Joey Swoll Height: Bio, Net Worth, Quotes, Diet And Training

Joey Swoll Height

5 feet 6 Inches

Joseph Sergo, widely recognized by his pseudonym Joey Swoll, stands as an emblem of American bodybuilding prowess and digital charisma. His online presence, particularly on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, epitomizes the ethos of “CEO of gym positivity,” a mantra that resonates deeply with his legion of followers. Beyond his captivating persona, Swoll has delved into the realms of fitness literature, penning the acclaimed book “Train Harder Than Me,” which offers a glimpse into his training philosophy and ethos. Moreover, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found the renowned Shredz supplement company, cementing his influence within the fitness industry. Born on January 11th, 1983, in the vicinity of Chicago, Swoll’s familial background remains shrouded in mystery, with scant information available about his parents or potential siblings.

Joey Swoll Height 

Joey Swoll Height 
WeightHeightDate Of Birth
205-215 lbs.5’6’’01/11/1983
Bodybuilding, Fitness Model2010American

Joey emerges as a prominent figure in the realm of fitness influence, commanding attention with his robust online presence. Joey Swoll at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, or approximately 1.67 meters (167 centimeters), he exudes a formidable presence that resonates with his audience. His physical stature, weighing between 88.5 kilograms to 93 kilograms (205 lbs to 215 lbs), underscores his dedication to cultivating a muscular physique that inspires others on their fitness journeys. With a chest measuring an impressive 50 inches and a waist maintaining a trim of 30 inches, Joey embodies the epitome of a well-rounded fitness influencer, both in physique and in message.

Who Is Joey Swoll?

Who Is Joey Swoll?

Joseph Sergo, better known as Joey Swoll, commands a dual identity as both a fitness luminary and a prominent presence on TikTok. Renowned for his motivational content, he transcends the digital realm to serve as a trusted personal trainer, operating from his base in Chicago. Standing at a formidable height of 5 feet 6 inches and boasting a weight of approximately 215 pounds, Joey embodies the epitome of physical fitness. Born on January 11, 1983, he brings a wealth of experience to his craft at the age of 41. Beyond his online persona, Joey’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as he co-founded the esteemed Shredz supplement company and penned his fitness manifesto, “Train Harder Than Me.” While unmarried, Joey’s heart finds solace in his relationship with Crystal Reneau, a testament to his commitment to both personal and professional excellence.

Joey Swoll Biography

Joey Swoll Biography

Joseph Sergo, born on January 11th, 1986, epitomized athleticism from a young age, immersing himself in various sports during his formative years. A natural competitor, Joey thrived in the realm of high school football, securing numerous championships for his team. Despite his modest weight of 140 lbs at the time, Joey recognized the importance of skill and determination in overcoming physical limitations, particularly for someone of his stature. Undeterred by his size, he embraced the challenge, excelling where others faltered. Throughout his high school tenure, Joey’s dominance on the field remained unrivaled, a testament to his unparalleled strength and athleticism.

Joey Swoll Wiki

NameJoey Swoll (previously Joey Sergo)
Age40( As 2023)
Date of Birth11th January 1983
Height5 feet 6 inches (167 cm)
Weight215 pounds (97.5 kg)
Instagramjoey swoll
ProfessionBodybuilder, fitness model, author, social media influencer
NicknameJoey “Swoll”

Joey Swoll Birthday, Age, Zodiac &  Birthplace

Joey, a prominent figure in the fitness world, has established himself as both a revered influencer and a dedicated bodybuilder. His journey began on January 11th, 1983, when he entered the world in Chicago, Illinois. As of January 11th, 2023, Joey celebrated his 39th birthday, marking another year of accomplishments and growth. With Chicago as his hometown, Joey’s upbringing was steeped in the rich culture of the United States. Born under the sign of Capricorn, his character reflects the traits associated with this astrological sign: ambition, discipline, and resilience.

Joey Swoll’s Early Life

Joey Swoll's Early Life

Born as Joseph Sergo on January 11th, 1983, in the vicinity of Chicago, Joey Swoll emerged as a quintessential American figure, embodying the essence of a bodybuilder, fitness model, and internet personality. From his early days, Joey displayed a penchant for athleticism, immersing himself in a myriad of sports activities. His prowess on the football field during high school was unparalleled, clinching numerous championships for his team despite his modest weight of 140 lbs. Joey’s unwavering determination and commitment to fitness served as the cornerstone for his future endeavors in the realm of bodybuilding and fitness influence. Undeterred by his stature, he embraced the challenges with fervor, recognizing that excellence was the key to success in higher echelons of competition. Throughout his formative years, Joey’s remarkable strength and athleticism set him apart, paving the way for his ascent as a prominent figure in the fitness industry. Despite the veil of obscurity shrouding his family background, Joey’s journey serves as a testament to his indomitable spirit and unwavering passion for health and fitness.

Joey Swoll Parents & Education

Joey Swoll Parents & Education

Joey Sergo, hailing from the vibrant district of Illinois in Chicago, was welcomed into the world by his loving parents in the United States. While his given name is Joey Sergo, he is widely recognized by his moniker, Joey Swoll, particularly across various social media platforms. Despite the fame and recognition he has garnered, Joey remains deeply connected to his roots and holds his family close to his heart. Evidence of this bond is abundant on his social media channels, where he often shares heartfelt posts and lavishes them with extravagant gifts. 

Although the identities of his parents remain undisclosed, their enduring marriage of 51 years speaks volumes about the values instilled in Joey’s upbringing. Alongside his parents, Joey shares his journey with a younger brother, adding depth and richness to his familial connections. His educational journey led him through the corridors of Maine South High School in Illinois before pursuing further studies at a prestigious university, laying the groundwork for his illustrious career in the fitness industry.

Joey Swoll Career

Joey Swoll Career

Joey Swoll stands as a towering figure in the American bodybuilding scene, renowned for his unparalleled achievements and influence. As a trailblazer in the fitness sector and a sought-after fitness model, Swoll has left an indelible mark on the industry. Beyond his accolades, Swoll’s impact extends to the realm of entrepreneurship as the co-founder of the esteemed dietary supplement company, Shredz. Through Shredz, Swoll has provided support and sponsorship to numerous budding bodybuilders, including the immensely successful Devin Physique, fostering a culture of growth and development within the fitness community.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Swoll’s philanthropic endeavors shine through his establishment of the non-profit organization, Flex Your Heart. Through this initiative, Swoll endeavors to reach out to youth across the nation, imparting invaluable messages of resilience and empowerment while actively combating the scourge of bullying.

Swoll’s commitment to empowering others transcends traditional avenues, evident in his authorship of the acclaimed fitness tome, “Train Harder Than Me.” This inspirational work has catalyzed countless individuals, igniting their passion for bodybuilding and instilling within them the values of dedication and perseverance. Leveraging the power of social media, Swoll utilizes his platform to advocate for a holistic approach to wellness, championing the cause of a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, Swoll’s ubiquitous presence extends to the covers of numerous bodybuilding magazines, where his chiseled physique and magnetic charisma captivate audiences worldwide. Undoubtedly, Swoll’s physical attributes command attention, serving as a beacon of motivation and inspiration for aspiring fitness enthusiasts across the globe.

Individual Life

Joey Swoll’s personal life remains largely private, leaving fans to speculate on matters such as his marital status. While there’s no definitive information on whether he’s married, likely, he’s currently single given his limited discussion of romantic relationships. Furthermore, there’s no indication that he is a parent. Instead, Swoll’s focus seems to be on his passion for fitness and sports, particularly in mentoring and educating young enthusiasts about the importance of an active lifestyle. He’s committed to this mission, even penning a book dedicated to this purpose, which underscores the central objective of his life.

Joey Swoll Gym, Gym Culture, Tiktok

Joey Swoll’s journey to becoming a renowned figure in the fitness world wasn’t without its challenges. When he relocated for college, adapting to a new environment proved tough, marked by struggles with bullying from peers and seniors during his freshman year. Seeking solace, he found himself drawn to a nearby cafe adjacent to the local gym.

 It was here that he stumbled upon the world of bodybuilding, a discovery that would shape his future. From his early 20s, Swoll immersed himself in training, relishing the camaraderie and sense of community within the gym culture. However, he laments the shift brought about by social media, bemoaning the loss of that tight-knit atmosphere. On platforms like Instagram and YouTube, he’s vocal about his disdain for those who prioritize self-promotion over genuine connections, particularly calling out influencers who monopolize gym space for their elaborate filming setups. 

Swoll’s social media content reflects his commitment to preserving the integrity of gym etiquette, often challenging others to match his workouts and sharing insights on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His followers eagerly tag him in videos showcasing unfair or disrespectful behavior, knowing he’ll advocate for justice in the gym community.

Founder Of Taste Flavor Co., Surgery

In addition to his contributions to the fitness world, Joey Swoll has diversified his ventures by founding TASTE Flavor Co., a sauce company renowned for its all-natural, flavorful offerings. TASTE sauces stand out not only for their rich taste but also for their health-conscious profile, boasting a mere 10 calories per serving. Versatility is another hallmark of these sauces, as they can elevate both cooking endeavors and serve as delectable dips. Swoll’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond the gym, demonstrating his commitment to promoting healthier culinary choices. Moreover, Swoll’s journey has not been without adversity; he faced a life-threatening heart disorder, the severity of which necessitated surgery. Through resilience and proper medical intervention, Swoll emerged victorious, embodying the importance of perseverance and wellness in his narrative.

Joey Swoll Girlfriend, Affairs

Joey Swoll Girlfriend, Affairs

Joey Swoll, a prominent figure in the world of bodybuilding and fitness, has amassed a substantial following on social media platforms. While initially pursuing a natural approach to bodybuilding, Swoll eventually incorporated supplements into his regimen to enhance his physique further. With his striking appearance and charismatic presence, Swoll naturally garners attention, particularly from admirers. However, his romantic affections are reserved for Crystal Reneau, a fellow fitness enthusiast and CEO of Fat Kounter, specializing in keto coaching. Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Reneau serves as a first responder with the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD). The couple’s relationship blossomed in 2019 and continues to thrive, fueled by their shared passion for fitness and wellness.

Why Are There Rumors About Joey Having Heart Problems?

Why Are There Rumors About Joey Having Heart Problems?

Joey Swoll, renowned for his expertise in fitness training, faced a health scare earlier in 2023 when he was hospitalized due to heart troubles. Despite the flood of sensationalized rumors circulating online about his condition, Swoll took to social media to share his journey openly. He disclosed experiencing discomfort and wisely opted to seek medical attention promptly. 

Following a series of tests, doctors identified genetic irregularities in his heart, necessitating surgical intervention. Swoll emphasized the importance of prioritizing health over bravado, urging others not to dismiss symptoms and seek medical evaluation when necessary. Despite the uncertainties surrounding his health, Swoll remained resolute in his determination to overcome this obstacle. Fortunately, the surgery was successful, and Swoll showed remarkable resilience, swiftly regaining mobility post-operation. His candidness about his experience serves as a reminder to prioritize health and seek professional help without hesitation.

Joey Swoll Training Routine

Joey Swoll Training Routine

Joey Swoll maintains a rigorous workout routine, hitting the gym approximately six times per week for sessions lasting around an hour and a half each. His approach prioritizes efficiency, blending high volume with shorter rest periods to maximize results. Swoll’s dedication to his training regimen is evident in his impeccably sculpted physique, a testament to his unwavering work ethic. While cardio isn’t a focal point of his routine, Swoll recognizes its benefits and incorporates it strategically to complement his fitness goals. Let’s delve into some of the specific workouts that contribute to Swoll’s impressive physique.

Chest Workout

Standing Chest Fly310
Chest Press Machine310
Seated Chest Fly312
Pec Deck Machine312
Incline Dumbbell Fly38

Shoulder Workout

Dumbbell Shoulder Press38
Lateral Dumbbell Raise310
Reverse Dumbbell Fly310
Behind-The-Neck Barbell Shoulder Press312
Front Delt Raise with Chains38

Leg Workout

Seated Leg Curl310
Seated Leg Extension312
Leg Press38
Smith Machine Squat312
Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift310
Seated Calf Raise310

What Is Joey’s Arm Size?

Despite the plethora of rumors and speculations circulating on the internet regarding Joey Swoll’s arm size, genuine measurements have been notably absent from public disclosure for quite some time. Swoll has remained focused on sharing insights into his workout routines and dietary practices rather than divulging specific details about his arm measurements.

 Consequently, enthusiasts curious about his arm size would likely require a full tape measure to ascertain the truth. While Swoll has refrained from explicitly addressing the size of his arms, his towering physique suggests substantial muscular development. Although concrete information on his arm measurements remains elusive at present, there’s a possibility that Swoll may eventually provide a glimpse into this aspect of his physique. Until then, fans will have to content themselves with the admiration of his impressive physique without precise numerical figures.


  • Inspirational figures play a significant role in Joey Swoll’s journey, with Bob Prince and Steve Reeves standing out as sources of motivation. Reeves, an iconic American actor, professional bodybuilder, and philanthropist renowned for his portrayal of Hercules, particularly resonates with Swoll. 
  • Notably, Swoll made a significant personal commitment by legally changing his name to Swoll, signifying a pivotal moment in his transformation. 
  • During his tenure with Shredz, a rapidly expanding brand in the fitness and wellness sector known for sponsoring prominent athletes like Devin Physique, Swoll experienced a surge in popularity.
  •  Devin, initially destined for a cross-country scholarship at San Jose State University, redirected his focus towards bodybuilding, propelled by his burgeoning social media presence.
  •  His sponsorship by SHREDZ in 2012, buoyed by his substantial following of over 1.8 million on Instagram, underscored his ascent in the fitness industry.

On Social Media

Joey Swoll is a prominent figure across various social media platforms, notably Instagram, where his following likely exceeds 2.1 million. His striking appearance has propelled him to stardom, endearing him to audiences who admire his flawless physique. Swoll’s popularity stems not only from his aesthetic appeal but also from his willingness to share insights into both his professional endeavors and personal life. 

His social media presence serves as a platform for inspiration, attracting a diverse audience eager to glean knowledge from his experiences. Swoll’s influence extends beyond mere admiration; he actively engages with his followers, offering guidance and practical advice, thus earning him recognition as a motivator within the fitness community. For those aspiring to enhance their understanding of bodybuilding and wellness, Swoll’s social media channels provide invaluable resources and inspiration.

Joey Swoll’s Salary & Net Worth

Joey Swoll's Salary & Net Worth

Joey Swoll’s primary source of income stems from his role as a co-founder of Shredz, a successful fitness brand. Additionally, he earns revenue through coaching and mentoring fellow bodybuilders. Swoll has leveraged his expertise to write a book, offering valuable insights into workout techniques and overall fitness strategies. With a substantial following exceeding 2.1 million on Instagram, Swoll has the opportunity to generate income through sponsored content, potentially earning up to $15,000 per compensated post. Furthermore, he diversifies his revenue streams by selling merchandise, particularly t-shirts, through various online platforms. As an accomplished American fitness model, Swoll’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million, reflecting his success in the fitness industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Joey Swoll

Q: What is Joey Swoll’s real name?

A: Joey Swoll’s real name is Joseph Sergo.

Q: How tall is Joey Swoll?

A: Joey Swoll is 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) tall.

Q: What is Joey Swoll’s weight?

A: Joey Swoll weighs between 205-215 lbs (88.5-93 kg).

Q: When was Joey Swoll born?

A: Joey Swoll was born on January 11th, 1983.

Q: What is Joey Swoll’s profession?

A: Joey Swoll is a bodybuilder, fitness model, author, and social media influencer.

Q: What is Joey Swoll’s net worth?

A: Joey Swoll’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.


Joey Swoll, or Joseph Sergo as he’s formally known, stands as a prominent figure within the fitness realm. His trajectory from humble roots in sports and high school football to achieving acclaim as a bodybuilder, fitness model, and social media influencer is a testament to his unwavering commitment and passion for health and fitness. Leveraging his online platform, Joey shares his wealth of expertise, fostering a culture of positivity within gym communities and motivating countless individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Despite grappling with personal health setbacks, Joey remains a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating resilience and determination in his ongoing pursuit of fitness and well-being.

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