Clary Fisher: Biography, Career, and Marital Journey

Clara Fisher, a British prodigy born July 14, 1811, changed the world. In 1817, at six, she performed in London, dazzling crowds. Clara made her New York theatrical debut in 1827, a decade later. Her 72-year performing career showed her dedication and skill. As she gracefully aged, Clara Fisher became “the oldest living actress,” cementing her position as a performing arts pioneer.

Who Is Clary Fisher?

Fashion stylist and designer Clary Fisher sometimes uses the name Clary Collicutt. In addition to her career, she is known as Simon Konecki’s ex-wife, who married Adele. Clary Fisher is a fashion icon who has collaborated with several artists and has been involved in many projects. This essay will explore her career and her great fashion accomplishments. Clary Fisher’s complex life will be covered, including her romantic past.

Clary Fisher Biography

Fashion icon Clarissa Fisher (Clarissa Collicutt) married British businessman Simon Konecki. Clarissa is a notable fashion designer and stylist. Her 2018 marriage to Adele was notable, but they divorced in 2021. Adele and Simon Konecki started dating in 2011, and Angelo James was born in 2012. This period shaped Clarissa Fisher’s life, blending her journey with high-profile entertainment business ties.

 Clary Fisher Quick Facts

Full NameClary Fisher
First NameClary
Last NameFisher
ProfessionCelebrity Ex-Wife
Birth CitySwindon, Wiltshire
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseSimon Konecki
Relation WithPaul Collicutt
No Of Children2

Clary Fisher – AGE

Clarissa Fisher maybe 43 years old, but her birth date is unknown. Her facts remain mysterious, allowing her to maintain privacy in a public-scrutinized sector.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Clarissa must focus on her health as a prominent person to preserve a pristine body and ideal measurements. At 5 feet 3 inches, she gracefully carries her slim form. She weighs a little over 59 kg on average. Her health and appearance show her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, even though her waist, hips, and shoe size are unknown. Her public image is enlivened by measures’ enigma.

Clary Fisher’s Early Life

Clary, one of the most mysterious celebrity wives, carefully guarded her personal life before and after marrying Simon Konecki. Clary Fisher avoids controversy and maintains a low profile. She has chosen not to publish her birth date, birthplace, or early life to protect her privacy. No online records reveal Clary’s parents or siblings. Clary refuses to discuss her origins, even if her fans are curious.

Clary Fisher Education

Clary Fisher is a famous fashion stylist and designer. Meeting her in person reveals her strong eye for minute details and amazing color harmony. She learned her art at the prestigious London College of Fashion. She then earned a fashion design degree from the University of Arts, London.

Family and Relationship

HusbandSimon Christopher Konecki


Paul Collicutt, Clary’s husband, is an accomplished illustrator. Since 1984, he has been generating engaging work after studying illustration at Brighton College of Art. His picture book, “This Train,” won the American Parent’s Gold Choice Award. In Brighton, East Sussex, Paul publishes his artwork to demonstrate his skill.

Outside of illustration, Paul has had a major impact on sports. He has coached the BMC Races and Brighton Phoenix Track Open, demonstrating his versatility. They have a happy family with their son Bob Collicutt, who married Clary.

Paul and Clary walk marathons for Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of their son Bob Collicutt. Paul Collicutt completed the 26-mile South Coast Mighty Hike 2022 full marathon on June 11, 2022. At the Jurassic Coast Mighty Hike 2022 on September 10, 2022, his wife eagerly ran a whole marathon. Their humanitarian work and collaborations demonstrate their desire to improve society outside their specialties.


Simon Konecki, a successful charity entrepreneur and Clary’s ex-husband, was born in New York on April 17, 1974, as an Aries. He and Lucas White founded Drop4Drop, a nonprofit that provides clean water to disadvantaged people in developing nations. Being the organization’s CEO shows his dedication.

Sid Owen and Stephen Fry have publicly supported Simon’s Drop4Drop campaign. Despite his fame after marrying Adele, their brief marriage ended in 2021. 

Clary Fisher Has Two Daughters

Clary Fisher is proud to be a loving mother to her two girls. Despite her busy fashion styling work, Clary spends time with her children to show them love and care.

Clary protects her daughters’ privacy as she does her own. Clary balances her public persona responsibilities by keeping personal concerns private.

Clary enjoys spending time with her girls, whether on vacation or at home, as shown by her social media posts. Her ability to reconcile a successful job with loving parenting inspires working women who want to find the right balance.

Personal Life

Clary and Simon, her ex-husband, were neighbors in Hove, East Sussex, and had a special bond. Before getting married, they were good friends. London-born entrepreneur Simon Christopher Konecki was born in New York on April 17, 1974. Aged 47, he is an Aries. Clary and Simon married in 2004 but divorced in 2008, according to certain stories. Clary has kept her daughter’s details private.


Clarissa is a personal and professional fashion stylist. Her professional activities outside of styling are unknown. However, her husband Simon became a foreign currency dealer at 17. Clary and Lucas White co-founded Drop4Drop, a charity, and he is its CEO. This group aims to offer clean water to disadvantaged areas worldwide.

Marital Life

Clary Fisher and her ex-husband Simon Konecki spent their childhood in Hove, East Sussex, England, as neighbors and best friends. They fell in love and felt it would last forever. After a long courtship, Clary and Simon married in 2004 and had a kid. Simon’s work as Drop4Drop’s CEO required considerable travel, which strained their marriage.

Unfortunately, Clary and Simon divorced in 2008 after four years. They shared responsibility for their 2007 daughter despite their separation. Clary and Simon kept their child’s information private. Clary persevered and fell in love with illustrator, storyboard artist, and athletics coach Paul Collicutt.

The pair married in East Sussex by the sea in July 2016 with close friends and relatives. Clary tweeted a wedding photo in August 2016 to confirm their relationship. Adele, the vocalist of “Easy on Me,” was introduced to Simon by Ed Sheeran in 2011. Angelo Adkins, their son, was born in October 2012. Adele divorced in April 2019 after a seemingly happy 2018 secret marriage.

Adele, who bought a Beverly Hills property in 2019, co-parented their son with Simon after the divorce in 2021. 

Clary Fisher and Simon Konecki’s Journey from Love to Divorce

Clary Fisher and Simon Konecki’s engaging story occurs in Hove, East Sussex, England. From childhood neighbors and close friends, their friendship grew into a deep attachment.

Clary and Simon had a deep, lasting bond while growing up together. They started as friends, enjoying each other’s company, and realized their feelings were growing.

Clary Fisher and Simon Konecki married in 2004 and lived in East London before moving to Flask Walk. They had a daughter in 2007, starting their family. Simon’s company’s success required much travel and networking, which strained the marriage.

The allegations of Adele’s participation complicated Simon’s marriage to Clary, leading to their 2008 divorce. Clary and Simon continue co-parenting their daughter after their divorce, but Clary doesn’t share much about her. The story depicts a love that went from childhood friendship to marriage, overcoming joys and tribulations.

After Four Years Of Marriage, She Divorced Her Then-Husband

Fisher and Konecki married in 2004 after a love journey. After marrying on The Highway in East London, the couple moved to Flask Walk. In 2005, Konecki resigned as Lehman Brothers’ top senior broker. Georgie, their first child, was born in 2006.

Konecki co-founded an ethical bottled water company in Brighton when the family moved there for new opportunities. Despite the good intentions of his firm, Konecki’s rising job focus began to erode family relationships. 

According to the Daily Mail, Fisher’s unhappiness began after the couple moved to Brighton. Her husband’s desire to be closer to his family drove the move. Fisher and Konecki divorced in 2009 due to relationship tension. They now co-parent their daughter.

After his divorce from Fisher, Konecki began dating Adele. Konecki and Adele were rumored to have had an affair before their divorce. 

Clary’s Ex-Spouse Simon Married Singer Adele After Divorce With Her

Adele became Simon’s new love after his divorce from Clary. They started dating in mid-2011 and married secretly in 2016, as Adele revealed at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in 2017. Despite the initial excitement, their union had problems, and their representative announced their split in April 2017. Adele filed for divorce from Simon on September 13, 2019, and it was finalized on March 4, 2021.

She is a fashion stylist.

Style icon Clary Fisher collaborates with artists on Instagram and is known for her unique designs. Fisher is a philanthropist with two children from prior marriages, Simon Konecki in 2004 and Paul Collicutt in 2010.

Clary Fisher, from England, graduated with honors from the London College of Fashion. She has kept her parents and prior life hidden on Instagram and her private Twitter account, where she has a large following.

Fisher’s sophisticated, elegant style is commonly used in collaborations with bands, TV shows, and apparel brands. Her eye for color and pattern is well-known, and she practices yoga and supports environmental causes.

Fisher has succeeded in fashion styling, which pays $66,137 on average, according to Payscale. With a large Instagram following, she makes fashion waves.

Fisher, a longtime fashion stylist, has had a large online following as well as a television and print presence. The 47-year-old fashion blogger from Hove, East Sussex, England, keeps her personal life secret while posting on social media.

Her ex-husband and successful businessman Simon Konecki was CEO of Drop4Drop, a water accessibility nonprofit. Starting as a foreign exchange dealer at 17, Konecki became a philanthropist with help from Sid Owen and Stephen Fry, founding various charities.

She is a philanthropist.

Clary Fisher, a renowned fashion stylist and philanthropist, has established herself. She shares her unique designs on social media with a strong portfolio of partnerships with famous artists. Fisher continues to attract audiences and promises even greater success in the future. Beyond her career, she is a loving mother who shares her life with her two young children online.

Fisher, from Hove, East Sussex, England, studied fashion design at the London College of Fashion and University after attending the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Fisher has kept her parents’ identities private on Twitter and Instagram despite her fame.

Fisher married entrepreneur and environmentalist Simon Konecki in the early 2000s. After several years and a daughter named Clary, they divorced in 2008. Fisher fell in love again with artist Paul Collicutt and moved to Brighton, England, where she became Clary Collicutt.

With two children, Clary and her husband enjoy a special family relationship. Clary started her business as a freelance clothes stylist and designer, developing “Claire’s Closet.” Her peers have praised her as an industry leader in styling.

Fisher’s altruism has touched many lives beyond her career. Her philanthropy has earned her countless medals and honors, establishing her industry image.

Fisher values her privacy and avoids issues despite her public persona. Despite admirers’ interest in her parents and siblings, she keeps her family private. Fisher has excelled as a musician throughout her career, leaving an unmistakable impression.

Some Interesting Facts About Clary Fisher

  • Adele and Simon Konecki, Clary’s ex-husband, married secretly and announced it during the 59th Grammy Awards. Clary has worked with many artists on fashion projects as a stylist.
  • Simon’s frequent city moves due to work caused tension in his relationship with Clary and led to their divorce.
  • However, Clary’s current husband, Paul, is the Brighton Phoenix Athletics Club Chairman and loves athletics. This simultaneous passion for fashion and athletics shows Clary’s diversified and vibrant personal and professional life.

Social Media

Instagram is Clary Fisher’s only internet presence, with 348 followers. She seamlessly blends her personal and professional lives on this social media platform, giving her viewers a unique and interesting perspective.

Clary Fisher Net Worth:

Fashion stylists in the US earn $44,000 to $66,000 annually, according to industry figures. Clary Fisher’s $2.5 million net worth shows her financial accomplishments throughout her successful career.

Statistic Amount 
Early Income Range$44,000 To $66,000
Estimated  Net Worth$2.5 million

FAQs about Clary Fisher:

Q: Clary Fisher—who?

A: Fashion stylist and designer Clary Fisher is from Britain. Her divorce from Simon Konecki, who married Adele, garnered international attention.

Q: The professional name of Clary Fisher?

A: Professionally, Clary Fisher is Clary Collicutt.

Q: Clary Fisher’s age?

A: Her precise birth date is unknown, however, reports put her age around 43. 

Q: Clary Fisher’s education?

A: Clary Fisher studied fashion design at the London College of Fashion and the University of Arts, London.

Q: How many kids does Clary Fisher have?

A: Claire Fisher has two daughters from her marriages to Simon Konecki and Paul Collicutt.

Q: Clary Fisher’s ex-husband?

A: British businessman and Drop4Drop CEO Simon Konecki is Clary Fisher’s ex-husband.

Q: Clary Fisher’s wealth?

A: Clary Fisher’s estimated net worth is $2.5 million, based on US fashion stylist revenue.


Clary Fisher is a noted fashion stylist and designer. Her work achievements and charities demonstrate her versatility. Her fashion business influence and philanthropic work speak for themselves while maintaining a private existence. She kept her early life and relationships private because she valued privacy. Clary’s fashion influence shows that her legacy will evolve as she balances her work and family.

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