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Jelly Roll Height

170 cm (1.7) meters

Jelly Roll, born December 4, 1984, is a survivor. Despite the challenges of Nashville, Tennessee, he found consolation in music and began creating songs at a young age. Early troubles with addiction and legal issues shaped the rapper’s particular rhythm and relatability, giving him a loyal audience.

A major agreement with BBR Music Group and Warner Music Nashville in 2021 represented the culmination of his independent slog to success. It launched him into the public and solidified his genre-bending superstar status.

 How Tall is Jelly Roll?

Some fans are curious about Jelly Roll’s height, which has increased fan searches. This article addresses Jelly Roll’s height’s popularity and provides an updated biography with the most requested information. Jelly Roll’s stature is detailed below for interested users.

Jelly Roll’s height and backstory are popular topics among enthusiasts. This article provides the newest height information and a timeline of Jelly Roll’s life and career to satisfy this desire. These sections will answer questions about this beloved artist’s size.

  • Jelly Roll’s height is precisely measured for fans. Jelly Roll is 170 centimeters (1.7 meters) tall in the metric system. Fans can grasp his size by knowing that he is 5 feet 7 inches in the imperial system. Fans of Jelly Roll are wondering about his height, whether in millimeters, meters, or feet and inches.

Jelly Roll Age

Jelly Roll, born December 4, 1984, in Antioch, Nashville, Tennessee, shines in the music industry at 38. His persistence and talent helped him overcome a difficult upbringing and become a beloved musician. Jelly Roll has grown as an artist, attracting listeners with his distinctive blend of rap, hip-hop, country, and rock. Jelly Roll, 38, continues to innovate in music. His emotionally moving songs and spectacular performances have won over fans. Jelly Roll, 38, continues to push his music boundaries. His powerful lyrics and talents have won over fans. Each year, Jelly Roll improves his music and inspires him. His story of personal growth and redemption shows that pursuing aspirations and overcoming life’s challenges is a lifelong journey marked by passion and determination.

Who is Jelly Roll?

As Jason DeFord, Jelly Roll has made a name for himself as a dynamic singer and songwriter in America. Jelly Roll’s unique blend of rap, hip-hop, country, and rock shows his persistence and passion for music.

Jelly Roll grew up in Antioch, Tennessee, amid a turbulent home and struggled with addiction. He used music to express himself rather than give in to these hardships. His lyrics on addiction, repentance, and personal growth resonate with people who have endured similar struggles.

Jelly Roll’s 2013 CD “The Big Sal Story,” displaying his flexibility and depth, was his career breakthrough. This began a continuous progression into other musical styles and collaborations with artists from different genres. Jelly Roll’s blend of rap and country music and emotive narrative set him apart.

Jelly Roll has had many hits, including “Sobriety Sucks” and “A Beautiful Disaster.” 

Jelly Roll Biography

Jelly Roll is a multi-genre American rapper and singer-songwriter born Jason Bradley DeFord on December 4, 1984. He is known professionally as JellyRoll. His song “Son of a Sinner,” which won three CMT Music Awards in 2023, showcased his musical talent and worldwide recognition.

Jelly Roll Quick Facts

NameJelly Roll
ProfessionAmerican multi-genre singer/songwriter
Date of Birth4 December 1984
Birth PlaceAntioch, Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Age (as of 2023)38 years old
Height170 cm
Weight90 kg

Jelly Roll’s Early Life

Jerry was born in grimy Antioch, Tennessee, in southern Music City, on December 4, 1986. Jelly dealt with hard realities as a child in Antioch’s Southside. His passion for a successful profession drove him through his childhood struggles. Despite hurdles, he persevered and became the great person he is today.

Jelly Roll: Education

Having pursued his education, Jelly Roll completed high school at Antioch High School. His academic journey at Antioch High School contributes to the multifaceted narrative of his life, reflecting a foundation of learning that became a stepping stone for his future endeavors in the dynamic world of music and beyond.

SchoolAntioch High School
College/UniversityNot Known
Education QualificationGeneral Educational Development (G.E.D.)

Jelly Roll Family, Relationship and Affair

Marital StatusMarried
ParentsMother-Not KnownFather-Jason DeFord
SiblingsBrother-Scott DeFord, Roger DeFordSister-Shelby DeFord
Spouse/WifeAlyssa Bunnie XO 

In his childhood, Jason DeFord lived in Nashville’s Antioch area. Antioch’s character affected his childhood. Unfortunately, his upbringing was difficult. Mental illness and drugs plagued his mother, making his upbringing difficult. His meat trader father was also a bookie. Jason DeFord’s resiliency and self-discovery were shaped by Antioch’s diverse family.

Jelly Roll: Girlfriend/ Wife and Personal Life

Bunnie XO Alyssa DeFord and Jelly Roll are blissfully married. They married in 2016 and renewed in 2023 in a sincere display of their love. Bunnie is Jelly Roll’s life partner, podcast host, and entrepreneur, adding to their dynamic connection.

  • Jelly Roll had Bailee Ann DeFord in 2008. He shows his commitment to fatherhood throughout his journey with her. Jelly Roll supported Bailee Ann and her mother by taking custody. He has built a strong bond with Bailee Ann’s mother through hardships and successes, strengthening the family.
  • Noah Buddy DeFord joined the family in 2016. Jelly Roll values family and supports Noah’s mother.

Jelly Roll Children

Jelly Roll is a devoted father to Bailee Ann and Noah Buddy. Bailee Ann was born in 2008 through Jelly Roll’s ex-girlfriend Felicia. Jelly Roll, assisted by Bunnie XO, acquired custody of Bailee Ann in 2016, changing their family’s tale. Felicia’s heroin addiction spurred Jelly Roll’s humanitarian decision, demonstrating his dedication to his children.

Noah Buddy, Jelly Roll’s 2016 child from another relationship, brings delight to the family. Jelly Roll meticulously preserves nuances out of respect and thoughtfulness. 

Jelly Roll Career

  • Three 6 Mafia, UGK, and 8Ball & MJG impacted Jelly Roll’s transition from rap to country music. Early in his career, he sold mixtapes from his car trunk. “The Plain Shmear Tape,” his 2003 debut, was followed by the 2004–2011 four-part series “Gamblin’ on the White Boy.”
  • In 2010, Jelly Roll performed with Memphis rapper Lil Wyte in “Pop Another Pill,” seen by over 6.3 million people. This song inspired SNO’s “Year Round,” to which Jelly Roll contributed. He collaborated with Lil Wyte, Struggle Jennings, Haystak, and Tech N9ne on mixtapes and an independent solo album over the years.
  • In 2013, Jelly Roll published “Whiskey, Weed, & Women,” originally titled “Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House.” The cover was changed because the restaurant threatened legal action over its name and logo. The new cover had a “desist” stamp instead of the Waffle House logo. ne.
  • Jelly Roll debuted at the Grand Ole Opry on November 9, 2021, marking a career milestone. Country musician Craig Morgan invited him to perform “Almost Home” at the Grand Ole Opry on July 7, 2022. Jelly Roll’s 25th week on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart in February 2023 cemented his place in music history.
  • Over 15,000 spectators witnessed Jelly Roll’s incredible show at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on December 9, 2022. Famous artists like Chris Young, Sam Hunt, Riley Green, Shinedown, Ernest, Struggle Jennings, Tech N9ne, and Krizz Kaliko performed at the sold-out gig.
  • Jelly Roll will tour 44 locations on the “Backroad Baptism Tour” in summer 2023. His 2023 CMT Music Awards performance of “Son of a Sinner” won him male video, breakthrough video, and digital-first performance of the year. 


In recent years, Jelly Roll has avoided rumors and controversies. After his chaotic youth led to imprisonment, his transformation has changed public attitudes. Today, he is known for his humility and compassion, showing care in his personal and professional life.

No rumors of a personal split have surfaced. Jelly Roll has focused on his profession since his debut record, a spectacular trajectory highlighted by love and support from his growing fan base. 

What was Jelly Roll’s Felony?

Many tattoos on Jelly Roll’s face depicted his struggles during his years in prison. He was arrested for aggravated robbery and narcotics possession with the intent to supply aged 21 and served nearly 12 years in jail.

In prison, Jelly Roll changed drastically. He wrote honest songs from his life’s events. Self-reflection changed his creative path, inspiring him to convey his hardships and achievements via music.

When his 2013 mixtape “Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House” changed, Jelly Roll faced another major career issue that seemed to be over. Waffle House threatened legal action over Jelly Roll’s usage of their name and logo on the mixtape’s cover.

Jelly Roll altered the mixtape due to legal concerns. The original Waffle House title and logo were changed to “Whiskey, Weed, & Women.” The Waffle House logo was replaced with a “desist.” mark on the cover. Jelly Roll faced unexpected challenges during his career, showing resilience.

Why did Jelly Roll spend time in jail?

Even in middle school, Jelly Roll was involved in street life, including drug peddling, in Antioch. He and his friends were arrested and charged with various possession and attempted robbery charges after a marijuana heist at 14. After this, Jelly Roll spent the next decade in and out of juvenile centers and prisons. Charges like aggravated robbery and possession with intent to sell complicated his case.

Where does Jelly Roll live?

Despite Jelly Roll’s recent transformation, some things of his existence remain unchanged. He lives near Nashville with his wife and daughter. As the saying goes, home is where the heart is, and Jelly Roll has proven that his heart is in Music City’s dynamic musical scene.

Who is Jelly Roll related to?

Jelly Roll may be related to Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. I want to explain that Jelly Roll is not related to these country legends or other famous musicians. Jelly Roll’s work with Struggle Jennings is most likely confused. Struggle Jennings is Waylon Jennings’ grandson, but this frequent partnership may have given the impression that Jelly Roll is related to the famed performers.

Jelly Roll may be related to Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. I want to explain that Jelly Roll is not related to these country legends or other famous musicians. Jelly Roll’s work with Struggle Jennings is most likely confused. Struggle Jennings is Waylon Jennings’ grandson, but this frequent partnership may have given the impression that Jelly Roll is related to the famed performers.

Is Jelly Roll a Country Artist?

Rap and hip-hop inspired Jelly Roll’s music career, which led to collaborations with Lil Wyte, DJ Paul, Tech N9ne, and others. This early exposure to rap and hip-hop shaped his musical career and established his industry presence. 

Jelly Roll cars

Jelly Roll collects premium cars like the Rolls-Royce Phantom and Lamborghini. He also loves his truck, “Big Bertha,” which shows his automotive prowess.

Jelly Roll House

Jelly Roll and his wife, Bunnie XO, bought a large Las Vegas estate in 2021. A guard-gated community with a golf course surrounds the residence in a prominent area. Their appreciation for comfort and design is reflected in the mansion’s magnificent chandelier, rich carpets, toasty fireplace, and big kitchen.

Turning Point and Musical Journey

  • Life’s Melody: Jelly Roll wrote and recorded his first songs in prison after discovering music’s therapeutic influence.
  • Academic Success: He earned his GED while in prison.
  • After his release, Jelly Roll entered the local music scene, impressing audiences with his natural talent and accessible songs, building a loyal fanbase.
  • Success: In 2019, his song “Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House” went viral, launching him into the national spotlight.

Jelly Roll Top 8 Songs

  1. “Rescue Me” 2020 Self-Medicated Album
  2. Album: Ballads of the Broken (2021) “Heir to Sin”
  3. “A Helping Hand” Whitsitt Chapel (2023) albums
  4. “Glass Bottles and Mary Jane” 2020 album: A Beautiful Disaster
  5. Album “Mythical Creature”: A Beautiful Disaster (2020)
  6. Album: Crosses & Crossroads (2019) “Consistent Jerk”
  7. “Solely Yours” Album: Addiction Kills (2017)
  8. “Persistence of Hatred” Album: Addiction Kills (2017)

Jelly Roll YouTube Ad Revenue

Since January 2023, we have no current information on Jelly Roll’s YouTube ad revenue. YouTube ad revenue fluctuates based on views, audience engagement, demographics, ad formats, and policy and algorithm changes. YouTube ads are Jelly Roll’s main source of income. Due to these varied circumstances, creator earnings can vary substantially. Jelly Roll may also receive brand sponsorships, which boost his YouTube revenue. YouTube’s commercialization and revenue-sharing practices may change, affecting creators’ profits.

Jelly Roll’s Nationality

Nashville-based musician, rapper, singer, and composer Jelly Roll proudly represents the United States. He is a country music veteran with over two decades of experience. His eclectic blend of rap, country, and rock showcases Southern music’s deep roots. Jelly Roll has shaped Southern music throughout his career.

Jelly Roll: Source of Income 

  • Jelly Roll’s diverse income streams are vital to his success:
  • Jelly Roll makes most of his money from music. This includes album sales, streaming royalties, live performance profits, and music merchandise sales.
  • Brand Endorsement: Jelly Roll’s reputation grows, creating brand partnership options. Companies looking to brand themselves with his influence generate additional revenue from these relationships.
  • Jelly Roll’s wealth grows through investments in successful firms, however, details are unknown. Strategic financial activities outside music strengthen his portfolio.

Jelly Roll Now

Jelly Roll focused on his health in 2022, wanting to lose weight as he pursued his job. His dedication to his health suggests a motivated fitness path, and we wish him luck.

Meanwhile, Jelly Roll planned a lengthy musical schedule for the coming months. He has 17 tours planned for 2023 in two countries. This whole itinerary shows his commitment to interacting with fans and exhibiting his musical talent worldwide. 

Interesting Facts

  • The nickname “Jelly Roll” comes from his childhood nickname, “Jellybean.”
  • Biblical Ink: Jelly Roll’s face tattoo of John 15:13 shows his faith and hope.
  • Musical Fusion: Jelly Roll’s unique sound blends country, rap, and rock.
  • Philanthropy: Jelly Roll founded the “Jelly Roll Foundation” to help addiction treatment and music education.

What Awards Has Jelly Roll Won?

Jelly Roll, a newcomer to country music, has won four awards in a short time. At the CMT Music Awards in April 2023, he won Male Video, Male Breakthrough Video, and Digital-First Performance of the Year. These awards were given for his hit tune ‘Son of a Sinner,’ cementing his ascension in country music.

Awards and Accomplishments

Award TitleWinning Year
Independent Music Award for the album A Beautiful Disaster2020
Radio Music Award as the Alternative Rock Artist2021
Music Award as the Top New Rock Artist2021
CMT Award of the Male Video of the Year2023

Fanmail address

Born in Antioch, Nashville, Tennessee, Jelly Roll enthusiastically represents the US in American music. His tone and success as a performer are shaped by his roots in Tennessee, a musical state.

Favorite Things

Favorite ActorBrad Pitt
Favorite ActressCamilla Belle
Favorite SingerNicki Minaj
Favorite ColorBlack

Jelly Roll: Followers on Social Media Accounts

Jelly Roll stands as a revered figure in the rap scene with a substantial and dedicated fan base across various social media platforms. Below are the links to his official social media accounts, where fans can stay connected and engage with his latest updates:

YoutubeJelly Roll

Jelly and Bunnie’s Net Worth

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO have $6.5 million in net worth due to their success. The power couple promotes each other’s careers and philanthropy. Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO use their wealth to help others.

Jelly Roll’s Net Worth Forbes

Jelly Roll may not be on Forbes’ list of richest celebrities or rappers, but he is one of the most popular and influential country rap singers. In the music industry, his sincerity, talent, and charisma have won over fans, regardless of financial rankings. Jelly Roll’s adaptability and originality are admired by peers and critics. By overcoming poverty, addiction, legal concerns, and weight issues, Jelly Roll has used his music to express his emotions and inspire others. 

Jelly Roll Net Worth 

Jelly Roll has established himself as a successful musician by himself. His 2023 net worth is USD 6 million. Jelly Roll’s 2023 net worth in Indian rupees is ₹49.92 Crore. The table below provides artist information:

Net worth YearwiseNet worth (In USD)
2024 (Estimated)$ 6.5 Million
2023$ 6.0 Million
2022$ 5.5 Million
2021$ 5.0 Million
2020$ 4.5 Million
2019$ 4.0 Million

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Jelly Roll’s real name?

A: Jelly Roll is Jason Bradley DeFord.

Q: Jelly Roll was born when?

A: On December 4, 1984, Jelly Roll was born.

Q: How tall is Jelly Roll?

A: Jelly Roll is 170 cm (5’7″) tall.

Q: How much is Jelly Roll worth in 2023?

A: In 2023, Jelly Roll may be worth USD 6 million.

Q: Is Jelly Roll married?

A: Yes, Jelly Roll married Alyssa Bunnie XO. They got married in 2016.


Jelly Roll, born Jason Bradley DeFord, is a successful American multi-genre singer and composer. Jelly Roll is recognized for his unique blend of rap, hip-hop, country, and rock after overcoming addiction and a difficult life. From independent to mainstream, he has platinum songs and CMT Music Awards.

Jelly Roll married Alyssa, known as Bunnie XO, and they have two children.

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