Mary Lee Harvey: Mary Lee Harvey’s journey unfolds.

While Mary Lee Harvey may not be a household name, her marriage to renowned comedian and television host Steve Harvey thrust her into the public eye. As Steve Harvey’s second wife, she became a subject of media attention, particularly due to the tumultuous nature of their divorce. The couple’s split was marked by controversy and legal battles, with Mary ultimately facing repercussions for defaming Steve’s character. Despite being the mother of Steve’s son, Wynton, their relationship ended in acrimony. As for Mary’s current whereabouts and endeavors, the public eye has largely shifted away from her, leaving her life post-divorce relatively unknown.

Who Is Mary Lee Harvey?

Mary Lee Harvey’s name may not be as widely recognized as her ex-husband’s, Steve Harvey, but she has made her mark as a professional makeup artist. Born on October 20, 1960, in Arlington, Texas, United States, Mary has honed her skills beyond traditional makeup application. Despite the attention drawn to her due to her marriage to Steve Harvey and their son, Wynton, Mary has cultivated a successful career independently. With years of experience working with diverse clients, she has showcased her talent in enhancing their natural beauty. Mary’s journey exemplifies her individuality and demonstrates her commitment both to her craft and to her role as a devoted mother.

Mary Lee Harvey’s Biography 

Mary Lee Harvey, originally Mary Shackelford, gained prominence as the former wife of Steve Harvey, a renowned American television personality, comedian, actor, author, and producer. Born on October 20, 1960, in Arlington, Texas, United States, Mary is currently 63 years old and falls under the zodiac sign of Libra. Despite her association with a celebrity, Mary opted for a private lifestyle, keeping details about her childhood and parents undisclosed. However, she revealed in an interview that she grew up in a large family comprising ten siblings. It’s reported that she attended Delhi High School for her secondary education.

Mary Lee Harvey’s Of Profile Summary

Full NameMary Lee Shackelford
Popularly Known AsMary Lee Harvey
Date of BirthOctober 20, 1960
Age63 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignLibra
Place of BirthArlington, Texas, United States
Current ResidenceArlington, Texas, United States
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark brown
Height (cm)170
Height (ft/in)5’7″
Weight (kg)65
Weight (lbs)143
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-husbandSteve Harvey
OccupationMakeup artist
Net Worth$500,000

Age Of Mary Lee Harvey

Celebrating her 64th birthday on October 20, 2023, Mary Lee Harvey marks another year in her life’s journey, now spanning over six decades. Each passing year adds depth to her story, filled with experiences ranging from moments of joy to periods of introspection. At 64, she stands at a milestone that signifies the accumulation of wisdom, treasured memories, and profound life lessons. This age serves as a testament to her resilience and the richness of her life’s tapestry, showcasing the myriad of experiences that have shaped her into the person she is today.

Height And Weight Of Mary Lee Harvey

Eye colorDark brown 
Hair ColorBlack 
Height5’7″, 170cm
Weight65Kg, 143lbs
Body TypeChubby

Standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) and weighing 65 kilograms, Mary Lee Harvey possesses a commanding presence that draws attention wherever she goes. As a Libra, born under this astrological sign, she embodies the unique characteristics and qualities often attributed to Libras.

Mary Lee Harvey’s Early Life

Mary Lee Harvey was born on October 20th, 1960, in Arlington, Texas. From a young age, she showed a strong interest in the world of art and beauty, particularly in experimenting with makeup. As she grew up in Texas, her passion for aesthetics continued to grow alongside her knowledge and friendships. These early experiences played a crucial role in shaping her career as a skilled makeup artist, highlighting the importance of childhood interests in shaping one’s future path.

Mary Lee Harvey Married

Mary Lee Harvey rose to prominence through her marriage to renowned American TV personality, actor, and comedian, Steve Harvey. Following Steve’s separation from his first wife, Marcia Harvey, Mary became his second spouse. Their unexpected encounter in 1989 while working together on a comedy show in Arlington, Texas, sparked an immediate connection, leading to their marriage later that year. Despite initial doubts, their bond endured for 17 years before they divorced in 2005. During their marriage, they welcomed a son named Wynton on July 18, 1997, adding depth to their relationship.

Mary Lee Harvey Family / Children

Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseSteve Harvey (1996-2005)
ChildrenSon: Wynton Harvey 

Mary Lee Harvey is recognized for her sole child, Wynton Harvey, whom she shares with Steve Harvey. Their son was born before their divorce in 2005. No details are available regarding any additional children from either Mary’s previous relationships or marriages.

How Many Times Has Steve Harvey Been Married?

Steve Harvey has experienced three marriages throughout his lifetime. His first marriage was to Marcia Harvey, lasting for 14 years before their divorce. Subsequently, he tied the knot with Mary Harvey as his second wife. Currently, he is happily married to Marjorie Harvey, whom he wed in 2007. Each of Steve’s marriages has contributed to shaping his life journey, with children born from each union. Despite the challenges and divorces he faced, Steve Harvey’s marriages have undoubtedly influenced his personal growth and development.

Mary Lee Harvey’s Career

Unlike her ex-husband, Mary Lee Harvey’s professional background is less documented. Nevertheless, it is speculated that before her association with the comedian, she pursued a career as a makeup artist, possibly working in a cosmetic retail setting. Rumors suggest that her employment may have ceased when she began dating the television host.

Mary Lee Harvey’s Divorce

Mary Lee and Steve Harvey’s divorce in 2005, after nearly two decades of marriage, was shrouded in speculation about the underlying reasons. While specific details were not publicly disclosed, infidelity allegations played a significant role. Mary accused Steve of being unfaithful to Marjorie Bridge during their marriage. This accusation gained traction as Steve’s relationship with Marjorie quickly evolved into a romantic involvement following the divorce, leading to their subsequent marriage in June 2007.

Mary Lee Harvey Sued Her Ex-Husband For Torture

In 2017, Mary Lee Harvey took a bold step by suing her ex-husband, Steve Harvey, seeking justice for what she deemed as egregious actions. Her choice of attorney, civil rights leader Essie Berry, underscored the seriousness of her claims. The lawsuit alleged a range of offenses, including torture, child endangerment, emotional anguish, and harassment, among others. 

Mary accused Steve of intentionally damaging her relationship with their son, Wynton Harvey, and causing significant economic losses, alongside mental health issues. The lawsuit, seeking $60 million in damages, aimed to shed light on the emotional toll of their public divorce and hold Steve accountable for his actions. The legal battle delved into their relationship dynamics and the need for restitution.

Mary Lee’s Arrest And Detention

After their tumultuous divorce, Mary Lee Harvey turned to YouTube to make allegations against Steve, accusing him of subjecting her to psychological and physical abuse throughout their marriage. These accusations had a detrimental effect on Steve’s reputation and public image, prompting him to take legal action against her. Subsequently, Mary faced arrest for contempt of court and violating the court’s directives.

Steve Harvey Sued For $60 Million By Mary Lee Harvey

Mary Lee Harvey made headlines when she filed a $60 million lawsuit against Steve Harvey, accusing him of child endangerment, torture, and “soul murder,” more than a decade after their divorce. Mary claimed that their highly publicized divorce in 2005 left her in a state of depression, contemplating suicide. In response, Steve Harvey’s lawyer vehemently denied the allegations, describing them as “meritless, frivolous,” and “completely false.” Despite the sensational claims, the legal battle between the former spouses came to an end when a judge dismissed the case. However, the courtroom drama shed light on the complexities of their post-divorce relationship.

Achievements And Projects

Mary Lee Harvey has established herself as a prominent figure in the realm of makeup artistry, leveraging her skills to enhance her clients’ natural beauty and boost their confidence. With a diverse clientele, Mary’s expertise extends beyond traditional beauty services to include projects such as magazine photo shoots and assisting actors in film and television productions. While specific project details may be scarce, Mary’s dedication to her craft and passion for her work underscores its significance in the industry.


The decision by Mary Lee Harvey and Steve Harvey to end their marriage drew considerable attention due to Steve’s celebrity status, making their divorce a subject of public interest. Amidst this scrutiny, disputes arose, especially regarding financial matters and the well-being of their son, Wynton. For Mary, navigating this phase of her life was particularly challenging as it unfolded in the public eye, with diverse opinions being voiced on the matter. Their experience highlights the added complexities families face when personal struggles become public spectacles.


Mary Lee Harvey finds joy in various hobbies that bring her happiness and relaxation when she’s not working with makeup:

  1. Painting: Mary expresses her imagination and emotions through the strokes of her brushes, creating vibrant artwork on canvas.
  2. Gardening: She nurtures her garden with care, finding joy in watching flowers bloom and vegetables thrive under her attentive touch.
  3. Reading: Mary immerses herself in the world of literature, exploring new ideas and perspectives through captivating stories and informative texts.
  4. Cooking: Experimenting with flavors and ingredients, Mary delights in preparing delicious meals for her family and friends, sharing her culinary creations with love.
  5. Walking: Mary finds peace and rejuvenation in leisurely strolls, allowing her to connect with nature and clear her mind amidst the beauty of the outdoors.
  6. Photography: With her camera in hand, Mary captures fleeting moments and breathtaking landscapes, preserving cherished memories through her lens.
  7. Yoga: Engaging in yoga practice, Mary prioritizes her physical and mental well-being, finding balance and tranquility through mindful movement and meditation.

What Happened To Steve Harvey’s Ex-wife?

Mary Lee Harvey faced legal repercussions due to conflicts with Steve Harvey, leading to her arrest. She posted videos on YouTube that Steve’s attorney deemed defamatory and misleading. In 2013, she was arrested for contempt of court, as reported by Fox 4 News.

Where Is Mary Harvey Today?

Following her tumultuous divorce from Steve Harvey, Mary Lee Harvey now resides in Texas, where she maintains a low-key lifestyle away from the public eye. Her personal life, including any potential romantic relationships, remains undisclosed. In contrast, Steve Harvey remarried Marjorie Bridges in 2007 after his divorce from Mary, marking a new chapter in his life. Since their separation, Mary has chosen to keep her current endeavors and relationships private.

Final Thoughts

Mary Lee Harvey’s life has been a rollercoaster of triumphs, from her rise as a respected makeup artist in the 1980s to the turbulence of her high-profile marriage and subsequent divorce from comedian Steve Harvey. Born in Arlington, Texas, in 1960, Mary’s talent in the art of makeup garnered her recognition and success in the beauty industry during the 1980s. However, her professional pursuits took a backseat after she married Steve Harvey in the mid-1990s. 

Their tumultuous divorce, marred by allegations of infidelity and emotional turmoil, thrust her into the public eye. Mary’s legal battle against Steve, seeking $60 million in damages for torture, child endangerment, and emotional distress, captured media attention. Despite the sensational nature of the case, it was ultimately dismissed by a judge.

Since her divorce, Mary Lee Harvey has chosen to reside in Texas, where she maintains a low profile and refrains from public appearances. 

Her net worth, estimated at $500,000, includes properties acquired through the divorce settlement. While Mary occasionally shares posts on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, she remains guarded about her personal life, preferring to keep it private. Her journey serves as a testament to the complexities of celebrity relationships, legal battles, and navigating public scrutiny. Despite the intrigue surrounding her celebrity marriage and life post-divorce, Mary opts for a more discreet existence.

Social Media Presence

Mary Harvey gained prominence as the second wife of the well-known American comedian, television host, broadcaster, and author, Steve Harvey. Despite their divorce occurring over a decade ago, she still garners attention from media outlets and fans of her former husband.

Net Worth Of Mary Lee Harvey 

Mary Lee Harvey is speculated to possess a net worth totaling $500,000. Post their divorce, Steve Harvey extended a monthly allowance of $40,000 to facilitate her welfare and transitional needs until March 2009. Additionally, during that same month, Steve made a payment of $1.5 million to her. Moreover, as part of their divorce settlement, she was awarded ownership of three properties belonging to Steve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who is Mary Lee Harvey?

A: Mary Lee Harvey, also known as Mary Lee Shackelford, gained public attention as the ex-wife of renowned comedian and television host Steve Harvey. Her tumultuous divorce from Steve Harvey and subsequent legal battles contributed to her public profile.

Q: What is Mary Lee Harvey’s occupation?

A: Mary Lee Harvey is a professional makeup artist with extensive experience in the beauty industry. She has showcased her skills in enhancing natural beauty through makeup application for many years.

Q: How many children does Mary Lee Harvey have?

A: Mary Lee Harvey has two children. She shares a son named Wynton with her ex-husband Steve Harvey. There is no available information regarding any other children from another relationship or marriage.

Q: What legal issues did Mary Lee Harvey face after her divorce from Steve Harvey?

A: Following her divorce from Steve Harvey, Mary Lee Harvey faced legal issues, including allegations of defamation and contempt of court. She made public accusations against Steve Harvey, leading to legal repercussions.

Q: What is the net worth of Mary Lee Harvey?

A: Mary Lee Harvey’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. This figure encompasses assets acquired through her divorce settlement with Steve Harvey and earnings from her career as a makeup artist.


Mary Lee Harvey’s journey has been characterized by a mix of successes and obstacles. Despite the challenges posed by her highly publicized divorce from Steve Harvey and the ensuing legal disputes, she has persevered in her career as a makeup artist and remains dedicated to her passions. While her personal life has been subject to public scrutiny, Mary Lee Harvey demonstrates resilience and determination as she charts her path forward post-divorce. Her experiences serve as a poignant reminder of the complexities inherent in relationships and the significance of resilience in overcoming adversity.

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