Strategies for Securing Employment in Dubai

To be successfully employed in another city, it is worth the effort. In addition, it is important to remember many nuances and go according to the plan. Make a strategy not only for finding a job and getting an interview but also for further advancement in your career. This can be done gradually, but the important thing is that the specialist comes to such a plan and notices the increased efficiency. If you are on the lookout, however, online resources such as will be helpful.

What are some strategies for job placement?

Strategies may differ from one professional to another. You can test different methods to see how effective they are. The main thing is to follow generally accepted rules that relate to respectful treatment, business communication, and professional behavior.

Let’s list a few strategies that we recommend you pay attention to:

  1. Utilizing multiple sources for searching.

As a basic option, you can use the well-known Layboard. You can also explore other platforms and self-promote yourself. Develop your personal brand and demonstrate yourself in social networks as an expert. Perhaps someone will be interested in you and will write to you. But just waiting is not enough, so you need to use several resources to achieve your goal as quickly as possible.

  1. Writing a resume and knowing how to properly present your strengths.

Many people will think that this item is standard, but not all people use it. Because of this, they may lose out on additional opportunities. Without a resume, you are very unlikely to be hired by a large and successful company. Knowing how to present yourself is an important skill that can be taught if you want to.

  1. Based on recommendations.

Often people find new jobs or offers behind recommendations. Therefore, many successful professionals promote their communication skills. This helps to make useful acquaintances and to state your advantages to a wider circle of people.

The key to success, though, is willingness, testing, and action. Although you can use a passive way of searching for jobs, it does not guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result.

How exactly do you get a job?

There is no universal answer to this question for all cases. But there are a few rules of thumb that will increase your chances of getting a positive response. They are time-tested and proven by a huge number of people who already enjoy pleasant conditions, a favorite job, and a decent salary.

When you decide to change the course of your “ship” and accept the call of a potential employer, it is important to be prepared for this meeting and to know what you need to do to hear the cherished words: “You’re on the team!”

Do not put off questions for later, ask them at once and analyze the answers as the conversation progresses, this will save you and the employer time.

More often than not, it is your questions, not your answers, that reveal your potential and way of thinking and help you understand your inner values. This allows the employer to see if you are a good fit for their team.

If you feel passionate and see your dream in the offer, don’t hesitate to open up to the best of your ability. It’s important that each of your interviewees be imbued with that spark from the first meeting and at every stage of the interaction. Show your emotions and become an unconventional candidate from the very beginning. The main thing is to believe, and you will succeed.

What criteria do employers typically require?

Employers are increasingly interested in soft skills, the so-called “soft” skills of employees and applicants. These are competencies that cannot be demonstrated instantly, such as knowledge of Chinese or a red diploma. Soft skills are also called social skills, as they are usually about interaction between people.

The reasons for this interest in employees’ communication skills and tactfulness are various. Some refer to the opinion of Harvard experts who claim that a person’s success in the professional field depends on soft skills by 85% and only 15% on hard skills.

Others remind us of the quality of domestic education and explain that in a situation where there is no need to rely on outstanding professional knowledge, Ukrainian employers are content to just have a “good person” on the team.

According to HR experts, responsibility is the most popular soft skill among all possible soft skills – it is found in 6 out of 10 job postings on the portal.

And this is quite logical, because responsibility is important in any job, whether it is a secretary, a mechanic, or a programmer. A responsible person knows that he or she will be held accountable for every action or inaction at work, not a colleague, customer, or boss.

The important point is that the higher the position, the greater the responsibility. Therefore, they warn, you should get used to it as early as possible.


By trial and error, you can figure out which strategy is most effective for you. In parallel, you can improve your professional skills to qualify for higher positions. Over time, you’ll notice how all the effort pays off and allows you to keep going.

Attention to all details also positively affects your position. If you have set yourself a goal and prescribed several options for achieving it, you are on the right track. And this is relevant not only for Dubai, but for any city. Nevertheless, choosing employment in the UAE should prepare you for hard work. The standard of living there is quite high. To feel comfortable in Dubai, you need to have a good salary and decide in advance on all points. For example, with housing, transportation, etc. This layout is guaranteed to help you settle in better and easier.

Therefore, do not stop at what you have achieved, continue your search and work, having fun. Don’t forget to plan as this is an important part of success. We wish you success in any endeavor!

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