Causes Of Loose Skin

Old age is usually the first thing that comes to mind when the term loose skin is mentioned. However, the truth is many factors are responsible for this condition. For most women, this is a scary condition because it affects the skin’s beauty and health. The reason your skin may sag can be attributed to changes in the cells responsible for making the skin elastic, hydrated, and rigid. These changes can be temporary or permanent depending on the factors affecting the cell. To understand the best approach to loose skin treatment, you must first understand its causes.

Common Causes Of Loose Skin

Here are some of the factors that cause loose skin:

Weight Loss

Intensive exercise and diet usually cause the body to drop a few pounds. This extra weight that the body is losing comes from fat burn and dehydration. With the skin responsible for carrying this weight, losing it within a short period causes the skin to sag. Also, as the body gains weight, the skin gradually loses its ability to tighten and return to its original shape. So after weight loss, the skin is forced to retain its current shape causing loose skin after weight loss to form. Aside from exercise, childbirth can also cause weight loss, resulting in loose skin, especially around the stomach. 


The skin always carries the evidence of a stressed and sleep-deprived body. This evidence is usually cracked and saggy skin. When a person is under immersed stress and suffering from sleep deprivation, the body automatically reduces the production of collagen. Without collagen, the outer skin begins to lose form, look pale, and break. Avoiding this condition is as simple as getting at least 8 hours of sleep daily and using a muscle stimulator to improve your skin laxity.


As the body gets old, skin cells become weaker. This weakness is shown in the skin’s inability to adjust to constant body changes. Natural phenomena like this are primarily caused by the loss or reduction of essential body proteins like collagen and elastin. These two proteins, which are usually minimal in grandparents, are responsible for ensuring the elasticity and rigidity of the skin. The absence of these proteins causes loose skin to form wrinkles on people’s faces and bodies. Aside from aging, consistent direct exposure to sunlight can affect the production of collagen and elastin in the body. This explains why some young people have wrinkles and look older than their age.

Unhealthy Diet

Eating an unbalanced diet can cause loose skin. It’s for this reason your food must contain all the essential nutrients in its proper ratio for healthy skin development. Food rich in carbohydrates and glucose is believed to be good for building cells that are vital for maintaining a healthy skin structure and texture.

Bottom Line

Loose skin can be caused by many factors like weight loss, poor nutrition, and stress. However, if you’re determined to get your skin back in shape, utilizing the best technology and diet program is encouraged.

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