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Who is Melanie Hinton?

Since 2005, Mrs. Hinton has been teaching music to elementary school students. Currently, she is having a blast with the third through fifth graders at Oconee Elementary School.. But her journey doesn’t stop there – she’s spread her love for music in Banks County, Winder, Valdosta City Schools, and Meriwether County Schools before landing here.

Her alma mater? The University of Georgia, where she grabbed both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

What really lights up Mrs. Hinton’s day? Watching her students grow into confident musicians. For her, it’s more than simply a profession; it’s a passion that makes her happy and proud.

Melanie Hinton Early Life

Melanie Hinton, a refined proficient in promoting and correspondences, has made huge commitments to different associations all through her vocation. Brought into the world on June 5, 1951, she grew up enthusiastically for news coverage and global relations, procuring a Four year certification in liberal arts degree from Duquesne College in Pittsburgh.

Her profession direction saw her dig into different ventures, including jobs as the Overseeing Head of Aircraft Industry Advertising and Interchanges at Carriers for America, and as the Overseer of Correspondences and Media Relations at the American Transport Affiliation (ABA). Melanie’s essential ability and relational abilities were apparent in her residency at these regarded associations.

With a sharp eye for detail and a commitment to her art, Melanie succeeded in her jobs, procuring acknowledgment for her almost twenty years of involvement with news-casting and public issues. Her skill reached out to occasion the board, virtual entertainment the executives, media relations, and key correspondences, making her an important resource in the field.

Melanie’s personal life also saw its share of significant moments, including her marriage to Joe Scarborough, a well-known American cable news host and former congressman. Despite their divorce, Melanie continued to focus on her career and raising their two sons, Joey and Andrew.

All through her excursion, Melanie stayed focused on her enthusiasm for music, which she imparted to grade younger students as a music educator. Her belief in the transformative power of music education was reflected in her dedication to nurturing young talents.

In her later years, Melanie dwelled in Beauty Safe house, Virginia, where she kept on contributing her ability as the VP of Showcasing and Correspondences at the Transportation Delegates Affiliation (TIA). Her inheritance as a gifted communicator and advertiser perseveres, making a permanent imprint on the businesses she served.

Melanie Hinton Wiki

Full NameMelanie Hinton
Lucky Number7
Lucky StoneGarnet
Lucky ColorPurple
Profession– Writer – Director of Managing Relations for the Airline Industry – Director of Communications and Media Relations, American Bus Association (ABA) 
Marital StatusDivorced
HusbandJoe Scarborough
Net Worth$3 million
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBlonde
EducationPittsburgh’s Duquesne University offers bachelor’s degrees in political science and journalism. 
KidsTwo sons: Joey and Andrew
HobbiesReading Books, Internet Surfing

Melanie Hinton Obituary

Melanie Joan Hinton, born on June 5, 1951, was cherished as a beloved wife by Keith for an incredible 46 years. She was also deeply loved as a sister by Sue, Marion, Barbara, Nigel, and Marco. The family is devastated to learn of her passing.

A memorial service will be held at Scotts Memorial service Administrations on November 10, 2022, at 3 p.m., to respect her life. With regards to current conditions, the family mercifully asks that those encountering influenza like side effects cease from joining in, focusing on everybody’s wellbeing and security.

Melanie Hinton Education

In the wake of moving on from Duquesne College with a Four year education in liberal arts in News-casting and Worldwide Relations somewhere in the range of 1994 and 1998, she fabricated a strong groundwork in correspondence, composing, and figuring out worldwide undertakings. She continued her education at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, where she became a Certified Travel Industry Specialist, as she was eager to broaden her horizons. This certificate exhibited her energy and mastery in the movement area, showing her devotion to dominating the intricate details of the business. With her different instructive foundation mixing reporting, global relations, and specific preparation in movement, she was exceptional with a one of a kind arrangement of abilities to flourish in different expert undertakings.

Melanie Hinton Height & Weight

Tragically, there’s no data accessible about Melanie Hinton’s level or other body estimations like her weight, dress size, or shoe size. What we can be sure of is that she has light hair and earthy colored eyes, which adds a touch of character to the image we have of her.

Melanie Hinton Husband & Marriage

It seems like Melanie Hinton may be flying independent nowadays. She’s stayed under the radar since her split from her ex Joe, who she sealed the deal with back in 1986, just after they graduated secondary school. You could say they were secondary school darlings, even went to a similar school together. Their romantic tale sounds straight out of a romance book!

During their time together, they invited two young men into the world. Joey started things out in 1989, and afterward two years after the fact, Andrew joined the family in 1991. Be that as it may, after around 13 years of marriage, things proceeded, and they tapped out in 1999.

Since then, Melanie hasn’t been making headlines with a new beau or anything. So, it seems like she’s focusing on herself and her boys these days. Joey must be around 32 now, and Andrew’s probably hitting 30. Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

About Joe Scarborough

We announce with sorrowful hearts that John Clarke Cannard has passed away. He courageously battled cancer and was a genuine fighter. He passed away peacefully at the Maison McCulloch Hospice on December 21, 2023, surrounded by his devoted wife. John was born on Manitoulin Island parents Glen and Margaret “Jean” Cannard, who have since passed away. This is where his journey started.

His devoted wife Melanie Hinton and their two adored kids, Abbie and Jennavieve Hinton-Cannard, whom he loved more than words, are left to cherish his memory. John always found time to tell them how much he loved them, even in his last days, and he encouraged them to follow their passions, succeed in life, and most of all, find happiness.

He is also survived by his sister Glena and brothers Tom and Blaine, along with their spouses, and a host of nieces and nephews who held a special place in his heart. John’s presence was always a highlight at the Manitoulin Sugar Bush gatherings, where his infectious laughter filled the air.

Melanie’s family also mourns the loss of a dear member. John’s father-in-law, brother-in-law Shawn, sister-in-law Lise, and extended family will miss his lively spirit, especially his legendary trivia games, pool tournaments, and dance moves that lit up every party.

John lived a life of adventure and exploration, traveling the world and even spending a month in a Buddhist Monastery, where silence was golden. He and Melanie shared a passion for sailing, spending countless weekends navigating the North Channel aboard their sailboats, creating treasured family memories.

A dedicated civil and environmental engineer at JLRichards & Associates, John took pride in his work and mentored many aspiring engineers. His colleagues became his second family, providing unwavering support and love during his illness.

John was extremely impacted by the love and attention that he received from friends, family, and medical professionals. Everybody involved in his journey, from the Cancer Center to the kind nurses and doctors, was extremely important.

John requested that his ashes be interred in the family plot on Manitoulin Island, with some of them being spread in the Sugar Bush, where his soul will always reside. In the spring, there will be a celebration of his extraordinary life at the Community Center Hall.

Donations to the Cancer Foundation or Maison McCulloch Hospice in place of flowers would commemorate John’s memory and the institutions that supported and cared for him in his last days.


Trying to put Melanie Hinton and Joe Scarborough’s love story together? Get ready for an adult tale about a romance from high school.

At the point when Joe and Melanie were in secondary school, love bloomed and starts flew. This was the start of their excursion. They began a day to day existence venture together subsequent to getting hitched in 1986, soon after graduating. Their relationship, by the by, was not without its highs and lows.

During their marriage, they brought forth two children, Joey in 1989 and Andrew in 1991. Yet, following 13 years of marriage, they pursued the choice to isolate, officially petitioning for legal separation in 1999.

From that point forward, both Joe and Melanie have been zeroing in on their different ways. While Joe’s been at the center of attention for his profession in media, Melanie has kept a lower profile.

Even though their relationship may no longer exist, the memories they had together surely have an impact on people. And who knows? Maybe they’ll find love again in unexpected places.

Melanie Hinton Career

Not just any journalist, Melanie Hinton has carved herself an extraordinary career in public affairs and media that spans almost two decades. Managing director of Airline Industry Public Relations and Communications at Airlines for America was one of her noteworthy positions. Additionally, she has made a lasting impression as the American Bus Association’s (ABA) director of communications and public relations.

Beyond her career accomplishments, though, Melanie is also known for her previous union with none other than Joe Scarborough, a well-known personality in American politics and journalism. In addition to being a lawyer and a television news broadcaster, Joe was also a congressman from Florida.

You might catch Joe co-hosting “Morning Joe” on MSNBC alongside his current wife, Mika Brzezinski. Before that, he helmed “Scarborough Country” on the same network. His political career brought him to the United States House of Representatives, where he served as a Republican representative for Florida’s first congressional district from 1995 to 2001.

In addition to his work as a television personality, Joe has also held positions as a meeting individual at the Harvard Foundation of Legislative problems. This earned him a place in the coveted Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world in 2011.

Melanie and Joe’s story could have followed various ways expertly, however their common history without a doubt adds a charming layer to both of their accounts.

Melanie Hinton Work

The career path taken by Melanie Hinton reads like a road map through the ever-evolving field of marketing and communications. At present, she holds the renowned title of VP of Promoting and Correspondences at the Transportation Go-betweens Affiliation, where she without a doubt directs the boat in creating effective informing and techniques.

Before anchoring at her current post, Melanie charted her course through other notable roles. She helmed the ship as the Vice President of Communications and Marketing at the American Bus Association, where she likely orchestrated the organization’s PR and marketing maneuvers with finesse. Her voyage through the airline industry was no less impressive, serving as the Managing Director of Airline Industry Public Relations and Communications at Airlines for America. In this role, she navigated the skies of communication, ensuring smooth interactions with aviation stakeholders.

Be that as it may, Melanie’s process didn’t start at cruising height — she cut her teeth as a Senior Correspondences Supervisor at the Relationship for Automated Vehicle Frameworks Worldwide, sharpening her specialty in the arising field of automated vehicles. Her past stops incorporated the English International safe haven, the American Nursery and Scene Affiliation, the Public Relationship of Home Manufacturers, and the Related Developers and Workers for hire, where she sharpened her advertising, effort the board, and occasion arranging capacities.

Melanie’s professional journey demonstrates her adaptable skill in marketing and communications and her capacity to skillfully negotiate the rough seas of multiple industries.

Melanie Hinton Skills

In the field of marketing and communications, Melanie Hinton is like a Swiss Army knife with a well-balanced toolkit of skills. Her ability in advertising radiates through her jobs at associations like the American Transport Affiliation and Carriers for America, where she’s been the genius behind creating correspondence techniques that hit the imprint.

In any case, stand by, there’s something else! Melanie’s no more abnormal to the advanced domain by the same token. She is an expert in social media, using the channels to further the goals of her organization and not just connect but also engage audiences. When it comes to media relations, she has the magic touch. She cultivates trusting connections with reporters and makes sure her companies get the favorable attention they merit.

Strategic thinking is her forte. Melanie’s known for developing and executing communication plans that are tailor-made to achieve organizational objectives. Plus, she’s got event planning down to a science, having orchestrated successful gatherings at esteemed places like the British Embassy and the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International.

But wait, there’s still more! Melanie’s a strategic planner extraordinaire, mapping out long-term communication strategies that keep organizations on the path to success. And when it’s time to speak up, she’s got the gift of gab, articulating organizational messages with clarity and confidence.

Program management? Piece of cake for Melanie. She’s got the skills to oversee and coordinate complex initiatives with ease. Furthermore, we should not fail to remember her kind nature — her contribution with non-benefit associations like the Public Relationship of Home Manufacturers and the American Nursery and Scene Affiliation says a lot about her devotion to having an effect locally.

Basically, Melanie Hinton is a definitive genius in showcasing and correspondences, with a different range of abilities that is however great as it seems to be successful.

Melanie Hinton Net worth 

As of last November, Melanie Hinton’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. That’s quite the nest egg she’s built up!

Melanie Hinton Location 

Melanie Hinton calls Belle Haven, Virginia, home sweet home. It’s where she hangs her hat and enjoys the comforts of neighborhood life in the United States.


  • Early Life and Training: On June 5, 1951, Melanie Hinton was given birth. She went to Duquesne College in Pittsburgh, where she procured a Four year certification in Expressions in news-casting and political theory. Afterward, she sought after additional training, turning into a Guaranteed Travel Industry Expert at Indiana College Purdue College Indianapolis.
  • Career: Melanie Hinton had a different vocation, succeeding in open issues and media. She stood firm on critical footholds, for example, Overseeing Head of Carrier Industry Advertising and Correspondences at Aircrafts for America, Overseer of Interchanges and Media Relations at the American Transport Affiliation (ABA), and VP of Promoting and Interchanges at the Transportation Go-betweens Affiliation (TIA).
  • Individual Life: Melanie was recently hitched to Joe Scarborough, a notable American link news host and previous senator. They had two children together, Joey and Andrew. Melanie kept a lower profile after her separation and zeroed in on her vocation and bringing up her children.
  • Skills: Melanie Hinton had many abilities in promoting and correspondences, including vital preparation, media relations, occasion the board, virtual entertainment the executives, and program the executives. Her aptitude and commitments were perceived in different businesses she served.
  • Total assets: Starting last November, Melanie Hinton’s total assets was assessed to be around $3 million.


Melanie Hinton has an almost two-decade career as a highly skilled professional in the marketing and communications areas. Her leadership roles in groups like Airlines for America and the American Bus Association demonstrated her proficiency in media relations and public relations management. Melanie had a profound influence on others around her because of her devotion to her family, her love of music education, and her work focus.


Who is Melanie Hinton?

Melanie Hinton was a writer and interchanges master known for her commitments to different associations, including Carriers for America and the American Transport Affiliation. She was likewise perceived for her past union with Joe Scarborough, an unmistakable figure in American media and legislative issues.

What were Melanie Hinton’s remarkable profession accomplishments?

Melanie stood firm on critical footings, for example, Overseeing Overseer of Aircraft Industry Advertising and Correspondences at Carriers for America and Head of Interchanges and Media Relations at the American Transport Affiliation. She was known for her essential arranging abilities and skill in overseeing public undertakings and media relations.

Where was Melanie Hinton from and where did she reside?

Melanie Hinton hailed from Beauty Sanctuary, Virginia, USA, and she lived there for a critical piece of her life.

What was Melanie Hinton’s net worth?

Melanie Hinton’s net worth was estimated to be around $3 million as of last November.

What skills did Melanie Hinton possess?

Melanie Hinton was capable in different areas of promoting and correspondences, including key preparation, media relations, occasion the board, web-based entertainment the executives, and program the board. She showed adaptability and skill in exploring numerous ventures all through her profession.

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