Janet Condra- Larry Bird’s Ex-wife, Biography, Age, Net Worth, and Many

Janet Condra, born in July 1956, became famous as Larry Bird’s ex-wife. They met in high school and became college sweethearts. They married in 1975 but divorced in early 1976. Despite their brief marriage, Janet Condra’s life was forever changed. In August 1977, Janet and Larry had a Daughter Corrie.

Who is Janet Condra?

Terre Haute, Indiana-born Janet Condra was born in the mid-1960s. Her peaceful background in a middle-class family set the stage for her trip. Despite the lack of early childhood details, she purposely avoided the spotlight. Her tranquil childhood contrasted with her adult life when she met and married NBA legend Larry Bird. As her basketball career and marriage to Larry Bird brought fame to her, this early obscurity gave way to a more prominent life. 

Janet Condra Biography

Janet Condra was born in Indiana in the 1960s, but her zodiac sign is unknown. Janet originated from a Caucasian household and has always kept her personal life private. Her birthdate and family history are mysterious, adding to her appeal. While at Springs Valley High School, she met basketball legend Larry Bird. While her family and siblings are unknown.

 Quick Facts About Janet Condra

Full NameJanet Condra
Famous asLarry Bird Ex-wife
Nick NameNone
Birth Date1960s
BirthplaceDetroit, Michigan, United States of America
Ageyears old
SpouseLarry Bird
ChildrenCorrie Bird
EducationSprings Valley High School
Zodiac SignUnder Review
Gender Female
Marital StatusDivorced
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
Last Update2023

Janet Condra Age

Larry’s wife may have been born between 1958 and 1960, putting her age between 62 and 64 in 2022. Her birthdate is unknown, however, Janet Condra was born a Christian. Unfortunately, her horoscope is unavailable. Larry Bird, her ex-husband, was born December 7, 1956, and is 66 in 2022. This intriguing age difference lends intrigue to their lives.

Height, Weight & Body Stats

Larry’s wife may have been born between 1958 and 1960, putting her age between 62 and 64 in 2022. Her birthdate is unknown, however, Janet Condra was born a Christian. Unfortunately, her horoscope is unavailable. Larry Bird, her ex-husband, was born December 7, 1956, and is 66 in 2022. This intriguing age difference lends intrigue to their lives.

Childhood and Early Life 

Janet Condra was born in the mid-1960s in the US. Her zodiac sign is unclear, but she is Caucasian. Larry Bird’s wife is a fervent Christian, highlighting how her religion has shaped her life. Janet has kept her scholastic background private, simply saying she graduated from Springs Valley High School. This cautious approach to her history provides intrigue and keeps some of her journey private. 

Schooling & University

According to accounts, Janet Condra met and fell in love with Larry Bird at Springs Valley High School in her hometown. Since they were close to high school, they decided to attend the same university to graduate. After graduation, Larry moved out of state to start his football career. Geographic distance caused the pair to temporarily separate ways. Years later, serendipity brought Janet and Larry back together in Indiana after their life journeys.

Father, Mother, Nationality & Ethnicity

Janet Condra was raised by disciplined American parents who loved her. Janet has kept her family life private despite her fame. According to sources, she was born into a Caucasian household and raised in the US. Her parents-in-law are Claude Joseph Bird and Georgia Kerns Bird. However, Janet’s siblings’ details are unknown. Once reputable sources give accurate information, Condra’s family background will be updated.

ParentsNot Known.
SiblingsWill Update.
Mother-in-lawGeorgia Kerns Bird.
Father-in-lawClaude Joseph Bird.
Brothers-in-lawEddie Bird.Jeff Bird.Mark Bird.Mike Bird.

Janet Condra’s Siblings’

American parents have raised Janet Condra with discipline and love. Even though she’s famous, Janet has kept her family life private. Born in a Caucasian household, she spent her childhood in the US and holds American nationality. Her in-laws include Claude Joseph Bird and Georgia Kerns Bird. Specifics concerning Janet’s siblings are unknown. Condra’s family history will be updated once reputable sources supply accurate information.

Janet Condra and Larry Bird’s Relationship

Janet Condra and Larry Bird met at Spring Valley High School. After falling in love, they married in 1975. They separated less than a year into their marriage. They failed at reconciliation despite their best efforts.

In August 1977, Janet and Larry welcomed their daughter Corrie. Janet became a single parent after their voyage ended. After 13 years apart from Janet, Larry found love again.


Janet Condra worked two jobs to support her family, but little more is known about her career. Known mostly as Larry Bird’s ex-wife, her career after this is unknown. Her career after her divorce from Larry Bird is unknown. Despite the dearth of knowledge on her subsequent work, Janet’s simultaneous employment to support her family shows her tenacity and perseverance to overcome life’s problems.

The Post-Separation Life

After her divorce from Larry Bird, Janet Condra chose to live in the background. She deliberately focused on private interests rather than public attention and media criticism. This deliberate choice allowed her to live a quieter life away from public scrutiny. Janet valued personal fulfillment and quiet to live life on her terms, away from public attention.

Janet Condra’s Life After Divorce

Janet Condra fully embraced a quiet life after her divorce from Larry Bird. There is little information regarding her professional career, however, she managed many occupations to support her family. Whether she pursued a new career after their divorce is unknown, adding drama to her story. As she negotiated life outside the spotlight, Janet’s dedication to supporting her family through diversified employment shows her tenacity and adaptability.

Larry Joe Bird: An Unforgettable Journey

Larry Joe Bird was born in West Baden Springs, Indiana, on December 7, 1956. He is considered one of the best basketball players ever. His NBA coaching and executive duties expand his effect off the floor. Only Bird has won the NBA Rookie of the Year award.

Bird’s love of basketball persisted after his 1992 back injury retirement. He started his post-playing career as a Celtics front office assistant.

Janet Condra struggled as a single mother

Corrie’s childhood goal was to impress her father, Larry Bird. In contrast, Larry and Janet had a broken relationship and avoided one other.

Larry refused Corrie’s repeated requests to meet her father. Corrie and her father had a complex relationship that endured despite the obstacles.

Corrie persevered to reconnect with her father despite his past wrongs.

Janet Condra Had One Child With Larry Bird

Janet and Larry separated before their divorce, and during their last attempt at reconciliation, Janet became pregnant with their only child. This means that Janet was pregnant when the divorce was finalized and that the birth occurred after they split up.

Corrie was born on August 14, 1977, a few months before Janet and Larry’s first anniversary of divorce. Janet let Corrie keep her father’s last name, Bird, to tie her to her paternal lineage despite their divorce. This choice showed Janet’s desire to keep father and daughter together despite their different paths.

Janet Condra’s Daughter Was Estranged From Her Father

Anyone who has experienced single parenthood knows that Janet’s journey was difficult. Janet struggled to raise her kid alone for a long time. Her daughter Corrie’s insistence on knowing her father was a major obstacle. Janet originally gave vague replies, but as Corrie grew older, diverting her curiosity got harder. 

After finding her father’s identity, Corrie worked hard to get to know him. Unfortunately, Janet’s ex-husband repeatedly rejected these efforts. Larry brought gifts and birthday presents, but Corrie wanted a deeper connection that Larry seemed unprepared to provide.

This tension peaked in 1993 when Corrie was uninvited from her father’s retirement party despite emailing to request an invitation. This poignant scene showed Corrie and her father’s ongoing complications and disappointed expectations.

Children Of Janet And Her Ex-Husband, Larry Bird!

The former marriage, Janet and Larry, had one daughter, Corrie Bird. Born in Brazil, Indiana, on August 14, 1977, Corrie married Trent Batson on May 17, 2008.

Larry Bird, Janet’s ex-husband, married Dinah Mattingly again and was happy. They married on September 30, 1989, 13 years after Larry’s divorce from his first wife. Larry and Dinah adopted Mariah and Connor Bird. In this new chapter, Larry shows his commitment to family and the ties built after major life changes.

Corrie Bird – Where is she now?

NBA superstars like Larry Bird have children with several relationships, as is common. Before Larry joined the NBA, his first daughter, Corrie Bird, was born. Larry and Janet Condra married for a year before splitting up in college.

Corrie was raised by her mother and stepfather, while her NBA superstar father, Larry, kept a distance from them. Larry eventually tried to reconcile with his daughter.

Corrie has reportedly reconnected with her father after years of separation. Corrie has two children, Violet and Sebastian Grey, with Trent Batson. This new phase in their lives shows a renewed attempt to connect with family. 

Janet Had A Difficult Time Raising Her Daughter.

Corrie’s childhood ambition was to connect with her father. In contrast, Larry and Janet’s relationship had deteriorated to the point when approaching one other was impossible.

Larry repeatedly rejected Corrie’s sincere invitations to meet. Despite their conflict, Corrie and her father had a special bond. 

Corrie persevered to meet her father despite her prior wounds. Larry Bird’s wife, Janet Condra, honestly told Oprah Winfrey that she couldn’t safeguard Corrie from her father’s perceived insubordination but had protected her from other occupational perils.

Janet faced an uncertain future in a challenging situation. Corrie attended a Pacers game at her stepmother’s request, allowing Larry and Corrie to connect. After years of suspense and emotional turmoil, Larry met and embraced his daughter, marking a huge milestone in their relationship.

Her Second Husband, Janet Condra, Has A Daughter.

Media sources say Janet Condra is married to Mike Deakins, despite her second marriage going unreported. Janet may have a daughter named Mandy from her second marriage.

Mandy, a professional vocalist, has performed at Lincoln Center. Mandy reportedly sang during Corrie’s 2008 wedding. Janet’s personal life is rarely discussed, but these insights reveal her family’s artistic and festive activities. 

Social Media

Larry Bird’s wife, Janet Condra, is rarely active on social media. She avoids Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Thus, Janet has no official page on these sites. Her choice to forgo social media shows her desire for a more discreet online presence. 

Bottom Line

Overall, Janet Condra’s relationship with Larry Bird was complex and volatile. Despite Janet’s unknown net worth, Larry Bird’s $75 million basketball empire dwarfs it. The impact of their union is reflected in their differing financial landscapes and complex personal lives. 

Janet Condra’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Bird, Janet Condra’s ex-husband, is estimated to be worth $75 million. This estimate comes from many sources that helped explain Bird’s financial situation throughout the year. The story’s intrigue surrounding Janet Condra’s finances highlights Larry Bird’s financial achievement.

FAQs about Janet Condra:

Q: When was Janet Condra born?

A: US-born Janet Condra was born in mid-1960. The birthdate is unknown.

Q:Janet Condra’s full name?

A: Her full name is Janet Condra.

Q: As whom is Janet Condra famous?

A: Ex-wife of NBA great, coach, and executive Larry Bird, Janet Condra is famous.

Q: Larry Bird and Janet Condra married how long?

A: The 1975 marriage of Janet Condra and Larry Bird ended in divorce after a year.

Q: Does Janet Condra have kids?

A: Larry Bird and Janet Condra had a daughter called Corrie in August 1977.


In summation, Janet Condra’s life revolves around her brief yet important relationship with Larry Bird. Janet raised her daughter Corrie alone, negotiating the complexities of single motherhood, after their divorce. Janet’s decision to live privately illustrates the complexities of relationships. Although her net worth is unknown, Larry Bird’s successful basketball career earns him an estimated $75 million, creating a new chapter in their shared history as of 2023.

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