Jackie Miclau: Harmonizing Passion and Perseverance in Music

Jackie Miclau was raised in Portland, Oregon, where music was everything. At the age of five, she began fiddling with the piano because her brother Dennis was already well-known in the music industry. In the Miclau home, music was more than just a hobby—it was a way of life. Jackie was raised by parents who valued discipline and hard effort, thus she was surrounded by a demanding practice schedule from a young age. Jackie was drawn to her local playmates, but she refused to give up on her passion, even if it meant crying a few tears of frustration in the process.

All that dedication paid off as Jackie blossomed into a professional pianist and composer. Jackie’s career has been nothing short of remarkable, ranging from touring with up-and-coming musicians like Liz Vice to performing with the Portland Columbia Symphony. She is currently located in Los Angeles and is surrounded by a thriving music environment, frequently working and playing with other musicians.

However, there have been challenges in the path of achievement. One may experience mental strain due to the unpredictability of the music business and the unceasing scrutiny of reviewers. Nevertheless, Jackie finds comfort in music’s ability to heal despite the turmoil. For her, being able to play the piano is more than simply a job; it’s a way to express herself and a way to get through difficult moments.

Jackie’s future goals are still centered around her love of music. She wants to be doing what she loves most in ten years—making music and sharing it with people all around the world. Her sound is a unique synthesis of various inspirations, from the contemporary beats of Kaskade and Deadmau5 to the lyrical jazz of Gene Harris. Even still, Jackie’s music manages to stay distinctively her own despite this variety, which is a credit to her originality and skill.

With her debut EP “Merry Christmas” already making waves, Jackie is now busy working on new material that promises to blend her classical roots with the dynamic rhythms of electro-house. Music lovers everywhere are excited to embark on this thrilling voyage. Thus, as Jackie keeps working her musical magic, everyone is excited to see what this gifted musician will create next. Stay tuned for the symphony of sounds yet to come from Jackie Miclau.


Jackie Miclau’s melodic excursion started in her old neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, where she was submerged in a culture of music since early on. Brought up in a family where music was a lifestyle, Jackie’s devotion to the piano driven her to a prospering vocation as a musician and writer. Notwithstanding the difficulties of the music business, Jackie finds comfort in the recuperating force of music and stays focused on imparting her one of a kind sound to crowds around the world. With her presentation EP “Happy holidays” previously causing disturbances, Jackie keeps on developing, mixing traditional roots with electro-house rhythms in her impending ventures.


  1. Jackie Miclau was raised in Portland, Oregon, in a family where music was central to daily life.
  2. She began playing the piano at the age of five, inspired by her brother Dennis’s involvement in the music industry.
  3. Jackie’s career has seen her collaborate with artists like Liz Vice and perform with the Portland Columbia Symphony.
  4. Despite the challenges of the music business, Jackie remains dedicated to her craft, finding comfort in music’s ability to heal.
  5. Her music has a very unique sound because it is influenced by a wide variety of genres, including jazz lyricism and modern beats.
  6. Jackie’s “Merry Christmas,” her debut EP, has drawn notice for its distinctive combination of electro-house and classical elements.


Q: Where is Jackie Miclau currently based?

A: Jackie Miclau is currently located in Los Angeles, where she is immersed in a thriving music environment.

Q: What are Jackie Miclau’s future goals?

A: Jackie’s future goals revolve around her love of music, aiming to continue creating and sharing her music with audiences worldwide.

Q: What is Jackie Miclau’s musical style?

A: Jackie Miclau’s music is a unique synthesis of various inspirations, blending classical roots with dynamic rhythms, drawing from contemporary beats and lyrical jazz.

Q: What notable achievements has Jackie Miclau had in her career?

A: Jackie Miclau has toured with up-and-coming musicians like Liz Vice and performed with the Portland Columbia Symphony. Her debut EP, “Merry Christmas,” has also gained recognition for its innovative sound.

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