Jonathan Roumie Family:  Who Is His Wife?

Jonathan Roumie, born on July 1, 1974, is a prominent American actor recognized for his multifaceted roles. He notably portrayed evangelist Lonnie Frisbee in the 2023 cinematic production “Jesus Revolution” and gained immense acclaim for his portrayal of Jesus in the revered television series “The Chosen.” This crowd-funded series delves into the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, showcasing Roumie’s versatility and depth as an actor. Additionally, Roumie has showcased his talent as a voice artist, further expanding his repertoire in the entertainment industry.

Jonathan Roumie’s Family

Jonathan Roumie’s Family

Jonathan Roumie’s family remains largely undisclosed, with only his parents, Rosie Roumie and George Roumie, being confirmed. Whether he has siblings is yet to be confirmed, as Roumie maintains a private stance on his family life. Allegations suggest that he is married to Hannah, though details remain unverified. If true, Hannah would be his sole known family member aside from his parents. This potentially indicates a small family unit, with no indication of children as of now.

Who is Jonathan Roumie?

Who is Jonathan Roumie?

Jonathan Roumie, a Lebanese-American actor renowned for his depiction of Jesus Christ in “The Chosen,” has captivated audiences with his compelling portrayal of the iconic biblical figure. Born in Lebanon and later relocating to the United States, Roumie embarked on a journey in acting that led him to various television shows, films, and theater productions. However, it was his role as Jesus in “The Chosen” that truly solidified his status as a versatile and talented actor. Roumie’s performance has earned him widespread acclaim for its authenticity and depth, while his humility and dedication to his craft have endeared him to fans and colleagues alike in the entertainment industry.


Jonathan Roumie, a Lebanese-American actor, gained prominence for his portrayal of Jesus Christ in the acclaimed TV series “The Chosen.” Originally from Lebanon, Roumie later immigrated to the United States to pursue his passion for acting. Throughout his career, he has showcased his versatile talent across various mediums, including television, film, and theater. However, it was his portrayal of Jesus in “The Chosen” that truly highlighted his acting prowess, earning him widespread praise and recognition for his authentic and compelling performance. Apart from his professional achievements, Roumie is admired for his humility and unwavering dedication to his craft, endearing him to both fans of the series and the entertainment industry at large.

Quick Facts

NameJonathan Roumie
Known forPlaying Jesus in “The Chosen”
FamilyWife: Tanya
Children: Not publicly disclosed

Ethnicity and Ethnic Background

Jonathan Roumie proudly identifies as Lebanese-American, with both of his parents originating from Lebanon and later immigrating to the United States. Roumie holds his heritage dear and has openly expressed his pride in his Lebanese roots on several occasions.

Body Measurements

Here are some of Jonathan Roumie’s body measurements:

Height5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
Weight165 pounds (75 kg)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

Nationality and Race

Jonathan Roumie is a native-born American, raised in the United States. He identifies ethnically as Middle Eastern, reflecting his Lebanese heritage passed down from his parents.

Early life

Early life

Roumie’s father, a first-generation Egyptian of Syrian descent, and his Irish mother, who grew up on a farm in Ireland, met in New York City after relocating there. Despite being baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church, Roumie later converted to Catholicism. He earned a degree in film from the School of Visual Arts before venturing into music, playing drums in a contemporary rock band. However, setbacks led him to transition to pursuing a career in film and television in Los Angeles.



Jonathan Roumie’s parents hail from Lebanon and migrated to the United States before his birth. They imbued in him a profound reverence for his cultural heritage, a sentiment he cherishes and upholds steadfastly.

Jonathan Roumie Wife

Jonathan Roumie Wife

According to recent reports, Jonathan Roumie’s marital status has recently changed, indicating that he has tied the knot with Hannah Vanorman. The couple met serendipitously at a social gathering, where they found common ground in their interests and values. Over time, their bond deepened, leading to a brief period of dating before they decided to embark on marriage together in a relatively short period.

Does Jonathan Roumie Have Children With His Wife?

There remains a veil of mystery surrounding Jonathan Roumie’s marital status and whether he has children with his purported wife. Notably, Roumie has never publicly acknowledged having a spouse, nor has he disclosed any information regarding children from past relationships. Similarly, Hannah has not divulged details about her marital status or whether she has children. Despite Hannah’s openness on social media about other aspects of her life, information about her children remains undisclosed. It is widely believed that neither Jonathan nor Hannah has children, either together or from previous relationships. However, given Roumie’s expressed fondness for children and his affinity for witnessing them pray, it is plausible that he may harbor an interest in starting a family in the future.

Personal Life

Jonathan Roumie maintains a reserved demeanor regarding his personal life, seldom delving into it during interviews or on social media platforms. However, he has revealed that he identifies as a practicing Catholic, underscoring the significance of his faith in his life.



Jonathan Roumie rose to prominence through his remarkable portrayal of Jesus Christ in the acclaimed series “The Chosen.” However, his acting prowess extends beyond this role, with notable appearances in various television shows and films like “Chicago Med,” “Bull,” and “The Mentalist.” With a career spanning over two decades, Roumie has established himself as a versatile actor with an impressive repertoire of stage and screen performances. He takes pride in his Lebanese-American heritage and has openly expressed his deep connection to his roots. Roumie’s dedication to his craft and his captivating depiction of iconic characters have earned him widespread admiration from audiences and critics alike.

How did Jonathan Roumie and Hannah Vanorman Meet?

Jonathan and Hannah’s relationship commenced serendipitously at a social gathering, where their shared interests sparked an instant connection. Over time, their interactions blossomed into a deeper bond, leading to their marriage in June 2020. Their journey together transcended mere shared interests, evolving into a steadfast support system through life’s challenges. Their mutual love for travel and adventure further cemented their bond, forging a lifelong connection built on shared experiences and unwavering companionship.

Is Jonathan Roumie Married To Hannah Vanorman

Speculations surrounding Jonathan Roumie’s marriage to Hannah Vanorman surfaced in 2020 with the emergence of their marriage registry on Bed Bath & Beyond’s platform, indicating a wedding in East Peoria, Illinois, on June 9, 2020. Despite this, neither Roumie nor Vanorman has publicly addressed the rumors. The conjecture gains traction from Vanorman and her sister’s Instagram activity, where they follow Roumie, though he doesn’t reciprocate. Additionally, Vanorman’s affinity for “The Chosen” hints at a possible connection to Roumie. Both individuals maintain privacy regarding their personal lives, leaving the details of their relationship and marriage shrouded in mystery.

 The Romantic Journey

Jonathan and Hannah shared a romantic journey imbued with love, laughter, and cherished moments. They relished spending quality time together, delving into each other’s passions, and offering unwavering support through life’s challenges. Their mutual love for travel and adventure deepened their connection, fostering enduring memories and strengthening their bond.

Tying the Knot

Following a significant period of courtship, Jonathan Roumie and Hannah Vanorman made the heartfelt decision to elevate their relationship. Surrounded by cherished friends and family, they exchanged vows, solidifying their union in marriage. The ceremony was a beautiful celebration, symbolizing the depth of their love and unwavering commitment to one another.

The Journey as Husband and Wife

Entering into matrimony, Jonathan and Hannah embraced a shared journey filled with both triumphs and challenges. Together, they navigated life’s complexities, offering steadfast support and encouragement through every endeavor, be it personal or professional. Their profound connection and mutual understanding laid the groundwork for a thriving and gratifying marriage.

Supporting Each Other’s Dreams

A notable feature of Jonathan and Hannah’s bond is their steadfast support for each other. Jonathan’s success in his acting career is matched by Hannah’s commitment to her interests and passions. They stand by each other’s achievements and offer solace during difficult moments, fostering a partnership built on mutual encouragement and admiration.

Maintaining Privacy

Jonathan Roumie and Hannah Vanorman, as individuals in the public eye, prioritize their privacy. They recognize the importance of safeguarding certain facets of their lives from excessive public attention, enabling them to cultivate their relationship without undue scrutiny.

How long have Jonathan Roumie and Hannah Vanorman been together?

Jonathan and Hannah Vanorman have been in a committed relationship for an extended period. They tied the knot surrounded by loved ones in June 2020, following a substantial period of dating.

Interesting Facts about Jonathan Roumie:

  1. Diverse Artistry: In addition to his acting prowess, Jonathan Roumie demonstrates versatility as a voice artist, showcasing his multifaceted talents within the entertainment realm.
  2. Cultural Pride: Roumie’s Lebanese-American heritage is a cornerstone of his identity, and he openly celebrates his cultural roots, reflecting a deep sense of pride in his lineage.
  3. Spiritual Conviction: Grounded in his Catholic faith, Jonathan Roumie finds profound meaning and guidance in his religious beliefs, which significantly shape his worldview and life choices.
  4. Academic Pursuits: Armed with a film degree from the School of Visual Arts, Roumie’s educational background underscores his dedication to honing his craft and refining his artistic skills.
  5. Compassionate Nature: Known for his affinity for children, Roumie’s fondness for witnessing their prayers highlights his innate compassion and empathy towards others.
  6. Reserved Demeanor: Despite his rising prominence, Roumie maintains a private persona, opting to keep personal details out of the public eye, both in interviews and on social media platforms.
  7. Musical Talents: Before his acting career, Roumie showcased his musical abilities as a professional drummer in a contemporary rock band, showcasing his diverse skill set beyond the screen.
  8. Enigmatic Marriage: Reports of Roumie’s union with Hannah Vanorman have piqued curiosity among fans, adding an air of mystery to his personal life and relationships.
  9. Mutual Support: Jonathan Roumie and Hannah Vanorman’s partnership is characterized by unwavering support and understanding, fostering a deep connection built on mutual respect and encouragement.
  10. Iconic Portrayal: Roumie’s portrayal of Jesus Christ in “The Chosen” has garnered widespread acclaim, solidifying his status as a revered actor known for delivering impactful performances.

Jonathan George Roumie Net Worth

Jonathan Roumie has garnered significant acclaim and recognition throughout his acting career, a testament to his dedication and perseverance. His hard work has undoubtedly paid off, earning him the love and encouragement of fans worldwide. With the average annual salary of a Hollywood actor in the USA standing at $34,550, Roumie’s estimated net worth falls within the range of $300,000 to $400,000. This figure reflects his earnings from various sources of income accumulated over the years, as discussed previously.

FAQs about Jonathan Roumie:

Q: Who is Jonathan Roumie’s spouse?

A: Jonathan Roumie is reportedly married to Hannah Vanorman, with their wedding allegedly taking place in June 2020.

Q: Does Jonathan Roumie have any children?

A: There is currently no publicly available information confirming whether Jonathan Roumie has children.

Q: What is Jonathan Roumie best known for?

A: Jonathan Roumie is primarily recognized for his portrayal of Jesus Christ in the television series “The Chosen,” a role that has garnered him significant acclaim and recognition.

Q: What is Jonathan Roumie’s ethnic background?

A: Jonathan Roumie’s ethnicity is described as Lebanese-American, reflecting his heritage and cultural roots.

Q: What other notable roles has Jonathan Roumie played?

A: In addition to his portrayal of Jesus in “The Chosen,” Jonathan Roumie has also depicted evangelist Lonnie Frisbee in the film “Jesus Revolution,” showcasing his versatility as an actor across different projects.


Jonathan Roumie, a highly skilled Lebanese-American actor, has gained prominence for his remarkable portrayal of Jesus Christ in the widely acclaimed TV series “The Chosen.” With a career spanning more than two decades, Roumie has consistently delivered compelling performances that have earned him widespread recognition and admiration. Despite his inclination towards privacy regarding his personal life, reports indicate that he is married to Hannah Vanorman. Their relationship is characterized by a deep bond rooted in love, support, and a shared enthusiasm for life’s adventures. Roumie’s exceptional talent continues to captivate audiences, particularly through his portrayal of Jesus, which has left an indelible mark, resonating deeply with viewers across the globe.

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