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In the culinary industry, William Sonbuchner—fondly known as Sonny Side by his adoring fans—is a household name. He works as a social media influencer, blogger, YouTuber, filmmaker, and blogger, among other jobs. He is most likely the person you found on YouTube, where he hosts the wildly popular “Best Ever Food Review Show.” This is his playground where he takes us on epic food adventures around the globe.

One of Sonny’s proudest moments was in 2020 when he bagged the Webby Honor for “People’s Voice: Viral Video of the Year.” That’s a big deal and just shows how much people love his content.

Who is Sonny Side wife?

Sonny Side has been keeping a lid on the identity of his wife, which has left many fans intrigued. However, he recently let slip a little secret during a video where he was asked about how they met: she’s Vietnamese.

Although we don’t have the full scoop on her background, family, or education, one thing’s certain—she’s been an amazing addition to Sonny’s YouTube adventures!

Sonny Side Biography

Sonny’s adventure began on a bright August day in 1984 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He encountered his family’s adoration and backing every step of the way as he grew up, encompassed by them. He was enchanted with films since the beginning, and his excitement for them possibly developed when he completed secondary school.

Sonny’s passion for movies really blossomed in those high school hallways. He was inspired to make his own cinematic masterpieces by every film he saw. He didn’t spend any time following graduation, jumping right into a professional filmmaking course to pursue his aspirations.

With determination in his heart and a freshly earned diploma, Sonny set his sights on South Korea, a land of opportunity and creativity. There, he quickly made a name for himself behind the camera, producing captivating music videos and gripping web series.

Before he realized it, Sonny had a devoted fan base, lured by his unmistakable talent and distinct vision. Even though he was only beginning his career, his spectacular climb to popularity was evidence of his unwavering commitment and limitless inventiveness.

Sonny Side Wiki

Full NameWilliam Sonbuchner (Sonny Side)
NicknameSonny Side
OccupationSocial Media Influencer, Filmmaker, Blogger, YouTuber
BirthplaceSt. Cloud, Minnesota, USA (1984)
EducationSauk Rapids-Rice Secondary School (No university degree)
Age39 years old (as of January 2024)
Height5 feet 8 inches
WeightApproximately 79 kilograms
FamilyComes from a notable family in St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA
CareerBegan as an English teacher in South Korea before shifting to filmmaking and YouTube
YouTubeHosts the “Best Ever Food Review Show” with over 9 million subscribers and 1.7 billion views
Net WorthEstimated to exceed $8 million as of 2023, mainly from filmmaking, vlogs, brand collaborations, etc.
RelationshipNot married or involved romantically as of 2024
Social MediaFacebook: 1.12 million followers; Twitter: 2.8k followers; Instagram: 165k followers

Sonny Side Education

After graduating from Sauk Rapids-Rice Secondary School, Sonny was eager to dive into university life. However, despite his best efforts, completing his degree proved to be a challenge. He gave it not just one, but two more tries, but success seemed to slip through his fingers each time

Sonny Side Age

Based on Sonny Side’s birthdate, he’s currently 39 years old as of January 2024.

Sonny Side Height

Sonny is a tall buddy, remaining at 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) and weighing in at around 200 pounds (91 kg). His body’s even, with estimations of 42-33-39. What’s more, those blue eyes of his, matched with his earthy colored hair, most certainly make him catch everyone’s eye.

Sonny Side Family

Although Sonny hasn’t shared much about his family, it’s known that he has a sister named Sunny.

Sonny Side Career

Sonny, who was twenty-four years old, packed his things and moved to South Korea, where he found work teaching English. However, his aspirations did not end with teaching. He began experimenting with filming in between class plans, taking in the vibrant culture and innovative energy of his new environment.

Sonny worked hard at a number of odd jobs before entering the world of YouTube, all with the intention of fusing his passion for cuisine with his storytelling talent. It was about stoking his passion for introducing the world to amazing culinary experiences, not just about making ends meet.

His transformation wasn’t just physical; it was a shedding of limitations. Sonny set out on a quest to recover his health, and along the way, he lost an incredible 80 pounds, which is a monument to his fortitude and resiliency.

Sonny launched his YouTube channel, the Best Ever Food Review Show, in December 2018 with a review of a cheese sandwich—a dish as straightforward as it is legendary.  But his hunger for adventure pushed him beyond the ordinary, craving the flavors and stories of cuisines often overlooked in Western culture.

From Korea to Vietnam and beyond, Sonny journeyed across borders and boundaries, hunting down the hidden culinary gems armed with nothing but his passion and a trusty cameraman. His mission? To shine a spotlight on the flavors that too often escape the limelight, one mouthwatering episode at a time.

Sonny Side Growth of YouTube

Although Sonny never had the opportunity to host a show on a travel channel, that exposure really elevated the quality, marketing, and filming techniques of his videos.

His channel is known for its humor, quirky food adventures, and exploration of off-the-beaten-path locations. With rapid growth, Sonny’s YouTube channel, Best Ever Food Audit Show, has now surpassed 9 million subscribers. Besides hosting, he wears many hats behind the scenes, serving as a producer, director, and videographer for his films. On top of all that, he also works as a video producer at a local travel agency in Vietnam.

By April 2022, Sonny had already filmed in over 25 countries, with notable explorations including Iran, making his channel the first owned by a US citizen to feature footage from there.

Sonny Side Net Worth

Sonny Side’s net worth is predicted to soar to over $8 million by 2023. His engagement in filmmaking, his amusing vlogs, his profitable brand partnerships, endorsements, ads, and other business activities are the main sources of his income. Given his successful profession, it’s very possible that Sonny will continue to accumulate fortune in the years to come.

Sonny Side Relationship

According to what we know, Sonny is neither married or romantically linked to anyone as of 2024. We promise to keep you informed on our website if there are any changes to his marital status or romantic life.

Sonny Side Social Media

Sonny Side is a genuine hit via online entertainment! He has a major following on stages like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He has around 1.12 million fans on Facebook, 2.8k devotees on Twitter, and 165k adherents on Instagram. In any case, his YouTube channel, “The Best Ever Food Survey Show,” is where he sparkles most splendid. It is simply mind-boggling to have more than 9 million subscribers and more than 1.7 billion views!

Facts and Summary:

Sonny Side, conceived William Sonbuchner, is a famous figure in the culinary business, most popular for his YouTube channel, “Best Ever Food Survey Show,” where he takes watchers on legendary food undertakings all over the planet. Regardless of his acclaim, Sonny has kept insights concerning his significant other hidden, just uncovering that she is Vietnamese.

Born in 1984 in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Sonny Side has always had a strong interest in filmmaking. After secondary school, he sought after his fantasy by going to an expert filmmaking course and later moved to South Korea, where he started his profession in filmmaking and at last changed to YouTube.

He sent off his YouTube direct in 2018, rapidly acquiring prominence for his silly and audacious food audits. Sonny’s channel has outperformed 9 million supporters and 1.7 billion perspectives, making him one of the best food YouTubers.

Sonny’s total assets is assessed to be more than $8 million starting around 2023, essentially from his filmmaking adventures, YouTube income, brand associations, and supports.

Starting around 2024, Sonny isn’t hitched or sincerely connected to anybody freely. He keeps areas of strength for a via online entertainment stages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, notwithstanding YouTube.


Who is Sonny Side’s wife?

Sonny Side has kept details about his wife private, only revealing that she is Vietnamese.

What is Sonny Side’s real name?

Sonny Side’s real name is William Sonbuchner.

Where was Sonny Side born?

It was in St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA, in 1984 when Sonny Side was conceived.

Which YouTube channel does Sonny Side run?

It was in St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA, in 1984 when Sonny Side was conceived.

How much money does Sonny Side have?

Sonny Side is supposed to have a total assets of more than $8 million by 2023, principally from his work on YouTube, brand sponsorships, organizations, and film projects.

Is Sonny Side married?

Sonny Side is not married or has any public romantic relationships as of 2024.

Where did Sonny Side pursue his filmmaking career?

Sonny Side pursued his filmmaking career in South Korea, where he gained recognition for his work in music videos and web series before transitioning to YouTube.

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