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John Summit Wiki

Born and raised in Chicago, John Summit has become somewhat well-known in the music industry for reasons more than just skill. Whether he’s on stage at a big event or spinning records in a little pub, his magnetism captures audiences’ attention.

It’s safe to assume that he has a sizable following base with over 500 million Spotify streams and over 7 million listeners per month! John’s still very grounded, though, which is awesome. Would you believe that he used to work as a CPA during the day and teach music production tutorials on YouTube at night? Talk about dedication!

Now, he’s all about pushing boundaries. He started his own record label and events brand called Experts Only, and it’s all about celebrating music in its purest form. No limits, just good vibes. He’s bringing people together from all over the world to experience something really unique with Experts Only. It’s about the community and the memories they make together, not simply the music.

NameJohn Summit
ProfessionDJ, Producer
Age29 years old
Birth DateJuly 29, 1994
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, USA
Marital StatusUnmarried
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Height5 feet 10 inches (5.10 Feet)
Weight72 kg (158.7 lbs)
Net Worth$1 million

Who is John Summit?

2020 saw the release of American EDM DJ and social media influencer John Summit’s hit song “Deep End (Sidepiece Remix),” which catapulted him to fame. After a picture of him with well-known TikTok user Alix Earle went viral, he recently made headlines again.  Although Alix seemed disinterested in their chat in the video, she later stated that she wasn’t genuinely unhappy with John, but rather that she was suffering from “Resting B*tch Face.”

Adding to his recent attention, John found himself in the news last month due to a trademark infringement lawsuit. He was sued for a significant amount of money over the name of his record label. It seems like John’s career has been quite eventful lately, both in terms of his musical success and the legal challenges he’s facing.

John Summit Age

John Summit, who’s gearing up to celebrate his 28th birthday this July, got a shoutout in a recent profile by DJ Magazine. They even put him on the cover of their March issue, which is pretty cool!

However, this is not the first time that his age has drawn attention. He tweeted about his enthusiasm at turning 25 back in 2019. Time really does fly when you’re having fun creating wonderful music!

John Summit Height

John Summit is roughly 166 centimeters (5 feet 6 inches) tall. His approximate weight is fifty-eight kilos, or around 127 pounds. Learning about someone’s private life is always interesting, particularly if they are well-known for their musical works!

John Summit Educational 

John Summit, an American artist, completed his undergraduate studies in accounting at the University of Illinois. After that, he continued on to the University of Florida to finish his accounting master’s degree.  It’s obvious that he takes his studies seriously in addition to having musical talent!

John Summit’s Parents

John Summit, the music artist, hails from Chicago, Illinois, in the good ol’ U.S. of A. His parents, Walter and Tamara Walter Schuster, raised him alongside his sister, Brooke, who’s actually a pretty well-known vocalist herself. It seems talent runs in the family—after all, his dad was a drummer!

John Summit Dating

John Summit would rather keep his personal affairs quiet, thus you won’t find him talking to the media about his dating adventures. It seems he’s going it alone for the time being as there has been no reference to or hinting at a girlfriend, partner, or wife.

Regarding John, the music is everything. Despite having a large following, particularly among women, he avoids becoming entangled in relationship drama or rumors. He is simply concentrating on his work and allowing his music to speak for itself!

John Summit Career

John Summit picked his stage name as an homage to his musician grandfather, John Summitt. Local promoters and DJs became interested in his tunes when he posted them on SoundCloud and YouTube at the start of his musical career. He didn’t stop there, though. Seeking encouragement or comments, he contacted record companies and musicians he looked up to.

2020 saw the release of the club song “Deep End,” which deftly sampled “Jumpin’ Jumpin'” by Destiny’s Child. The song became incredibly successful on TikTok and Spotify, reaching the top of the US and UK charts. Notable individuals such as Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Diplo, and David Guetta offered their support.

Since then, John’s been on a roll, dropping hit after hit like “Human” featuring Echoes, “Make Me Feel” featuring Guz, “La Danza” featuring Parachute Youth, “Sun Came Up” featuring Vintage Culture, and “Beauty Sleep” featuring Sidepiece. He’s teamed up with industry heavyweights like Lee Foss, MK, Chris Lake, Dom Dolla, and Sofi Tukker.

John, however, is not only a musician; in order to promote his own house music style, he founded Off The Grid, a label and event brand. He also has ambitious plans for new music releases and an even more extensive tour program for 2022. It seems that John Summit is not slowing down!

John Summit Before Fame

John Summit started a new journey in January 2017 when he made his own YouTube channel and gave it his own name, “John Summit.” For him, it was a momentous occasion that signaled the beginning of something very exciting—sharing his material with the world. Those modest beginnings frequently pave the way for greater things in the future.

John Summit Net Worth

One million dollars is projected to be John Summit’s Net Worth in 2023. Via live performances, endorsements, album sales, streams, royalties, and product sales, he has been making money in the music industry.His net worth should continue to rise with each new release and gig around the globe. It’s evidence of how much his talent and diligence have paid off.


  1. Early Life and Education: John Summit was born on July 29, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He completed his undergraduate studies in accounting at the University of Illinois and pursued a master’s degree in accounting at the University of Florida.
  2. Musical Beginnings: Summit started his musical journey by posting his tunes on SoundCloud and YouTube, attracting the attention of local promoters and DJs.
  3. Career Milestones: In 2020, Summit gained widespread recognition with the release of “Deep End (Sidepiece Remix),” which topped charts and propelled him to fame in the EDM scene.
  4. Community and Innovation: Summit is the founder of the record label and events brand, Experts Only, which focuses on celebrating music in its purest form and fostering a sense of community among fans.
  5. Notable Collaborations: Throughout his career, Summit has collaborated with industry heavyweights like Lee Foss, MK, Chris Lake, Dom Dolla, and Sofi Tukker, showcasing his versatility and musical prowess.
  6. Legal Challenges: Summit faced a trademark infringement lawsuit related to the name of his record label, highlighting the complexities of the music industry.
  7. Personal Life: Summit keeps his personal life private, with no public mentions or hints of a romantic partner. He remains focused on his music and career growth.
  8. Continued Success: With over 500 million Spotify streams and a dedicated fan base, Summit continues to push boundaries and release hit tracks, cementing his status as a prominent figure in the EDM scene.


Electronic dance music (EDM) fans have paid heed to Chicago, Illinois-conceived John Highest point, a notable DJ and maker. Summit has made a name for himself in the industry thanks to both his talent and his determination to push the boundaries during a dynamic career filled with cutting-edge music and community-building initiatives.


What propelled John Summit to fame?

John Summit gained widespread recognition with the release of “Deep End (Sidepiece Remix)” in 2020, a track that soared to success and established him as a prominent figure in the EDM landscape.

What legal challenges has John Summit faced recently?

Summit faced a trademark infringement lawsuit related to the name of his record label, demonstrating the complexities of navigating the music industry.

What is John Summit’s approach to music and community-building?

Summit is known for his commitment to celebrating music in its purest form through his record label and events brand, Experts Only. He prioritizes creating unique experiences and fostering a sense of community among fans worldwide.

What are some of John Summit’s notable collaborations and achievements?

Summit has collaborated with industry heavyweights and released hit tracks like “Human,” “Make Me Feel,” and “La Danza.” His music has garnered millions of streams and earned accolades from renowned figures in the music scene.

How does John Summit balance his music career with other endeavors?

Despite his musical success, Summit remains grounded, having previously worked as a CPA and teaching music production tutorials on YouTube. This multifaceted approach reflects his dedication to both his craft and personal growth.

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