Sara Saffari Ethnicity: Height, Weight, Age, Career, Personal Life & More

Sara Saffari, an American fitness influencer and content creator, has gained widespread recognition through her YouTube channel and Instagram page. Despite her youth, she has amassed a global following.

Saffari’s journey is not just about fitness; it’s a tale of personal transformation. Before diving into the world of health and wellness, she struggled with being underweight and lacked confidence in her appearance. She openly admits to feeling “sickly” and often hid her figure in loose clothing.

However, Saffari’s story isn’t one of despair; it’s about overcoming obstacles. Through dedication and hard work, she found her passion for fitness and began to sculpt her body into a healthier and stronger version of herself. In doing so, she not only transformed her physical appearance but also boosted her self-esteem and confidence.

Today, Saffari serves as an inspiration to many within her social media community. Her honesty about her struggles and her journey toward self-improvement resonates with her audience, motivating them to pursue their own paths to wellness.

Sara Saffari Ethnicity

Sara Saffari Ethnicity

Sara hails from the vibrant mix of Iranian and American cultures, growing up in the heart of Kentucky, USA. Although she treasures her family’s privacy, she fondly acknowledges her roots: her parents, both natives of Iran, have made their home in the United States.

In the embrace of her dual heritage, Sara’s upbringing is a fusion of traditions and experiences, blending the flavors of Persian cuisine with the warmth of Southern hospitality. While she cherishes the bond with her family, Sara also finds solace and strength in the diversity of her background, shaping her identity and inspiring her journey in the world of fitness and wellness.

Sara Saffari Profile summary

Value Attribute 
Full nameSara Saffari
Date of birth28 February 2001
Age22 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signPisces
Place of birthKentucky, United States
Current residenceLos Angeles, California, United States
ReligionNot religious
Height in feet5’4”
Height in centimetres163
Weight in pounds132
Weight in kilograms60
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourBrown
Relationship statusSingle
ProfessionFitness trainer, social media influencer, content creator, entrepreneur
Net worth$1.5 million
X (Twitter)@notsarasaffari

Sara Saffari Education And Early Life

Sara’s path began in the heart of Kentucky, where she spent her formative years and attended Adolfo Camarillo High School. Later, she embarked on a new chapter, pursuing higher education at California Lutheran University, where she earned her MBA in May 2023.

Although armed with a business degree, Sara’s journey took an unexpected turn when she discovered her passion for fitness and wellness. Despite her academic background, she felt a magnetic pull towards helping others achieve their health goals, ultimately turning her newfound passion into a fulfilling career.

Leaving behind the corporate world, Sara embraced her calling wholeheartedly, channeling her energy into inspiring and motivating others to lead healthier lifestyles. Her transition from the boardroom to the gym reflects her unwavering determination to pursue her true purpose and make a positive impact on the lives of those around her.

Sara Saffari’s Age

Sara Saffari’s Age

Sara Saffari, a vibrant 22-year-old as of 2023, was born on February 28, 2001, under the sign of Pisces. Hailing from Kentucky, USA, she grew up surrounded by the charm of the American South. While her roots trace back to Iran through her parents, who have made their home in the United States, Sara maintains a respectful distance from sharing too much about her family, though she does mention living with her mother.

Her educational journey led her to California Lutheran University, where she pursued her passion for learning and graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree in May 2023. Despite her academic achievements, Sara found her true calling in the world of fitness and wellness, where she now shines as an influential figure on social media, inspiring others to lead healthier lives.

Sara Saffari’s Height

At a height of 5 feet 5 inches, Sara captivates her audience not just with her fitness wisdom but also with her striking features. Her dark brown hair frames her face, complementing her captivating eyes. Sara’s commitment to fitness shines through in her physique, boasting measurements of 34-24-35 inches, a testament to her dedication and hard work in achieving her health and wellness goals.

Sara Saffari Career

Before diving into the world of social media influence, Sara Saffari was on a path toward a typical business career. However, in April 2021, she found herself battling depression and turned to regular exercise as a means of coping. To her surprise, she noticed significant physical changes relatively quickly, prompting her to share her fitness journey on social media. In April 2022, she officially joined YouTube, eager to inspire others with her newfound passion.

In a stroke of luck, Sara crossed paths with fellow fitness content creators like Bradley Martyn and Faith Ordway, whose collaborations helped elevate her profile. Currently boasting over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 205 thousand followers on TikTok, Sara’s influence continues to grow. She partners with brands like GymWeed, Gymshark, and RawGear, promoting products that align with her fitness-focused content.

Adding another layer to her creative endeavors, Sara co-hosts a podcast with Bradley called “Mommy And Daddy Talk,” a comedic platform where they delve into personal conversations, share life updates, and address controversies. Launched in August 2023, the duo releases new episodes every Thursday on Spreaker, offering listeners a mix of entertainment and candid dialogue.

Sara Saffari Fitness And Wellness Instructor

Sara Saffari Fitness And Wellness Instructor

Sara Saffari’s childhood was a whirlwind of activity and vitality. From a young age, she displayed remarkable talent in track and field as well as basketball, leaving a lasting impression during her elementary and high school years.

Despite her natural athleticism, Sara faced the challenges of making ends meet, working tirelessly at various restaurants and stores before finding her footing in the world of social media.

However, everything changed in April 2021 when Sara decided to commit to regular gym sessions as a means of combating depression. What ensued was nothing short of remarkable. In just a year, she underwent a stunning transformation that left many in awe, showcasing her resilience and unwavering determination along her fitness journey.

Sara Saffari Personal Life 

As of the latest available information in 2023, Sara Saffari remains single and is not married. Despite ongoing speculation regarding her connections with other content creators like Sneako and Bradley Martyn, Sara has been vocal about the nature of her relationships.

In particular, she has openly stated, both publicly and through online platforms, that her relationship with Bradley Martyn is strictly professional and devoid of any romantic involvement. Similarly, despite rumors suggesting otherwise, it has become apparent that Sara and Sneako are not in a romantic relationship, as Sneako himself has clarified that he is currently dating someone else.

Sara Saffari Social Media

Sara Saffari is a presence across all major social media platforms, where she has garnered a large and dedicated following. Her popularity stems from her engaging content, featuring inspiring fitness photos and videos that resonate with her audience. Whether it’s sharing workout routines, wellness tips, or personal reflections, Sara’s posts captivate her fans and foster a sense of community around health and fitness.

Social Media Platform

Sara Saffari Breakthrough

Sara embarked on her Instagram journey a few years back, but it wasn’t until early 2022 that her business truly took flight. It was then that she decided to shift her focus to posting fitness-related content on the platform, and her efforts quickly caught the attention of millions.

In an astonishingly short span of time, Sara amassed a huge following on both Instagram and TikTok. Buoyed by her success on these platforms, she took the leap into the realm of YouTube in April 2022. Her inaugural video on her self-titled YouTube channel, titled “My first time…,” debuted in May of the same year.

By that point, Sara had already cultivated an impressive following, boasting over 700k followers on Instagram and more than 800k fans on TikTok. She continued to share engaging workout videos and captivating vlogs on her YouTube channel, each garnering thousands of views.

As of now, Sara’s online presence is nothing short of remarkable, with an astounding 1 million fans on Instagram and an impressive 340k subscribers on YouTube. Her journey in the world of social media stands as a testament to her dedication and the impact of her content on her audience.

Sara Saffari Other Ventures

Other Ventures

Sara Saffari’s journey to stardom began with a spark on social media, setting the stage for her rapid ascent to fame. However, her journey didn’t end there; it gained momentum when she teamed up with other YouTubers, including Bryce Hall and Alex Eubank, creating content that resonated with a wider audience.

Beyond collaborations and content creation, Sara’s influence extended to the podcasting realm. She made notable appearances on shows like “One Night with Steiny” and “Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk,” with her conversation alongside Bradley Martyn drawing significant attention and garnering her even more followers.

Establishing herself as a prominent fitness influencer, Sara caught the attention of brands eager to collaborate. Proudly endorsing well-known companies like “Raw Gear,” “Gorilla Mind,” and “Gymshark,” she solidified her presence in the fitness industry.

But Sara’s ambitions didn’t stop there. Venturing into entrepreneurship, she launched her own “Solin” fitness program. Through this platform, she offers invaluable workout guidance, targeted abs routines, nutrition tips, and much more to her eager audience. It’s an inspiring tale of growth and success in the realms of fitness and social media.

Sara Saffari Net Worth

Sara Saffari Net Worth

Sara Saffari’s journey from earning minimum wage to becoming a prominent fitness influencer has been nothing short of remarkable. With an estimated net worth of $550,000, she has transformed her passion for fitness into a lucrative career.

Her main source of income comes from sponsorships, particularly with renowned fitness brands like Rawgear, Gorilla Mind, Gymshark, and Bloom Nutrition. Additionally, Sara earns commissions through referral codes when her followers make purchases, adding to her financial success.

Recently, Sara took a bold step by launching a membership program on Solin, offering lifting programs, nutrition guidance, and challenges for a monthly fee of $10. This move has proven to be profitable, placing her among the top 5% of creators on the platform and further solidifying her position in the fitness industry.

Facts About Sara Saffari

  • Sara Saffari, born on February 27, 2001, is a 22-year-old American known for her fitness and social media presence.
  • She has over 2 million Instagram followers and is based in Los Angeles, originating from Kentucky, USA.
  • Sara serves as a role model for many young fitness enthusiasts, sharing exercise content on Instagram.
  • Standing 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 57 kilograms, Sara has black hair and eyes, with American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity.
  • She attended Camarillo High School but didn’t pursue college, choosing to focus on her fitness career via social media.
  • Sara’s journey began in April 2021 when she turned to the gym to overcome sadness, leading to a remarkable transformation.
  • She gained rapid popularity on Instagram and TikTok, with over 2 million Instagram followers and 1.37 million YouTube subscribers.
  • Sara’s estimated net worth in 2023 is $1 million USD, earned primarily from her fitness career, YouTube channel, and social media presence.


In conclusion, Sara Saffari’s journey exemplifies the power of determination and resilience in achieving success. From overcoming personal challenges to inspiring millions on social media, Sara has cemented her place as a prominent figure in the fitness world. Her dedication to sharing her fitness journey and empowering others has earned her a vast following and a significant net worth. As she continues to inspire and uplift others, Sara Saffari’s impact in the realms of fitness and social media remains profound and enduring.

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