Jayne Posner: Education, Early life, Family, Personal Life, Career, Net Worth & More

Jayne Posner is highly respected in the field of education in America, and she’s also widely recognized for her past marriage to a famous celebrity. You may have heard of her as the former spouse of Neil Diamond, the multi-talented American artist known for his music, acting, and songwriting.

If you’re curious about Jayne Posner’s life, there’s quite a bit to discover. From her upbringing and experiences to her current endeavors, her story is certainly intriguing. And of course, her connection to Neil Diamond adds an extra layer of fascination. So, if you’re interested in learning more about her age, background, net worth, husband, height, and career, you’re in for an interesting journey.

Jayne Posner Wiki/Bio

Full nameJayne Posner
Year of birth1940
Jayne Posner Age83 years (as of February 2023)
Place of birthNew York, USA
Sexual orientationStraight
Hair colourGrey
Eye colourHazel
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-spouseNeil Diamond
Jayne Posner ChildrenMajorie and Elyn Diamond
Famous forNeil Diamond’s ex-wife

Jayne Posner Early Life 

She hails from the United States, where she spent her formative years. While her exact birthdate remains a mystery to the public, records suggest she was born around 1940, making her around eighty-three years old as of February 2023. Her zodiac sign remains undisclosed due to the absence of specific birth dates.

As for her background, Jayne is of Caucasian descent and adheres to Christian beliefs. Despite her public presence, she keeps details about her family, including her parents and siblings, private.

Jayne attended Abraham Lincoln High School for her secondary education. However, details about her academic and professional pursuits beyond high school are scarce. This lack of information adds to the enigma surrounding her early life, leaving much of her personal history shrouded in mystery.

Jayne Posner Age

Jayne Posner, born in 1940, has kept much of her personal life under wraps, including her exact birth date and details about her parents. Originally from New York, USA, Jayne has lived a mostly private existence, away from the glare of public attention.

Turning 83 in February 2023, Jayne’s life has largely been shielded from the limelight. Despite her association with renowned singer Neil Diamond, during their marriage and subsequent divorce, she has maintained a low profile. While there’s curiosity about her story, Jayne’s choice to remain private has allowed her to lead a quiet life, far from the spotlight.

Jayne Posner Physical Appearence

Jayne Posner has made a deliberate choice to maintain a private lifestyle, preferring to keep personal details out of the public eye. Consequently, there’s little available information regarding her body measurements, such as height and weight. Despite the curiosity surrounding these aspects, Jayne has effectively guarded her privacy, leaving fans to speculate about her physical attributes.

What is known, however, is that Jayne possesses striking features, characterized by beautiful dark brown hair and captivating dark brown eyes, which only add to her air of mystery. Amidst the absence of concrete details about her body, Jayne’s commitment to privacy is evident. By keeping personal information undisclosed, she maintains control over her public image and enjoys life on her own terms.

While her physical characteristics may remain a topic of speculation, Jayne’s dedication to privacy serves as a testament to her desire for a quiet and reserved existence away from the spotlight.

Jayne Posner Family Background

Information about Jayne Posner’s family background is notably scarce, leaving much to speculation regarding her parents and any potential siblings. Despite efforts to uncover details about her upbringing, little has been disclosed about the individuals who may have played significant roles in her life.

The mystery surrounding her family adds intrigue to Jayne’s personal history. While some public figures openly discuss their family, Jayne has chosen to keep this aspect of her life private, leaving observers to ponder about the influences on her journey. Despite the lack of information, Jayne’s focus on her own achievements suggests a sense of independence and resilience, qualities that may have been shaped by her upbringing, however mysterios it remains.

Jayne Posner Career

Jayne’s professional background as a dedicated teacher in New York reflects her passion for education and nurturing young minds. However, upon marrying Neil Diamond, she made the choice to prioritize her role as a wife and mother, stepping away from her teaching career. Despite her significant impact on Neil’s life and career, Jayne’s preference for a private life has made it difficult to uncover details about her post-marriage journey.

With little presence on social media platforms, Jayne’s current endeavors and activities remain a mystery to those curious about her life. Her deliberate distance from the public eye underscores her desire for privacy and autonomy. While her influence on Neil’s early career is well-known, Jayne’s own path following their separation largely remains a mystery, adding to the intrigue surrounding her elusive presence.

Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond

Jayne first crossed paths with Neil Diamond, her future husband, during their high school years. At that time, Neil was just 17 years old and had yet to fully explore his musical talents, although he was already showcasing his songwriting skills. It was Neil’s captivating voice that caught Jayne’s attention initially.

Throughout Neil’s journey in pursuing his music career, Jayne remained a steadfast source of encouragement. Neil often credits her for playing an integral role in motivating him to pursue his dreams as a musician. Their relationship blossomed alongside Neil’s burgeoning career, with Jayne’s unwavering support serving as a cornerstone of his success.

Jayne Posner And Neil Diamond Marriage

Jayne Posner And Neil Diamond Marriage

Jayne Posner held a special place in Neil Diamond’s life as his first wife and beloved high school sweetheart. They exchanged vows in 1963, a time when Jayne was dedicated to her role as a high school teacher. During their marriage, Jayne and Neil celebrated the births of their two daughters, marking significant milestones in their journey together. However, despite the initial promise, cracks started to appear, leading to their separation in 1967. Their once-promising love story came to an end when they finalized their divorce in 1969, closing a chapter for the former high school sweethearts.

The end of Jayne and Neil’s marriage marked a poignant moment in their lives, overshadowing the memories of their earlier romance. Despite the challenges, their legacy lives on through their daughters, a testament to the love they once shared. Although their paths diverged, the impact of their time together continues to resonate through Neil Diamond’s illustrious career and the enduring echoes of their shared history.

Jayne Posner And Neil Diamond Divorce

As Neil Diamond’s career soared, public interest in his divorce from Jayne Posner grew. While Jayne chose to keep quiet about the reasons, Neil took accountability for their split, acknowledging his own shortcomings. He openly admitted that while Jayne had been a strong support, he had struggled to prioritize his family amidst the demands of his rising career. However, rumors circulated suggesting a different story, with whispers of infidelity on Neil’s part clouding their divorce.

Speculation heightened when Neil remarried just ten days after his divorce from Jayne was finalized. Attention turned to his second wife, Marcia Murphey, amid rumors of her involvement in an alleged affair with Neil during his marriage to Jayne. Despite the controversy, Neil and Marcia’s marriage endured for 25 years, during which they welcomed two children, Jesse and Micah Diamond. However, their relationship eventually ended in divorce in 1995. The settlement notably favored Marcia, who received $150,000 in alimony, a stark difference from Neil’s previous divorce from Jayne Posner.

Jayne Posner Kids

During their marriage from 1963 to 1967, Jayne Posner and Neil Diamond welcomed two daughters, Elyn and Marjorie Diamond, into their lives. Although specific birth dates are not publicly disclosed, the presence of these daughters deepened the couple’s familial bond. Despite the challenges that led to their eventual separation and divorce, Jayne took on the role of raising their daughters with love and care.

While Neil’s career often took him away from home, Jayne remained a constant presence in her daughters’ lives, providing them with guidance and support as they grew. Despite limited time with their father, Elyn and Marjorie cherished the moments they shared with Neil, fostering a strong connection despite the distance. Through Jayne’s nurturing, the sisters were raised in a supportive environment, instilling in them the values and love that would shape their futures.

Jayne Posner Net Worth

Neil Diamond’s substantial net worth of $300 million underscores his immense success in the music industry, cementing his legacy as one of the most accomplished musicians of his generation. While Jayne Posner may no longer play a visible role in Neil’s life, her influence on his career remains profound. As his high school sweetheart and early supporter, Jayne played a crucial part in nurturing Neil’s talent and providing him with the encouragement needed to pursue his musical dreams. Though their romantic relationship ended, Jayne’s impact on Neil’s path to fame persists, a testament to their shared history.

Moreover, Neil Diamond’s relationship with his children serves as another important connection that could potentially maintain a link with Jayne. Despite any personal differences or distance between them, the bond formed through parenthood often transcends other relationships. As Neil navigates the complexities of his career and personal life, his children serve as a reminder of the ties that bind, offering a shared foundation that could indirectly facilitate communication and connection with Jayne.

Where is Jayne Posner Now?

Since parting ways with Neil Diamond, Jayne Posner has intentionally kept a low profile, effectively staying out of the public eye. Her absence from social media platforms adds to the challenge of finding recent photographs or updates about her life. While information about Jayne is scarce, it’s believed that she focused on raising her children with the support of their father, Neil Diamond. However, details about the current whereabouts or pursuits of Jayne’s daughters remain unknown, contributing to the mystery surrounding Jayne’s life after the divorce.

In contrast, Neil Diamond’s romantic life has been more publicly documented. Following his divorce from Marcia in 1994, Neil had relationships with Rae Farley and later Katie McNeil. During his time with Rae, Neil drew inspiration from her struggle with chronic back pain for his album “Home Before Dark.” His engagement to Katie McNeil, announced via Twitter in September 2011, marked a significant moment in his personal life. They tied the knot in 2012, with Neil expressing how their relationship fueled his creativity and love for music.

While Jayne Posner chose privacy after her divorce from Neil Diamond, the singer’s subsequent relationships and marriage to Katie McNeil remained under the public spotlight. Neil’s journey through love and marriage reflected the complexities of human relationships, each chapter contributing to his personal and creative growth. Despite Jayne and Neil taking different paths after their divorce, their lives continued to intersect through shared memories and the lasting impact of their time together.


Q. Where is Jayne Posner now?

Jayne Posner has deliberately chosen to keep a low profile since her divorce from Neil Diamond, and her current whereabouts remain private.

Q. How many children did Jayne Posner and Neil Diamond have?

Jayne and Neil were blessed with two daughters together, named Elyn and Marjorie Diamond.

Q. What is Neil Diamond’s net worth?

Neil Diamond’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $300 million, reflecting his remarkable success in the music industry.

Q. Who was Neil Diamond’s second wife?

Neil Diamond’s second wife was Marcia Murphey, with whom he shared a marriage of 25 years before their divorce in 1995.


Jayne Posner’s journey as Neil Diamond’s former wife offers a window into the complexities of relationships and the impact of fame on personal lives. Despite her choice to lead a private life following the divorce, Jayne’s influence on Neil’s career and their shared history remains significant. Meanwhile, Neil Diamond’s subsequent relationships and marriages shed light on the evolution of his personal and creative endeavors. Through their individual paths, Jayne and Neil’s lives continue to intertwine through shared memories and the enduring legacy of their time together.

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