Is Devon Archer Married to Kimberly Guilfoyle? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Devon Archer, a longtime friend of Hunter Biden, was born on August 17, 1965, in the United States. Known as a prominent businessman, Archer has maintained a close relationship with Hunter Biden, the second son of the current US President. Their association extends to various business ventures, and they are currently under investigation for federal crimes.

Hunter Biden’s involvement in these federal investigations revolves around his business activities conducted outside the US. Numerous reports have surfaced, indicating that Devon Archer has also been implicated in these ventures. Additionally, it has been reported that the ongoing investigations, which involve meetings with federal authorities in the US, may implicate President Joe Biden.

Are Devon Archer and Kimberly Guilfoyle Married?

Are Devon Archer and Kimberly Guilfoyle Married?

No, Devon Archer and Kimberly Guilfoyle are not married to each other. According to GH Gossip, Archer is married to Krista Ammirati, with whom he shares children. On the other hand, Guilfoyle has been married twice before, first to Gavin Newsom, the current governor of California, and then to Villency, whom she divorced in 2009. Since 2018, Guilfoyle has been in a relationship with Trump Jr.

The rumor suggesting a marriage between Archer and Guilfoyle appears to have originated from an unreliable source, Hindisujhav, which published an article titled “Devon Archer Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Who Is, Wife, Bio, Net Worth, Age.” This article lacks credibility as it contains factual errors and inconsistencies. For instance, it incorrectly states Archer’s net worth and current location, as well as Guilfoyle’s marital status. Moreover, the article fails to provide any evidence or sources to support its claim. Therefore, it should not be considered a reliable source of information.

Who is Devon Archer?

Who is Devon Archer?

Devon Archer, a 58-year-old American, was born on August 17, 1965, in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from a local university, he ventured into the world of business, eventually becoming a partner in Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC, alongside Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz. Additionally, Archer founded Archer Impact, a firm specializing in social impact investments. However, his career took a turn in 2018 when he was convicted of fraud for his involvement in a scheme to defraud a Native American tribe by issuing counterfeit bonds totaling over $60 million. Subsequently, he was sentenced to 30 months in prison, although his conviction was overturned by an appeals court in 2020. Despite this, Archer still faces another trial on related charges.

Who is Kimberly Guilfoyle?

Who is Kimberly Guilfoyle?

Kimberly Guilfoyle, a 52-year-old American, was born on March 9, 1969, in San Francisco, California. She completed her education at the University of California, Davis, and later pursued a law degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law. Initially, Guilfoyle worked as a prosecutor in both San Francisco and Los Angeles before transitioning to a career as a legal analyst and co-host on Fox News.

In 2018, Guilfoyle departed from Fox News and joined America First Action, a pro-Trump super PAC, where she assumed the role of an adviser and surrogate for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. Additionally, she is presently engaged to Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the former president. Although they do not have children together, Guilfoyle has a son from her previous marriage to Eric Villency, a furniture designer.

Devon Archer Biography

NameDevon Archer
Born17th August 1965
BirthplaceBrooklyn, US
OccupationBanker & Businessman
Known ForHunter Biden’s Business Associate
ResidenceNY City, US
PartnerKimberly Guilfoyle
FoundedBHR Partners, Rosemont Seneca Brothers, etc. (with others)
Current StatusUnder Federal Investigation
EducationNot Available
Previous CaseAttempt to Fraud a Native American Tribe
Sentence366 Days in Prison
Current CaseBusiness Dealings Investigation with Hunter Biden
Height5.7 ft
WeightOver 70 kg
Net WorthOver 5-10 million USD

Devon Archer Age & Height

Devon Archer Age & Height

Devon Archer, at 58 years old, possesses a stature that stands at around 5 feet 7 inches. Visualize him standing with confidence, his demeanor projecting an aura of authority that captures the attention of those around him, despite not towering over others in height. While his physical presence may not be deemed exceptionally tall by conventional standards, it is his character that truly defines him. Beyond his physical attributes, Archer’s inner qualities and personal attributes command respect and admiration, transcending the limitations of mere height.

What nationality is Kimberly Guilfoyle?

Kimberly Guilfoyle entered the world in 1969 in San Francisco, California. Following the untimely passing of her Puerto Rico-born mother during her youth, Guilfoyle was primarily raised by her Irish immigrant father. Despite facing early adversity, she pursued higher education and attended the University of San Francisco, where she studied law, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

Devon Archer’s Early Life

Devon Archer’s Early Life

Devon Archer, a prominent business figure with close ties to Hunter Biden, was born on August 17, 1965. Now at the age of 56, Archer has established himself as a leading businessman in the United States. Raised in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, he spent his formative years navigating the bustling streets of the city. Contrary to the assertion, there is no evidence to suggest that he is married to Kimberley Guilfoyle, a well-known reporter. Moreover, there is no information available regarding any children associated with Archer or Guilfoyle.

Who is Devon Archer’s wife?

Who is Devon Archer’s wife?

Devon Archer, known as a co-founder of Rosemont Seneca Partners, has been married to Krista Ammirati Archer for several years. Together, they share a family with children.

Devon Archer Children: Does Devon Archer have children?

Devon Archer is married to Krista Ammirati Archer, not Kimberly Guilfoyle. They have been together for years and share a family with children. However, details about their relationship, such as how they met and their wedding date, have not been publicly disclosed. Krista Archer leads a private life away from the public eye, focusing on her family and personal endeavors.

Personal Life

In December 2001, Kimberly Guilfoyle tied the knot with politician Gavin Newsom, who was then a San Francisco city supervisor. Newsom later became mayor of San Francisco in 2003. During their marriage, Guilfoyle used the name Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom.

 However, citing the strain of a bi-coastal relationship, Guilfoyle and Newsom jointly filed for divorce in January 2005, and their divorce was finalized on February 28, 2006. Reports later emerged of Newsom’s affair with Ruby Rippey-Tourk, the wife of his then-campaign manager and former deputy chief of staff, Alex Tourk, although it remains unclear if Guilfoyle was aware of the affair before the scandal broke in 2007.

 Following her divorce from Newsom, Guilfoyle married furniture heir Eric Villency on May 27, 2006, in Barbados. They welcomed their son on October 4, 2006, but their marriage ended in divorce in November 2009.

Devon Archer Career & Politics

Devon Archer Career & Politics

Archer’s professional journey has been marked by notable positions and ventures. As one of the Managing Partners and executive directors at Rosemont Seneca, he played a pivotal role in the company’s operations. Additionally, Archer served as a General Partner at BHR Partners, further showcasing his leadership abilities and business acumen. Before these roles, he gained valuable experience in banking at Citibank and New England Financial. With his extensive knowledge of Biden’s business endeavors both domestically and internationally, Archer’s testimony holds significant importance in the ongoing federal investigation.

Devon Archer Latest News & Investigations

Archer played a significant role in founding BHR Partners in 2013, a collaboration between Rosemont Seneca and a Chinese investment firm, Bohai Capital. However, his involvement came under scrutiny during a federal investigation in 2016, leading to his resignation from the firm. As Archer prepares to testify before the GOP-led House Oversight Committee, there is anticipation regarding the details he will reveal. Speculation suggests that his testimony may shed light on foreign ventures he undertook with Hunter Biden and potentially implicate US President Biden in these dealings.

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In 2022, Devon was sentenced to approximately 366 days in prison for his involvement in an attempt to defraud a Native American tribe. His forthcoming testimony is anticipated to shed light on whether the Bidens utilized the influence of then US Vice President Joe Biden to facilitate deals with foreign investors and businessmen. Additionally, the investigation aims to ascertain if any corrupt business practices were employed by them, as alleged.

Interesting Facts

Sure, here are some interesting facts related to Devon Archer, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and their respective backgrounds:

  • Devon Archer’s legal entanglements stem from a 2018 conviction related to a fraudulent scheme targeting a Native American tribe. Although his conviction was overturned on appeal in 2020, he remains embroiled in legal battles with charges still pending.
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle’s career trajectory has been marked by versatility, transitioning from a legal profession as a prosecutor in San Francisco and Los Angeles to roles in media and politics.
  • Guilfoyle’s personal life has also garnered significant attention, particularly her marital history. She was previously married to Gavin Newsom, who later became the governor of California, before their divorce in 2006. Her subsequent marriage to Eric Villency, an heir to a furniture empire, ended in divorce in 2009.
  • Devon Archer’s business ventures have been diverse, including co-founding Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC, alongside Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz.
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr.’s engagement in December 2020, later revealed to the public in January 2022, has been a focal point of media attention. Their subsequent acquisition of multimillion-dollar properties has further solidified their status as influential figures in both political and media spheres.

Devon Archer Net Worth 2024

Devon Archer, Rosemont Seneca’s Managing Partner with Hunter Biden, faced scrutiny, notably after his 2022 fraud conviction. His bond scheme defrauded a Native American Tribe, potentially costing $60 million, diverting funds for personal use instead. Archer’s imprisonment underscored ethical concerns and raised questions about accountability in finance. His case serves as a stark reminder of the repercussions of greed and deception in the business world.


Q: Are Devon Archer and Kimberly Guilfoyle married?

  • A: No, Devon Archer and Kimberly Guilfoyle are not married to each other. Devon Archer is currently married to Krista Ammirati, with whom he shares children. On the other hand, Kimberly Guilfoyle has been married twice before and is presently engaged to Donald Trump Jr.
  • Q: Who is Devon Archer?
  • A: Devon Archer, a 58-year-old American businessman from Brooklyn, is known for his notable business partnerships, particularly with Hunter Biden.
  • In 2018, Archer faced a conviction for fraud, which was later overturned on appeal in 2020. However, he still faces ongoing legal challenges and is awaiting trial on related charges.
  • Q: Who is Kimberly Guilfoyle?
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle, aged 52, is an American media personality and former prosecutor. She rose to fame at Fox News and later affiliated with America First Action, a pro-Trump super PAC. Currently, Guilfoyle is engaged to Donald Trump Jr., adding to her visibility in the political and media spheres.
  • Q: What is Devon Archer’s net worth?
  • A: Devon Archer’s net worth ranges from $5 to $10 million, with some sources indicating it could be higher. Archer’s wealth is primarily attributed to his business ventures and partnerships, despite the legal challenges he has faced.


In summary, it’s important to clarify that the rumors about Devon Archer and Kimberly Guilfoyle being married are unfounded.
Devon Archer is married to Krista Ammirati, and Kimberly Guilfoyle is engaged to Donald Trump Jr. Archer faces legal challenges. These circumstances underscore the necessity of relying on credible sources and verifying information before giving credence to rumors or speculation. It’s a reminder of the importance of discernment in navigating the influx of information in today’s media landscape.

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