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Mattigan Twain Warrior’s parents, James Brian Hellwig, known as The Ultimate Warrior, and Dana Warrior, were famous wrestlers. Her father, known as ‘The Warrior’ and ‘Dingo Warrior,’ shaped wrestling history. Born in 2002, Mattie Warrior is the youngest in her family.

Who is Mattigan Twain Warrior?

Ultimate Warrior and Dana Viale’s second daughter is Mattigan Twain Warrior. Despite the family’s wrestling history, little is known about her childhood. Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority member Mattigan attends Arizona State University. She seems to value school and sorority over wrestling, unlike her parents.

Mattigan Twain Warrior: Biography

Birthday dateDecember 17, 2002
History1 hundred thousand
Height (m)1.63
Marital statusSingle

Sagittarius Mattie was born in the US on December 17, 2002. She was raised with her older sister, Indiana Marin Warrior, by The Ultimate Warrior and Dana Warrior. She announced her New Mexico School of the Arts graduation on May 31, 2021. Her present occupation is unknown, however, she is American and Caucasian.

Mattigan Twain Warrior Early Life

On December 17, 2002, in the United States, Mattigan Twain Warrior was born, the youngest child of The Ultimate Warrior and his second wife, Dana. Mattigan grew up with her elder sister, Indiana Marin Warrior, but nothing is known about her childhood. However, being born into a wrestling dynasty with her father, James Brian Hellwig, known as The Ultimate Warrior, and her mother, Dana Warrior, she grew up in wrestling royalty.

Maddigan’s childhood seems to have been hidden from the public despite her family’s wealth. Her parents’ successful occupations gave her a privileged upbringing, but her education and childhood hobbies remain unknown.

When Mattigan was young, her father died of a heart attack caused by atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease on April 8, 2014. The family, especially Mattigan and her sister, who were 14 and 12, were deeply affected by this tragedy.

Instead of her father, Mattigan relied on her mother, Dana Warrior, for comfort. Instead of her father, Mattigan relied on her mother, Dana Warrior, for comfort. Dana helped her girls grow without their father. Mattigan Twain Warrior’s childhood was shaped by her wrestling family, yet she has kept her solitude. Her family’s consistent support helps her focus on her schooling and personal goals as she grows up.

Relationship of Mattie’s parents

Mattigan’s parents are famous wrestlers. They were together until her father’s April 8, 2014 heart attack due to atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. The pair married on January 31, 1999, after courting. Mattigan’s father married Shari Lynn Tyree on October 2, 1982, and divorced her on March 22, 1991.


Only Indiana Marin Warrior is Mattigan Twain Warrior’s sister. The sisters like shopping together in retail malls and often accompany their mother to sporting events and festivities. Both have graduated from university and want to study more. Inspired by their parents’ tradition, they want to make their own wrestling identities.

Is Mattigan Twain Warrior in a relationship? Have a date

There are rumors that Mattigan Twain Warrior is dating. No information about her long-term boyfriend has been published, but reports say she is engaged. In addition, her social media profiles contain little personal information. She seems to emphasize time with her mother, sister, and friends.


The career of Mattigan Twain Warrior is uncertain. Although she plays sports with her mother and sister, she has not chosen a job. Her love of wrestling suggests she may follow her parents into the industry. However, her career plans are yet undetermined.


Mattigan Twain Warrior stands out with blonde hair and black eyes. Many social media photographs and videos show her beauty and charm. She is popular online. My love of shopping and regular shopping trips with my sister makes her lively and intriguing.

Ultimate Warrior’s Daughters Grew Up in Wealth

Indiana Marin and Mattigan Twain Warrior had a sheltered childhood and education, according to scant evidence. However, their upbringing was privileged and comfortable. The family was wealthy due to their father’s business, public speaking, and literary successes. He also helped them financially with several advertising initiatives. During their childhood, the sisters had everything they needed thanks to their wealthy background.

The Ultimate Warrior’s Daughters are the Offsprings of WWE Royalty

Ultimate Warrior married Dana Viale, another famous wrestler, in 1999. Both wrestlers were successful. Ultimate Warrior, a wrestling legend, began bodybuilding to increase his name and career. His wrestling career was not without controversy, as he was criticized for his homophobic remarks and fought the World Wrestling Federation over the legal use of his Warrior image, which his children inherited. 

Dana Warrior, formerly Dana Viale, became a wrestling legend. With Ultimate Warrior, she was a bodybuilder, model, and wrestler known as The Warrior Princess and Queen. Dana still promotes WWE and runs Ultimate Creations, her husband’s comic book firm.Their January 31, 1999 wedding began a new chapter for the couple. Indiana, their first daughter, was born the year after, followed by Mattigan two years later. 

They Lost their Father at a Young Ages

Ultimate Warrior died three days after his WWE Hall of Fame induction on April 8, 2014. He died of a heart attack the day before, devastating his family and the wrestling community. His daughters, Indiana Marin and Mattigan Twain Warrior, were 14 and 12 when he died. There is little information about their early years, but they likely had healthy father-son connections. Ultimate Warrior had time to engage with his daughters during their childhood despite retiring from wrestling a few years before Indiana’s birth. He disappeared from their lives as they became adults.

Given his prominence in wrestling, Ultimate Warrior’s death left a vacuum in his family and community. The girls’ mother, Dana Warrior, became a loving mother and father. Her Instagram posts show her love and care for them. Indiana and Mattigan share Dana’s love for her girls. Despite their father’s absence, the daughters live comfortably thanks to his large investments.

Dana Warrior: personal life and husband

Dana was married to ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ until his 2014 death. After his October 1982 marriage to Shari Lynn Tree, she was his second wife. His first wife left him two days before WrestleMania VII on March 22, 1991. Dana and Warrior married privately on January 31, 1999. Indiana Marin Warrior and Mattigan Twain Warrior were their daughters. On April 8, 2014, James died of a heart attack caused by atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, ending their marriage.


The social media life of Mattigan Twain Warrior is private. Speculation that she is engaged to a close friend. She denies dating despite these rumors. She and her family have avoided controversy in public. Their 2000 legal dispute with WWE ended in victory.

Social media

Mattigan Twain Warrior’s social media presence is low-key. Her private profiles on multiple sites limit public access to her personal life. In contrast, her sister Indiana is more active on Instagram. Due to her appealing nature, Mattigan attracts admirers despite her modest internet activity.

How much does Mattigan earn? History and salary.

It’s likely that Mattigan Twain Warrior has a net worth of $100k. However, her money sources are unknown. She may also profit from her parents’ money, as her mother’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million and her father’s at $2 million. With her mother and sister in a $1 million home her father bought, Mattigan lives comfortably thanks to her family’s wealth.

Mattigan Twain Warrior’s Net worth

Some estimations put Mattigan Twain Warrior’s net worth around $330k. She has yet to choose a career, thus her principal revenue source is unknown.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mattigan Twain Warrior

Q: Parents of Mattigan Twain Warrior?

A: The late Ultimate Warrior and his second wife, Dana Warrior, had Mattigan Twain Warrior.

Q: Does Mattigan Twain Warrior have siblings?

A: Indiana Marin Warrior is Mattigan Twain’s sister.

Q: What does Mattigan Twain Warrior do?

A: Mattigan Twain Warrior’s occupation is varied, and she may be studying at Arizona State University.


Mattigan Twain Warrior is the daughter of The Ultimate Warrior and Dana Warrior. Despite her fame, she keeps a quiet profile to focus on school and personal life. Mattigan was comfortable growing up with her sister Indiana Marin Warrior in a wrestling-rich environment. She relies on her family while she navigates maturity. Keeping her family’s tradition in mind, the wrestling community eagerly awaits her professional goals.

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