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Introducing Marilisa Maronesse, the powerful accomplice of renowned Puerto Rican actress and singer Chayanne. Marilisa is originally from Venezuela, and her journey from modeling to becoming a successful lawyer demonstrates her adaptability and tenacity. In the frequently turbulent entertainment industry, Marilisa and Chayanne’s more than thirty years of marriage have served as a touching example of persevering love and perseverance. Let’s examine this exceptional woman’s life and accomplishments in more detail.

Who Is Marilisa Maronesse?

Being a multi-gifted individual, Marilisa Maronesse has secured herself as a model, a legal counselor, and the loved life partner of notable Latin pop peculiarity Chayanne. Despite the fact that she would like stay mysterious, her relationship with her well known mate places her at the center of attention. For the people who are keen on studying her biography, this thorough memoir strolls you through her mind blowing venture, from her experience as Miss Venezuela to her association with Chayanne. En route, it gives insights concerning her set of experiences, family, work, and connections.

Marilisa Maronesse Wiki

Full NameMarilisa Maronesse de Figueroa
ProfessionLawyer and former model
Famous forBeing the wife of Chayanne
Age54 years old (as of 2023)
Date of Birth1969
BirthplaceCaracas, Venezuela
Zodiac signUnknown
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBrown
Height5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
Weight132 lbs (60 kg)
Sexual orientationStraight
Marital statusMarried
SpouseElmer Figueroa Arce (Chayanne)
ChildrenIsadora Sofia Figueroa and Lorenzo Valentino Figueroa
Net worth$2 million

Marilisa Maronesse Age

The energetic Venezuelan city of Caracas invited Marilisa into the world in 1969. Her origin is Caracas, a city eminent for its dynamic climate and numerous social contributions. She has cherished recollections of growing up at her birthplace and feels a strong connection to it. She celebrates her birthday with those who are very important to her every year, making it a memorable event. Marilisa’s pleasant memories of her childhood spent in the busy streets of Caracas are often recalled, and her pride in her Venezuelan genealogy is evident.

Marilisa Maronesse Height

With a level of 5 feet 8 inches, or around 173 centimeters, Marilisa Maronesse is a graceful marvel. She is approximately sixty kilograms, or 132 pounds, heavier than her thin and rich body would recommend. She exudes elegance and appeal with her blonde hair and stunning brown eyes.

She is committed to leading an active, healthy lifestyle, and her weight and height reflect this commitment. They are more than just physical attributes. Marilisa’s well-proportioned body is a reflection of her dedication to self-care and general well-being, not just how she appears.

Marilisa Maronesse Family

Marilisa Maronesse’s family is a tight-knit unit overflowing with love. She shares her life with her husband, the renowned singer and actor, Chayanne, along with their two children, Isadora Sofia and Lorenzo Valentino. The bond extends to Marilisa’s sister, Anna Maronesse, who happens to be the proud mother of Lele Pons, a popular social media sensation.

Their relational peculiarity is charming; they love being together for extraordinary occasions like occasions and birthday celebrations as well with respect to customary, regular minutes. They generally carve out opportunity, regardless of their bustling timetables, to encourage their connections and produce invaluable recollections that will endure forever.

Marilisa Maronesse Married

Marilisa and Chayanne have been happily married for over thirty years, and their love story will never end. They remain completely engrossed in each other and their love remains as strong as it has always been. Their preference is to maintain their relationship private and hidden from the public, hence they hardly ever agree to interviews.

The cornerstones of their marriage are open communication, respect, and trust. They weather through it all, clinging to each other and their family with steadfast devotion, even if they encounter their fair share of gossip and difficulties.

Their continuous devotion and their love for one other’s upbringing of their two children are tangible signs of their profound connection. The marriage of Marilisa and Chayanne is a shining example of sustained love and unshakable support; their unflinching commitment to one another and their family demonstrates the strength of their partnership.

Marilisa Maronesse Current Location

These days, Marilisa Maronesse calls Miami, Florida, home sweet home. Alongside her husband, Chayanne, and their kids, they’ve settled into the sunny city. But their love for Puerto Rico hasn’t faded—they still make frequent trips to Chayanne’s ranch there.

Miami’s vibrant culture and endless sunshine suit Marilisa just fine. She can frequently be seen soaking in the sun and taking in the vibrant atmosphere of the city. Along with documenting their best family moments, she enjoys posting snippets of their Miami trips on social media, just like any proud mother would.

Living in Miami offers Marilisa and her loved ones a laid-back lifestyle they adore. From savoring diverse cuisines to strolling along the sandy shores, they make the most of every moment. Marilisa especially values the strong sense of community in Miami, relishing in the opportunities for relaxation and new discoveries the city brings their way.

Marilisa Maronesse Career

Marilisa’s ascent to fame started on the glitzy platforms of the Miss Venezuela 1988 pageant, where she represented Miranda, her native state. Even though she failed to win the crown, fate had other ideas. The guy who would become her husband, Chayanne, and she initially crossed paths there.

Following her marriage to Chayanne, Marilisa made a career change, going from the runway to the courtroom. At the University of Miami, where she pursued her studies further, she devoted herself fully to the study of law. She had a successful legal career after receiving her degree and eventually started her own practice.

Today, Marilisa thrives in her profession, embodying dedication and expertise in all her pursuits. From her days as a model to her thriving career as a lawyer, she continues to navigate life’s journey with grace and resilience.

Marilisa Maronesse Net Worth

Living a happy life with her family, Marilisa Maronesse treasures the time she gets to spend traveling and spending quality time with them. She has a net worth of $2 million, which she acquired from her lucrative jobs in modeling and law. She lives in Miami, Florida, with her spouse, the well-known singer and actor Chayanne, and they occasionally travel to their favorite Puerto Rico.

Despite their financial comfort, Marilisa and Chayanne prioritize quality time with family and the simple joys of life. Marilisa leads a balanced existence that includes both career achievement and personal contentment. She finds happiness in activities like reading and staying active. Her adventure has enriched her life with plenty and true happiness, serving as a monument to the benefits of perseverance and hard effort.


  • Early Years: In 1969, Marilisa Maronesse was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She cherishes her childhood memories of Caracas and maintains her Venezuelan heritage in her strong points.
  • Vocation Progress: Marilisa started her vocation as a model and earned respect through her support in the Miss Venezuela 1988 exhibition. Notwithstanding, in the wake of wedding Chayanne, she changed to a lawful vocation. She sought after her investigations at the College of Miami and laid out a fruitful regulation practice.
  • Union with Chayanne: Marilisa has been hitched to Chayanne, an eminent Latin pop vocalist and entertainer, for north of thirty years. Their relationship is portrayed by shared regard, trust, and a promise to security in spite of their public personas.
  • Everyday Life: Marilisa and Chayanne have two kids together, Isadora Sofia and Lorenzo Valentino. They focus on family time and make enduring recollections together, frequently celebrating exceptional events with friends and family.
  • Current Home: Marilisa and her family dwell in Miami, Florida, where they partake in the lively culture and bright climate. They likewise keep an association with Puerto Rico, often visiting Chayanne’s farm there.
  • Total assets: Marilisa has a total assets of $2 million, collected through her fruitful professions in displaying and regulation. In spite of their monetary solace, she and Chayanne focus on quality time with family and basic delights of life.


Marilisa Maronesse, brought into the world in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1969, has carried on with a wonderful existence changing from displaying to an effective lawful profession. She earned respect through her support in the Miss Venezuela 1988 event and later wedded Chayanne, with whom she shares areas of strength for a persevering through relationship. Marilisa and Chayanne focus on family time and partake in their life in Miami, Florida, while keeping up with associations with Puerto Rico.


How did Marilisa Maronesse meet Chayanne?

Marilisa and Chayanne at first met at the Miss Venezuela 1988 expo, where Marilisa was a competitor addressing Miranda, her local state.

What is Marilisa Maronesse’s profession?

Marilisa is a lawyer by profession, having pursued her legal studies at the University of Miami after her modeling career.

How long has Marilisa Maronesse been married to Chayanne?

Marilisa and Chayanne have been happily married for over thirty years, maintaining a strong and private relationship despite their public personas.

Where does Marilisa Maronesse currently live?

Marilisa and her family dwell in Miami, Florida, where they partake in the lively culture and bright climate. They additionally much of the time visit Puerto Rico.

What is the net worth of Marilisa Maronesse?

Marilisa’s lucrative jobs in modeling and law have contributed to her $2 million net worth.

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