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Seung Yong Chung, a South Korean-conceived business visionary and diversion promoting chief, earned respect as the fellow benefactor of Cashmere Organization, an endeavor he sent off close by Ted Chung back in 2003. Brought into the world in 1970 in South Korea to Youthful Ja Chung and Tae Wha Chung, Seung Yong Chung’s process has been set apart by pioneering achievement and advancement.

His own life has likewise drawn consideration, especially his union with Diane Farr, a diverse American ability referred to for her work as an entertainer, essayist, maker, writer, yoga educator, columnist, and snowboarder. The couple secured the bunch in 2006 and invited twin girls, Coco Trinity Chung and Beckett Mancuso Chung, into their lives. Notwithstanding the delights of day to day life, Seung Yong Chung and Diane Farr went through a separation in 2020, exploring the difficulties that accompany such huge life altering events.

Past his own undertakings, Seung Yong Chung has amassed an extensive fortune, with gauges setting his total assets around $19.8 million. Different sources, including and Designed, have revealed insight into his monetary standing, displaying the achievement he has accomplished in the business world.

Who is Seung Yong Chung?

Seung Yong Chung fills in as the Chief of Cashmere Organization, a noticeable showcasing firm settled in Los Angeles. He assumed a critical part in laying out the organization back in 2003, utilizing his enterprising vision and mastery. Seung Yong’s initial years were parted between South Korea and the US, with his family moving when he was only two years of age.

In his own life, Seung Yong imparted 14 years of union with Diane Farr, adding one more aspect in question. Their process together enveloped both delights and difficulties, mirroring the intricacies of connections and the progression of time. Through everything, Seung Yong’s devotion to his expert interests stayed enduring, driving the development and progress of the Cashmere Organization.


Seung Yong Chung’s biography is a mix of difficult work, desire, and family values. Hailing from South Korea, he dared to the US in quest for schooling and vocational possibilities, encapsulating the exemplary migrant example of overcoming adversity. His change from a rookie to a flourishing proficient is downright rousing.

Chung’s prosperity stems fundamentally from his undertakings in the business world, where he has cut a way set apart by development and assurance. While definite figures with respect to his abundance might fluctuate, the varieties in appraisals can be credited to various valuation techniques or the consideration of different resources and revenue sources.

All through his excursion, Chung has remained grounded in his obligation to the two his vocation and his friends and family, displaying the significance of offsetting desire with individual satisfaction.


Full NameSeung Yong Chung
Date of Birth1970
Age54 years old (as of 2024)
Place of BirthSeoul, South Korea
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States of America
NationalitySouth Korean-American
Height (feet)6’3”
Height (cm)191
Weight (lbs)176
Weight (kg)80
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown
MotherTae Wha
FatherYoung Ja Chung
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-wifeDiane Farr
CollegeVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, George Washington University
ProfessionBusinessman, marketing executive
Net Worth$19.8 million–$20.3 million

Early Life

Seung Yong Chung’s foundations follow back to South Korea, where he spent his early stages prior to making the change to the US. His experience growing up in South Korea assumed an essential part in forming his personality, imparting values like difficult work and assurance that would direct him on his excursion to progress.


Seung Yong Chung sought after advanced education at a famous college, zeroing in his examinations on business organization. His scholastic way says a lot about his devotion to accomplishing greatness and flourishing in the high speed business world. Chung’s instructive excursion furnished him with the information and abilities important to leave an imprint in his expert undertakings, making way for his fruitful profession.


Seung Yong Chung sought after advanced education at a famous college, zeroing in his examinations on business organization. His scholastic way says a lot about his devotion to accomplishing greatness and flourishing in the high speed business world. Chung’s instructive excursion furnished him with the information and abilities important to leave an imprint in his expert undertakings, making way for his fruitful profession.


Seung Yong Chung brags at an amazing level 6 feet 3 inches, meaning around 191 centimeters. This outstanding actual property without a doubt upgrades his presence any place he goes, whether it’s exploring the corporate world or blending at get-togethers. With such an instructing height, Chung radiates certainty and authority, characteristics that without a doubt add to his prosperity as a financial specialist and showcasing chief.

Personal Life

  • Marriage and Family

Seung Yong Chung was recently hitched to Diane Farr, a capable entertainer perceived for her jobs in hit television series like “Numb3rs” and “Salvage Me.” Together, they share three kids, whose bliss and government assistance hold an exceptional spot in Chung’s heart.

  • Post-Divorce Life

Subsequent to heading out in different directions from Diane Farr, Seung Yong Chung has remained focused on his vocation and day to day life. He’s picked to stay under the radar, esteeming the two for his own protection and that of his youngsters.


Seung Yong Chung’s legacy is saturated with the customs of South Korean culture, an inheritance he treasures profoundly. His association with Diane Farr made a delightful mix of social impacts, giving a rich embroidery to their kids to develop inside. Chung’s childhood was molded by his folks, Youthful Ja Chung and Tae Wha, who took the strong action from South Korea to the US when he was only a baby. His mom, Tae Wha, devoted her profession to nursing at George Washington College Emergency clinic in D.C., while his dad, an unmistakable business visionary, drove Intraco Korea, an outstanding import-send out business. Through their encounters and values, Chung’s folks established a groundwork for him that rises above borders and incorporates the smartest possible scenario.


  • Professional Achievements

Seung Yong Chung has produced a prosperous way in the corporate world, utilizing his mastery in business organization to get vital jobs across various associations. His skill for key reasoning and his regular administration capacities have been vital in molding his profession direction.

  • Contributions to the Industry

Throughout the span of his vocation, Seung Yong Chung has made an enduring imprint on the business, procuring esteem and praise from partners and friends the same. His unfaltering obligation to his specialty and his proficiency at handling unpredictable business situations have situated him as a pioneer in his space.

Net Worth

Seung Yong Chung’s monetary standing is assessed to be roughly $19.8 million. Close by this, Chung is known as a fellow benefactor of 4D Innovative Media, a promoting and showcasing organization that spotlights diversion advertising and brand technique. The organization has caused disturbances with its joint efforts with top-level clients and its contribution in the limited time missions of various blockbuster motion pictures and television series.

Past his endeavors in the amusement area, Chung’s financial matters stretch across different businesses, including land, innovation, and the securities exchange, mirroring his assorted portfolio and enterprising soul.


  • Relationship with Diane Farr

Seung Yong Chung and Diane Farr’s bond was portrayed by shared adoration and shared objectives. Regardless of their marriage reaching a conclusion, they stay co-nurturing their youngsters with steadfast responsibility and warmth.

  • Current Relationships

Seung Yong Chung’s essential spotlight is on supporting his profession and investing quality energy with his loved ones. He likes to keep his own life hidden, away from public investigation, guaranteeing that his connections stay consecrated and undisturbed by outside consideration.


  • Seung Yong Chung is a South Korean-born entrepreneur and entertainment marketing executive.
  • He co-founded Cashmere Agency in 2003 alongside Ted Chung.
  • Chung’s parents are Young Ja Chung and Tae Wha Chung.
  • He was previously married to Diane Farr, an actress known for her roles in “Numb3rs” and “Rescue Me.”
  • Seung Yong Chung has twin daughters Coco Trinity Chung and Beckett Mancuso Chung with Diane Farr.
  • Despite their divorce in 2020, Chung and Diane Farr remain dedicated to co-parenting their children.
  • Chung’s net worth is estimated to be around $19.8 million.
  • He is also the co-founder of 4D Creative Media, a marketing and advertising agency specializing in entertainment marketing and brand strategy.
  • Chung has investments in real estate, technology, and the stock market, contributing to his diverse business portfolio.
  • He values privacy and keeps his personal life out of the public eye.


Seung Yong Chung is a prominent figure in the business world, known for his role as the co-founder of Cashmere Agency and 4D Creative Media. Born in South Korea, Chung’s journey to success has been marked by entrepreneurship, strategic thinking, and dedication to his craft. Despite the challenges he’s faced, including a divorce from actress Diane Farr, Chung remains focused on his career and family, maintaining a private life while making significant contributions to various industries.


  •  When was Seung Yong Chung born?
  •  Seung Yong Chung was born in 1970 in South Korea.
  •  What is Seung Yong Chung’s net worth?
  •  Seung Yong Chung’s net worth is estimated to be around $19.8 million.
  •  What are Seung Yong Chung’s notable achievements?
  •  Chung’s notable achievements include co-founding Cashmere Agency and 4D Creative Media, as well as his successful investments in real estate, technology, and the stock market.
  •  How many children does Seung Yong Chung have?
  • A: Seung Yong Chung has three children, twin daughters named Coco Trinity Chung and Beckett Mancuso Chung, with his ex-wife Diane Farr.
  •  What is Seung Yong Chung’s approach to privacy?
  • A: Seung Yong Chung values privacy and prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye, focusing instead on his career and family.

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