Amanda Kate Lambert – Nancy Sinatra And Hugh Lambert Daughter Age, Biography

Born into the Sinatra family, Amanda Kate Lambert has smoothly embraced her artistic side, following in her grandfather Frank Sinatra’s footsteps. Amanda, a seasoned photographer, writer, and visual artist, has helped preserve her family’s rich artistic tradition. Despite her family’s wealth, Amanda and her sister AJ Lambert live a simple life, not relying on Frank Sinatra’s large inheritance. Amanda’s grandfather taught her to love the arts, which she uses to curate a book honoring Frank Sinatra’s centennial. 

Who is Amanda Kate Lambert?

Due to her strong relationship with Frank Sinatra, Amanda Lambert’s childhood was exceptional. Amanda’s artistic passion is clear despite her elite education. While studying art history and fine arts, she focused on painting and photography, drawing inspiration from her grandfather’s work. Frank Sinatra shaped Amanda’s love of visual art. 

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Biography

Welsh-born Kate Lambert, born September 16, 1983, is one of the industry’s most famous and wealthy models. As of June 1, 2023, her projected net worth is $5 million, demonstrating her achievement and influence. Her 2010 outfit for “Enki” in John Soares’ dieselpunk series “The Danger Element.” showed her diversity in fashion. Kate voiced “Jitnimobile,” adding to her creative repertoire as well as her design skills.

Amanda Kate Lambert Quick Facts

Full NameAmanda Kate Lambert
Nick NameAmanda
BirthdayMarch 17, 1976
Age47 years old
Birth PlaceJersey City, New Jersey, USA
EducationBeverly Hills High School
Father’s NameHugh Lambert
Mother’s NameNancy Sinatra
Biological SiblingsAngela Jennifer “AJ” Lambert
Height5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m)
Weight55 kg (120 lbs.)
Shoe Size7
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Physique (Figure)Slim
Relationship StatusMarried
HusbandMichael Erlinger
Net WorthN/A
Social Media@akerlinger

Amanda Kate Lambert Age

Amanda Kate Lambert, a Pisces, is 47 and was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, on March 17, 1976. Her birthplace and astrological alignment shape her personality and life.

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Early Life

Amanda, an American, is related to Frank Sinatra, an Italian. Amanda grew raised with her older sister, Angela Jennifer Lambert (AJ Lambert), in a close household. Nancy, Amanda’s mother, bought a condo near Frank Sinatra’s Rancho Mirage home after moving the family from New Jersey to Los Angeles. Before Frank and his wife relocated to Beverly Hills, Amanda and AJ spent weekends at Frank’s house.

Amanda’s Education

Amanda Kate Lambert studied painting, photography, and art history at Beverly Hills High. Amanda’s interest in photography grew during these crucial years, shaping her early training and subsequent visual arts career. Her education gave her the skills and expertise for a successful visual arts profession.

Parents of Amanda Kate Lambert

Hugh Lambert and Nancy Sinatra raised Amanda Kate Lambert. Amanda learned much from Hugh Lambert, a talented actress, producer, and director. Amanda’s career in photography, writing, and the visual arts was shaped by her parents’ creative tapestry. Amanda draws inspiration from her mother’s entertainment business success and her father’s many talents to pursue her creative career.

Childhood At Grandfather Frank’s

AJ Lambert treasures her childhood at Sinatra’s house, where she met famous people. Gregory Peck, his wife Veronique, and their children Tony and Cecilia were frequent guests. Lambert recalls a magical night as a moody 13-year-old sitting outside with her Walkman under the stars. A hilarious conversation about her music with Gregory Peck revealed an unexpected shared love in Pink Floyd. Lambert says her childhood was amazing and cool.

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Siblings

Amanda Kate Lambert’s older sister, Angela Jennifer Lambert (AJ Lambert), is a musician born in New Jersey on May 22, 1974. AJ, a Gemini, is 49. She began playing in alternative rock bands in her teens. AJ Lambert continues her grandfather Frank Sinatra’s legacy by honoring his contributions to American music. AJ played bass in indie bands in her 20s and 30s, but she was drawn to singing later in life. Married to John Paparazzi, she is happy.

The relationship status of Amanda Kate Lambert

Amanda Lambert’s happily-ever-after story with Michael Erlinger is uplifting. At nineteen, they fell in love instantly and were close friends. Their lifelong romance is based on shared experiences and constant support. Michael, Amanda’s life companion, has been a rock and an inspiration. The happily married pair enjoys being parents to their cherished child. Amanda is grateful for her amazing partner, and they enjoy their tranquil lives.

Amanda Kate Lambert’s career

Frank Sinatra’s paintings inspired his granddaughter Amanda, a successful visual artist and photographer. Amanda’s graphic arts career began in elementary school. Amanda is reserved and chooses non-exposing artistic careers, unlike her Sinatra relatives. Amanda recalls obtaining her first paint kit and dreaming of opening her studio. She studied painting, photography, and art history to achieve this goal. Her grandfather’s influence and her artistic interests shaped Amanda’s creative path.

Amanda Kate Lambert is Pursuing Diverse Careers as an Artist

Amanda Lambert gratefully credits her grandfather, Frank Sinatra, for inspiring her creativity. Amanda chose a less-publicized art genre to contrast with her family’s. Amanda dreamed of opening a studio since childhood since she loved painting. In 2018, she arranged a stunning family collection show to complete her artistic career. The Hilton Asmus Contemporary exhibition featured a touching self-portrait of her grandfather in his childhood, rare family moments, and Capitol and Warner Bros. 

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was one of the most influential artists and performers. American music critic Robert Christgau called Sinatra “the greatest singer of the 20th century,” and he sold over 150 million records worldwide. His remarkable musical career earned him eleven Grammys, including Lifetime Achievement. Sinatra’s film career peaked in 1953 when he won an Oscar for “From Here to Eternity.” 

Frank Sinatra – legacy

Many want to hear “Ol’ Blue Eyes” at night. Frank Sinatra’s life was spectacular, with four marriages and three children. Nancy and Frank Sinatra Jr., the children of this great performer, also succeeded in the Sinatra musical dynasty.

She Wrote a Book in Memory of Frank Sinatra

Amanda Lambert’s art went beyond photography and visual arts. She and Robin Morgan wrote “SINATRA,” a touching homage to her grandfather’s centenary. The book cleverly used fine arts imagery to honor Frank Sinatra. Amanda created a 1000-copy limited edition to preserve Sinatra’s creative and familial legacy, inspired by her strong family relationships.

Amanda Erlinger Was Involved in the Creation of the Book “Sinatra”

Amanda Lambert’s art went beyond photography and visual arts. She and Robin Morgan wrote “SINATRA,” a touching homage to her grandfather’s centenary. The book cleverly used fine arts imagery to honor Frank Sinatra. Amanda created a 1000-copy limited edition to preserve Sinatra’s creative and familial legacy, inspired by her strong family relationships.

Rise to fame

Frank Sinatra was the only child of Italian immigrants. Sinatra sang to make money for his parents’ bar. Reminders of his birth traumas, which gave him the nickname “Scarface,” made school life difficult in some Hoboken neighborhoods. Sinatra’s love of singing began when he imitated Bing Crosby while listening to the radio.

AJ Lambert – music

AJ Lambert loved goth and punk music and wanted to share it with her grandfather, Frank Sinatra. Lambert told The Daily Mail that she played Sinatra music, but he didn’t like it. She excluded him from watching the footage of Vicious shooting his audience due to health concerns. Lambert said the rebellious version of “My Way” made it a defiant anthem. Lambert continued to honor Frank Sinatra’s music throughout her 40s with her unique style.

Frank Sinatra – Final Months

With fond recollections of her grandfather, AJ Lambert forges forth. She feels profoundly about Frank Sinatra’s death and his final months. Lambert told The Daily Mail, “When I last visited him two months before his death, he was bedridden and struggled to recall individuals. He died when I was 24, and playing my music for him felt inappropriate given his frailty.” Sinatra’s timeless melodies will live on in many hearts despite his physical absence.

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Net Worth

Amanda Lambert works hard to improve her photography and art, but she keeps her salary and net worth private. The 1983 trust for Angela and Amanda received $1 million from Frank Sinatra, suggesting the sisters, Amanda and AJ, inherited a lot. Respecting Mr. Sinatra, both sisters choose not to use the inheritance, living comfortable and secure lives.

OccupationProfessional photographer and artist
Disclosure of Personal DetailsDoes not disclose personal details, including salary or net worth
InheritanceAmanda and her sister are said to have received a $1 million inheritance from their grandfather, Frank Sinatra.
Trust FundFrank Sinatra left $1 million to a trust fund established in 1983 for Angela and Amanda.
Current LifestyleLiving a very comfortable life despite not wanting to use the fortune left by Mr. Sinatra.


Q: Amanda Kate Lambert’s job?

A: Amanda Kate Lambert, visual artist, writer, and photographer.

Question: Amanda’s family history?

Nancy and Hugh Lambert’s daughter Amanda is Frank Sinatra’s granddaughter. Their Grandfather Frank Sinatra was close to her.

Is Amanda married?

A: Michael Erlinger and Amanda Lambert are happily married. Meeting at 19, they became great friends.

Does Amanda have kids?

Amanda and Michael’s children aren’t mentioned. 


Amanda Kate Lambert, born into the Sinatra family, naturally reflects her artistic tendencies, continuing her grandfather’s history. Amanda has helped preserve her family’s artistic legacy as a skilled photographer, writer, and visual artist. Amanda and her sister AJ Lambert live modestly, not relying on Frank Sinatra’s large estate. Amanda’s participation in organizing Frank Sinatra’s centenary book reflects her grandfather’s love of the arts.

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