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Scottie Pippen, born September 25, 1965, is an American basketball legend. Six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls highlighted his 17-season NBA career. Pippen, one of the greatest small forwards ever, helped the Bulls win a championship and popularize the NBA worldwide in the 1990s.

He made eight consecutive NBA All-Defensive First Teams and three All-NBA First Teams due to his defense. Pippen’s impact went beyond individual honors with seven NBA All-Star appearances and a 1994 MVP championship. Pippen was named one of the 50 Greatest NBA Players in 1996-97 for his versatility as a point guard, power forward, and shooting guard.

Pippen played key roles on the 1992 and 1996 Chicago Bulls Championship teams, both of which are in the NBA’s Top 10.

Pippen pioneered the uncommon accomplishment of winning an NBA title and Olympic gold medal in the same year 1992 and 1996. His U.S. Olympic “Dream Team” victories averaged 44 points. Pippen’s international basketball fame helped him shine in the 1996 Olympics.

On December 8, 2005, and January 21, 2010, the Chicago Bulls and the University of Central Arkansas retired Pippen’s jersey number 33. 

Who is Tyler Roby Pippen?

Tyler Roby Pippen, one of Scottie Maurice Pippen Sr. and Sonya Roby’s twin daughters, was born at Mercy Hospital in Chicago on July 20, 1994. Only nine days after the birth of twin girls Taylor and Tyler Robby Pippen, tragedy struck. The parents’ joy turned to sadness when they learned Tyler had died in the hospital.

Taylor Roby Pippen Biography

Taylor Roby Pippen, a volleyball player, senior middle hitter, and Internet phenomenon, was born in Mundelein, Illinois, on July 20, 1994. She is the daughter of Scottie Pippen and Sonya Roby.

Unfortunately, Taylor’s twin sister Tyler Roby Pippen died nine days after their hospital birth. Taylor also has a late half-sister Antron Pippen.

Additionally, Taylor Roby is a stepsister to Sierra and Sophia Pippen. Sophia is a famous model and actress. Her stepbrothers Justin and Scotty Pippen Jr. enrich the Pippen family.

Tyler Roby Pippen Quick Facts

Full nameTyler Roby Pippen
Date of birthJuly 20, 1994,
Tyler Roby Pippen’s Age9 days old
Zodiac SignCancer
Marital StatusSingle
Famous forbeing the daughter of Scotty Maurice Pippen Sr.

How old is Taylor Pippen?

Taylor Pippen, 28, born July 20, 1994, is a talented and accomplished woman.

Taylor Roby Pippen’s Early Life

Pippen was born in Hamburg, Arkansas, to Ethel (1923–2016) and Preston (1920–1990). In a big family of 11 older siblings, Pippen’s parents, despite their towering stature—his mother at 6 ft (180 cm) and his father at 6 ft 1 in (185 cm), struggled financially to educate their other children. A stroke left paper mill worker Preston Pippen paralyzed on his right side, hindering his walking and speaking. Despite these challenges, Hamburg High School point guard Scottie Pippen led his team to the state semifinals and earned all-conference honors in his senior year.

Taylor Roby Pippen’s educational background

Taylor was passionate about learning from childhood. Her academic career began at Carmel Catholic School. Taylor’s hard work and high school grades allowed her to attend college. Her accounting degree from Southern Illinois University was a major academic achievement.

Family & Ethnicity

Taylor, the daughter of Scottie Pippen and Sonya Roby, is related to an NBA legend who won six titles. Scottie is originally hesitant to acknowledge Taylor as his daughter, which complicates family ties. Sonya Roby introduced court evidence to prove paternity. Despite this formal arrangement, the father-daughter connection remains complicated and has yet to become easy.

Taylor Roby Pippen’s Parents 

FatherScottie Pippen
MotherSonya Roby

Public figure Scottie Pippen has eight children from many marriages and romances. Taylor Pippen is born in America. In addition to her citizenship, Taylor is of mixed African origin. The complexities of Scottie Pippen’s personal life have molded family dynamics and Taylor Pippen’s own cultural identity within her ancestry.

Taylor Roby Pippen’s Siblings

Brother(s)1. Late Antron Pippen2. Preston Pippen3. Justin Pippen4. Scotty Pippen Jr.
Sister(s)1. Sierra Pippen2. Sophia Pippen3. Late Tyler Roby Pippen

In a touching moment, Scottie Pippen’s daughter Taylor and her twin sister Tyler Roby were born. Tyler’s nine-day life ended tragically. Taylor’s half-sibling, Antron Pippen, died on April 18, 2021, giving the family more grief.

Despite losses, Taylor is close to step-sisters Sierra and Sophia Pippen. Sophia is a famous model and actress. 

Taylor Roby Pippen’s relationship status

Taylor’s rise to success at an early age shows her everlasting dedication to her work. Taylor has kept her love life private despite fans’ interest. Her apparent lack of public partnerships may be a conscious decision to focus on her profession.

Taylor and Delvon Rencher have been said to be dating. Taylor uploaded a close photo with Delvon with birthday greetings and a Purple Heart emoji text, fueling the rumors.


Taylor’s rise to success at an early age shows her everlasting dedication to her work. Taylor has kept her love life private despite fans’ interest. Her apparent lack of public partnerships may be a conscious decision to focus on her profession.

Taylor and Delvon Rencher have been said to be dating. Taylor uploaded a close photo with Delvon with birthday greetings and a Purple Heart emoji text, fueling the rumors.

Taylor broke Missouri Valley Conference barriers by leading her team calmly and participating in community service initiatives like the Polar Plunge, SIU Donors Thank-a-thon, and National Girls and Women in Sports Day. She is sixth in MVC for blocks with eight solo and over ninety assisted blocks.

Taylor joined the Tenerife-based professional volleyball team Figari Peluqueris in 2016 as a middle hitter owing to an injury. She is the face of Suluki athletics in Southern Illinois, receiving the 2013 Valley Volleyball Tournament second-place and MVC Preseason All-Conference honors for her devotion and hard work.

Outside of athletics, Taylor travels with her mother to beautiful places and enjoys thrills like skydiving. She enjoys seashore vacations with friends and savors life, showing her well-rounded personality outside of volleyball.

Scottie Pippen’s Children: Everything to Know

Scottie Pippen considers his family his greatest achievement, despite winning six NBA titles. The former Chicago Bulls player has seven children with Karen McCollum, Sonya Roby, Yvette Deleone, and Larsa Pippen: Anton, Taylor, Tyler, Sierra, Scotty Jr., Preston, Justin, and Sophia.

In 2021, while promoting his memoir “Unguarded,” Scottie discussed his family traumas and the importance of valuing life and not taking things for granted. “I take that lesson every day,” he told PEOPLE. Telling a good friend or your kids every day that you love them is not simply something I did in sports. Your last chance to see them is unknown. Nobody can forecast that.”

Scottie’s father, Preston Pippen, who died in 1990 after a stroke when he was a child, shaped his passion to basketball and fatherhood. Scottie told The Chicago Tribune in 1992, “Losing my father made me want to be a father. I learned I had to be more responsible and that I could play this game well if I worked hard.”

Today, Scottie hopes to inspire his children to follow their aspirations. He advised PEOPLE, “Believe in yourself first. Keep working toward your goals.” Scottie Pippen’s life is told via his family duty, personal traumas, and efforts to inculcate principles in future generations.

Scottie Pippen Denied Paternity of the Twins

The twins’ NBA star father filed a paternity suit when they were born, rejecting responsibility. A year later, a DNA test on October 29, 1994, proved his biological relationship to the twins.

After this revelation, Scottie Pippen took care of the surviving twin. He agreed to pay Taylor’s $15,000 medical bills and get NBA insurance. Taylor’s mother, Sony Roby, also got full custody. Years later, Taylor said that her father never tried to be involved in her life, despite Scottie’s efforts. 

Who is Tyler Robby Pippen’s Twin?

Tyler Roby Pippen is the twin sister of Taylor Pippen, a famous American volleyball player, senior middle hitter, and social media influencer. At 29, Taylor, born July 20, 1994, has made a name for herself in American athletics.

Despite Scottie Pippen’s absence, Taylor has embraced her father’s athletic legacy by becoming an American athlete. She is now one of America’s best volleyball players due to her talent and effort.

Taylor started loving sports in high school at Carmel Catholic High in Illinois. At Southern Illinois University, she earned a Bachelor of Accounting. Taylor became the Assistant Vice President at Wintrust Commercial Bank in Chicago using her education.

Pippen without Jordan (1993–1995)

After Michael Jordan retired before the 1993–94 NBA season, Scottie Pippen became a renowned Chicago Bulls player. Pippen was the All-Star Game MVP and a multi-faceted leader without Jordan. He led the Bulls in scoring, assists, and blocks, demonstrating his versatility. Pippen averaged 22.0 points, 8.7 rebounds, 5.6 assists, 2.9 steals, and 0.8 blocks a game that season, shooting 49.1% from the field and a career-best 32% from the 3-point line.

Pippen earned his first of three consecutive All-NBA First Team selections and finished third in MVP voting in 1993–94. Despite Jordan’s absence, the Bulls, with new signings including Toni Kukoč, Steve Kerr, and Luc Longley, finished the season with 55 wins, two less than the previous year.

The Bulls’ second three-peat (1996–1998)

The Chicago Bulls made history in 1995–96 with Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman. The team’s 72–10 regular-season record was the best in NBA history until the Golden State Warriors broke it in 2015–16. The Bulls won their fourth NBA title over the Seattle SuperSonics after a spectacular season.

Scottie Pippen became the first basketball player to win an NBA title and an Olympic gold medal in the same year twice. Pippen did this for Team USA at the Atlanta Olympics.

The Bulls started the 1996–97 NBA season 17–1, continuing their dominance. Pippen and Jordan were named among the 50 Greatest NBA Players as they approached the All-Star break with a league-best 42–6 record.

Houston Rockets (1999)

In January 1999, Chicago Bull’s second-leading scorer, assist, and steal leader Scottie Pippen changed careers after eleven seasons. The Houston Rockets acquired Pippen for Roy Rogers and a 2000 NBA second-round choice (Jake Voskuhl) in a significant trade. For the first time, Pippen appeared on Sports Illustrated’s single cover, attracting notice.

Scottie Pippen joined the Houston Rockets with Hakeem Olajuwon and Charles Barkley, his old Olympic teammate and future NBA Hall of Famer. They had chemistry concerns, especially with Barkley, despite their apparent on-court connection.

In a tough 93–87 loss against the Atlanta Hawks, Pippen recorded his first triple-double. Pippen had 15 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists, and 1 steal in 46 minutes. Police arrested Pippen on April 22, 1999, for driving under the influence. 

Portland Trail Blazers (1999–2003)

Scottie Pippen, the Portland Trail Blazers’ starting small forward in 1999–2000, showed his defensive prowess alongside new stars Rasheed Wallace and Steve Smith. On January 3, Pippen faced his former team, the Chicago Bulls, and was honored with a video tribute to his 11-year career. The tribute was emotional, but Pippen stayed focused, saying, “I tried to handle it well because I had a game to play. I missed this city and playing in this arena, so it brought back memories.”

Head coach Mike Dunleavy led the Trail Blazers to a 59–23 record, second in the Pacific Division and third in the Western Conference. Pippen started all 82 games that season, averaging 12.5 points, 5 assists, and 6.3 rebounds.

Portland defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves 3-1 in the 2000 NBA Playoffs first round. They faced the Utah Jazz in the second round. In Game 5, Pippen’s three-pointer and free throws helped the Trail Blazers win 4-1 and advance to the Western Conference Finals. Pippen’s former Chicago coach, Phil Jackson, coached the Los Angeles Lakers.

In a crucial Game 7, the Trail Blazers led the Lakers by 15 points in the fourth quarter. 

What happened to Tyler Pippen?

Tyler, Taylor’s twin sister, died in the hospital nine days after birth. Her father’s initial paternity denial worsened this tough moment. A DNA test confirmed his biological relationship to the twins, a turning point. After this discovery and Tyler’s sad death, her father took responsibility despite his prior denial. He covered insurance premiums as a gesture of recognition, highlighting the complicated and sensitive paternity battle and the tragic loss of life.

At What Age Did Tyler Die?

Unfortunately, Tyler died 9 days after birth on July 29, 1994. The NBA star’s fan base was shaken by the revelation, but neither he nor the twins’ mother has addressed it or revealed Tyler’s death.

Tyler’s death was sad, but her father’s reputation was unaffected because he never acknowledged her. Following this devastating loss, Sonya, the twins’ mother, spent much of her life raising their son. Sonya’s dedication to her children has shaped their trajectories, as Taylor’s success shows. 

More Information About Taylor Pippen 

  • Taylor has established herself as a Saluki athletics icon, representing Southern Illinois well. In 2013, she placed second in ‘The Valley Volleyball Tournament. Taylor is an MVC Preseason All-Conference athlete due to her dedication and hard work.
  • Taylor enjoys exploring beautiful places with her mother outside of athletics. She has added skydiving to her diverse lifestyle to express her adventurous nature. 

Social media

Taylor exudes energy and a passion for experiencing exotic places. She posts captivating photos and videos of her excursions on Instagram to captivate her fans. Taylor brings her audience along on her exciting adventure of discovery through social media, sharing snippets of her various and thrilling journeys. Her vibrant and emotive content shows her love of discovery and her desire to share her adventures with a large and grateful audience.

Taylor Roby Pippen’s Net Worth

Taylor has won many volleyball matches and broken many records. In addition to her on-court success, she has earned thousands of dollars. This high income shows her athleticism and supports her mother. Her net worth is estimated at USD 3-4 million, demonstrating her athletic skill and capacity to turn that accomplishment into a big financial impact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Taylor Roby Pippen

Q: Taylor Roby Pippen—who?

A: Popular American volleyball player Taylor Roby Pippen was born in Mundelein, Illinois, on July 20, 1994. Scottie Pippen and Sonya Roby are her parents.

Q: Tyler Roby Pippen—what happened?

A: Tyler Roby Pippen, Taylor’s twin sister, died in the hospital nine days after birth. Her cause of death is unknown.

Q: Taylor Pippen’s education?

A: Taylor earned an accounting degree from Southern Illinois University after attending Carmel Catholic School. 


Volleyball star Taylor Roby Pippen is from the famous Pippen family. Taylor, a senior middle hitter, has overcome the loss of her twin sister Tyler to succeed. With her athleticism, education, and love of adventure, Taylor has become a cornerstone of Saluki athletics and left an unforgettable influence on the sport. She overcame personal sorrow and family issues with relentless determination. Taylor’s influence extends beyond volleyball, adding to the Pippen legacy.

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