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Celebrated for her abilities in acting, modeling, producing, singing, and writing, Jolie Jones Levine is an intriguing American artist. Her upbringing in Manhattan, a city known for its rich cultural fabric, imbues her artistic pursuits with a depth of meaning.

Jolie Jones is the great Quincy Jones’ daughter, and she inherited not only his skill but also his love of the arts and music. She has had a varied career in the spotlight, shining well in a number of different professions.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Jolie has also found happiness in her personal life. She is married to Stewart Levine, a notable music producer, and together they have been blessed with two children, Donovan and Sunny. Sunny, following in the family tradition, has also embarked on a musical path, adding another chapter to the family’s artistic legacy.

Jolie’s life serves as an example of the value of skill, perseverance, and family support. Many are motivated by her tale, which demonstrates that anyone can genuinely leave their imprint in the arts and other fields with commitment and enthusiasm.

Who is Jolie Jones Levine?

Jolie Jones Levine, an American actress and musician, made her mark on the big screen with standout performances in films like ‘Hunk’, ‘Panic in Echo Park’, and ‘Outliving Castro’. Yet, her fame isn’t just about her talent—it’s also about her remarkable lineage. She is the daughter of the legendary American musician Quincy Jones. His credits range from creating popular music to writing eponymous film and television compositions.

Jolie’s career in show business is a result of both her personal gifts and her family’s legacy. It’s a testament to how passion and skill can run in the family.

Jolie Jones Levine Early life

With both of her parents being well-known musicians—Quincy Jones and Jeri Caldwell—Jolie Jones Levine has deep roots in the music business. She was nurtured in a very vibrant atmosphere, having been born in the bustling heart of Manhattan in 1953.

Given that her father was a gifted musician, composer, and producer, Jolie’s inclination in the arts was not surprising. She grew up in a home that valued artistic expression, so acting, modeling, producing, and singing came easily to her. She developed her many talents in this rich atmosphere, which helped to mold her into the multidimensional performer she is today.

For Jolie, the music industry was more than just a far-off idea; it was her childhood. Her brilliant career was surely propelled by this early experience, which gave her works a vibrancy and expressiveness that come from living a life immersed in the industry’s rhythms.

Jolie Jones Levine Wiki

Full NameJolie Jones Levine
Famous asQuincy Jones’ daughter
Date of Birth1953
Place of BirthManhattan, New York, USA
Zodiac SignScorpio
Marital StatusMarried
Ex/SpouseStewart Levine
ChildrenDonovan Levine, Sunny Levine
FatherQuincy Jones
MotherJeri Caldwell
SiblingsKenya Miambi Julia Quincy Jones III, Rachel Jones, Rashida Jones, Kidada Jones, Martina Jones, and Sarah Jones 
Weight58 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Net Worth$50 Million

Jolie Jones Levine Education

Jolie Jones Levine’s educational journey started at PS 6 and New Lincoln School. While details about her later schooling are scarce, those early years undoubtedly left a lasting impact on her. These formative institutions likely played a pivotal role in nurturing her diverse talents and interests, helping to shape the multifaceted personality she’s celebrated for today.

Jolie Jones Levine Age

Jolie Jones Levine, now 71 as of 2024, entered the world in 1953 in the vibrant streets of Manhattan, New York, USA. While her exact birthday remains a mystery, her impact on the worlds of acting and music speaks volumes.

Despite her success, Jolie maintains a low profile and doesn’t disclose anything about her personal life. It is known, nonetheless, that she is a happy married woman. She is a brilliant example of a career founded on talent and a flair for discretion, with an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Jolie Jones Levine Height

At a little 5 feet 3 inches and 58 pounds, Jolie Jones Levine exudes an alluring presence that is difficult to ignore. Her attractive features, which are enhanced by her beautiful black hair and dark brown eyes, contribute to her appeal. Her total attractiveness in the entertainment sector is greatly influenced by these physical characteristics, which also serve to perfectly compliment her various talents.

Jolie Jones Levine Family

The entertainment and music industries are represented in Jolie Jones Levine’s family tree, thanks to the influence of her parents, Quincy Jones and Jeri Caldwell. The renowned American Quincy serves as a record producer, songwriter, composer, arranger, and even a producer of TV series and motion pictures.

Quincy has had a really interesting experience as a father and in relationships. He brought Jolie into the world with Jeri Caldwell, whom he married from 1957 to 1966. Additionally, there is Rachel, Quincy’s daughter from a brief relationship with Carol Reynolds. Quincy Jones III and Martina were born during his 1967–1974 marriage to Swedish actress Ulla Andersson.

But there’s still more! Before getting married to Kidada and Rashida, the actress Kidada Lipton was married to, Quincy had two daughters. They both went on to become well-known figures in the entertainment sector.

Quincy’s romantic life did not stop after the divorce. He was romantically involved with German actress Nastassja Kinski from 1991 to 1995. Kenya, their daughter, went on to work as a fashion model.

Concerning Jeri Caldwell, Jolie’s mother, she’s stayed under the radar, with generally secret about her own life or foundation. It’s a family adventure loaded up with highs, lows, and a lot of interest.

Jolie Jones Levine Siblings

Jolie Jones Levine’s family tree is quite the sprawling affair, with half-siblings stemming from her father Quincy Jones’s various relationships. Take Rachel, for instance—she’s Jolie’s half-sister from Quincy’s fling with Carol Reynolds.

Next are Jolie’s half-siblings, Martina and Quincy Jones III, who were born out of Quincy’s marriage to Swedish actress Ulla Andersson. Kidada and Rashida, Jolie’s stepsisters from Quincy’s previous marriage to American entertainer Peggy Lipton, should also not be forgotten. The acting profession has seen success for both Kidada and Rashida, which has further enhanced the family’s illustrious history in entertainment.

Jolie Jones Levine Husband

Born in 1946 in The Bronx, Stewart Levine is a veritable Renaissance guy. He is a legendary personality in the music production industry as well as a pioneer in the medical field. Stewart is well-known for his partnerships with some of the biggest names in music and has had an undeniable impact on the global music scene. His broad catalog, which includes songs from several genres, has had a lasting impression on the business.

However, Stewart’s abilities do not end there. In addition to his accomplishments in music, he is a doctor who is enthusiastic about novel clinical studies, particularly those focusing on severe asthma. His commitment to improving medical knowledge at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) demonstrates his desire to improve healthcare.

Stewart pursues his interests in music and medicine in addition to his role as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Orbograph, where he demonstrates his strategic leadership. His passion to developing talent and fostering creativity is evident in the fact that he is not only focused on his own achievement but also on mentoring others in a variety of professions.

Stewart Levine’s diverse range of accomplishments highlights his adaptability and impact in the fields of senior management, medicine, and music. He is a real force that makes a lasting impression everywhere he goes.

Jolie Jones Levine Career

In 1964, Jolie Jones, being just fifteen years old, embarked on an incredible career by joining Passage Models. Her career took a historic turn and she made a lasting impact on the fashion business when she became the first African-American woman to feature on the cover of “Mademoiselle” magazine.

Even with the rigors of parenthood, Jolie remained a top model, walking the ramp for names like Max Factor and Revlon. Her goals, however, didn’t end there. Together with her work, she dedicated her life to environmental awareness and philanthropy, starting the uplifting campaign ‘Take It Back.’

A move to London signaled a new chapter in Jolie’s life, one focused on her musical talents. Collaborating with renowned artists, she honed her skills and soaked in the vibrant music scene. Upon her return to Los Angeles, she expanded her horizons even further, delving into acting and co-producing albums.

Jolie’s path is proof of her vibrant personality and unshakable resolve. She has embraced every opportunity with enthusiasm and grace, from modeling to parenting, from music to advocacy, and she has left an incredible legacy in her wake.

Rise to Fame

Thanks to her parts in movies like “Outlasting Castro,” “Frenzy in Reverberation Park,” and “Hunk,” Jolie has become more well-known. She is well-known for being the daughter of Quincy Jones, a real giant in the American music industry, notwithstanding her own accomplishments. In addition to producing records, Quincy also performs as a musician, composer, songwriter, arranger, and even produces television and movies. It’s difficult to overlook this legacy.

Jolie Jones Levine Net Worth 

Jolie Jones Levine’s financial success speaks volumes about her varied career endeavors. She’s definitely left her impact in the entertainment industry, with an estimated net worth of $50 million.

Her riches is a result of her diverse skill set and interests. Jolie has experimented with a variety of mediums with style and grace, including acting, producing, singing, and even writing. Her substantial net worth, which highlights her dynamic and successful career journey, is clearly a result of her ability to flourish in numerous fields.


  • Adolescence and the family: In the year 1953, Jolie Jones Levine was born in Manhattan, New York. She is the girl of unbelievable performer Quincy Jones and Jeri Caldwell. She was raised in a fun, creative environment that helped her learn how to act, display, speak, and sing.
  • Benefits of the calling: When Jolie was just 15 years old, she launched her career by becoming the first African-American woman to appear on the cover of “Mademoiselle.” She has demonstrated her versatility as an actress with outstanding performances in films like “Outliving Castro” and “Panic in Echo Park.”
  • Legacy: Jolie’s profession exhibits her own capacities as well as the inheritance that her family has left in media outlets. As Quincy Jones’ daughter, she has carried on the family’s reputation for excellence in the arts and music.
  • Life at Home: Stewart Levine, a well-known music producer and medical professional, is Jolie’s husband. Donovan and Sunny are their two children, with Sunny pursuing a career in music to follow in their footsteps.
  • Philanthropy: Jolie is likewise known for her commitment to ecological mindfulness and generosity, having begun the inspiring effort ‘Take It Back.’cation to environmental awareness and philanthropy, having started the uplifting campaign ‘Take It Back.’


American artist Jolie Jones Levine is well-known for her work in writing, acting, modeling, producing, singing, and modeling. Jolie’s career has been marked by a combination of personal talent and familial influence. She was born into a musical family, and Quincy Jones is her father. Jolie has established a long term connection with media outlets, whether it be through her pivotal accomplishments in displaying or her extraordinary exhibitions on screen. In addition to her professional accomplishments, she is well-known for her dedication to environmental causes and philanthropy. Jolie inspires aspiring artists everywhere because she has a supportive family and a dynamic career.


What is Jolie Jones Levine’s total assets?

Jolie Jones Levine has made a career out of acting, demonstrating, creating, singing, and writing, and she is expected to have $50 million in total assets.

Who are Jolie Jones Levine’s folks?

Jeri Caldwell and Quincy Jones, a legendary American musician, are the parents of Jolie.

Who is the spouse of Jolie Jones Levine?

Jolie is married to Stewart Levine, a notable music producer and medical professional.

How many children does Jolie Jones Levine have?

Jolie and Stewart Levine have two children together, Donovan and Sunny. Sunny has also embarked on a musical career, following in the family tradition.

What philanthropic endeavors is Jolie Jones Levine known for?

Jolie is known for her dedication to environmental awareness and philanthropy, having initiated the ‘Take It Back’ campaign.

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