform affiliated with Cornell University. Additionally, she dedicated a week to training at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, solidifying her expertise in the field.

With these experiences under her belt, Audrey fully embraced her role as a nutritionist, committed to helping others improve their eating habits and lead healthier lives.

Audrey Murdick’s Amazing Fitness Journey

Audrey Murdick’s Amazing Fitness Journey

As a young girl who had a deep love for food, Audrey Murdick found herself struggling with obesity. Determined to make a change, Audrey embarked on a journey towards fitness during her teenage years. She dove into various exercises, starting with yoga and paying close attention to her diet. Seeking guidance, she devoured books and magazines filled with tips on weight loss, eager to transform her body.

Despite her efforts, Audrey initially saw limited progress. Fueled by her determination, she decided to push herself further, incorporating more rigorous exercises into her routine, such as weightlifting, ice skating, and diving. What started as a quest to shed pounds soon evolved into a passionate pursuit of physical fitness. Exercise became more than just a means to lose weight; it became an integral part of Audrey’s daily life, instilling her with newfound confidence along the way.

Audrey Murdick Competed As A Bodybuilder

As Audrey Murdick entered her twenties, her passion for fitness and weightlifting intensified, driving her to pursue competitive bodybuilding. Determined to leave her mark in the fitness world, she dedicated herself wholeheartedly to this pursuit.

Audrey actively participated in various bodybuilding competitions, driven by her unwavering determination to succeed. Reports suggest that she achieved notable victories in some of these contests, bringing her immense joy and pride. For Audrey, the journey from being a chubby youngster to a successful bodybuilder represented a significant personal triumph.

Supported by her family, Audrey found strength in their unwavering encouragement. With parents and siblings who shared her enthusiasm for physical fitness, she felt bolstered as she navigated her path toward becoming a champion in the world of bodybuilding.


Q. What motivated Audrey Murdick to begin her fitness journey?

Audrey found her initial inspiration in her childhood struggle with obesity, propelling her toward a desire for a healthier lifestyle as she transitioned into her teenage years.

Q. What types of exercises did Audrey incorporate to achieve her fitness goals?

Starting with yoga and dietary improvements, Audrey gradually introduced more rigorous workouts into her routine. This included activities like weightlifting, ice skating, and diving, which contributed to her overall fitness journey.

Q. Did Audrey immediately notice results from her fitness efforts?

Audrey’s progress was gradual, and she didn’t experience significant changes right away. However, her consistent dedication and perseverance ultimately led to noticeable improvements in her health and fitness over time.

Q. How does Audrey’s journey inspire others?

Audrey’s transformation serves as a testament to the power of determination and resilience, motivating others to prioritize their own health and well-being. Her journey highlights the potential for positive change through perseverance and commitment.

Q. What role did Audrey’s parents play in shaping her fitness journey?

Audrey’s parents played a significant role in shaping her love for fitness and bodybuilding. Their active lifestyles served as inspirations, laying the foundation for Audrey’s journey into fitness and fostering her passion for a healthy lifestyle.


Audrey Murdick’s transformation from childhood obesity to a dedicated pursuit of fitness serves as a testament to the power of determination and resilience. Fueled by her desire for self-improvement, Audrey embraced fitness as a means of achieving her health and wellness goals. Through her journey, she not only transformed her own life but also serves as an inspiration to others on their own paths toward a healthier lifestyle. Audrey’s story underscores the importance of perseverance and commitment in overcoming obstacles and achieving success in the pursuit of well-being.

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